The 20 Most Popular and Best Basenji Mixes

Widely known as the “African Barkless Dog,” the Basenji is a purebred hunter dog that originates from Congo, Africa. Their great sense of smell and sight makes them a good hunting dog. The Basenji was even used in villages to control the infestation of rodents. However, they are very warm, gentle, and loving, which also makes them a good companion dog for families.

The Basenji does not yip nor yelp but instead does a yodeling bark. They are also energetic, independent, highly intelligent, and can easily adapt to a new way of living. So, if you are living in an apartment or a neighborhood, the Basenji can be a great choice!

Since the Basenji has a high level of energy, they may require plenty of activities, such as regular exercises and playtimes. If you think a Basenji is the new family member you are looking for, you may opt to adopt one instead since some of them are living in shelters or with animal rescue groups.

What are the best basenji mixes?

While the Basenji is a purebred dog, they are also being cross-bred these days. Read on and discover the 20 most popular and best Basenji mixes!

Baseagle (Beagle + Basenji)

a serious looking dog
Image from IG @alexander.sovronsky

The Baseagle is a Basenji mix breed with the Beagle. The Beagle is well-known for being fun and friendly, either with people or with other household pets. But since the Basenji tends to be aloof at times, expect that their offspring is a mix of both parents.

Moreover, the Basenji and the Beagle both used to be hunting dogs because of their great sense of smell. This means that their offspring also share the same trait so never let the Baseagle off your leash or else, it will go wander by itself.

The Baseagle can potentially weigh from 20 to 30 pounds. They have an average life expectancy of 10-15 years. They are not high-maintenance when it comes to grooming but expect them to shed occasionally.

Basenji Akita (Akita + Basenji)

a graceful looking brown and white colored dog
Image from IG @lepetluxe

The Akita Basenji is a combination of a hound-like, spitz-type dog breed that is highly active and independent. The Basenji-Akita mix breed is noted to be very loving and affectionate to its caregivers. However, they may tend to be overprotective due to their parents’ protective instincts. Hence, it is best to let them go through socialization training at an early age.

This Basenji mix breed with Akita not just offer companionship but can also be watchdogs for their strong and powerful traits. This dog usually weighs from 22 to 130 pounds and can live up to 10 to 15 years. Also, the Akita Basenji may shed seasonally.

Basenji Chi (Chihuahua + Basenji)

beautiful mixed breed sitting on the window
Image from IG @basenji_hannah

The Basenji Chi or Chisenji is the offspring of the Basenji and the Chihuahua breeds. Their size ranges from a small to a medium with a muscular build. They are always alert like their Basenji parents but on the other hand, are very friendly like the Chihuahuas. Also, the Chisenji have a good chance of becoming a great watchdog if the Chihuahua trait dominates.

However, be aware that the Chisenji is prone to some health issues including the Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome. This is due to the Chihuahua parent’s short nose and flat face shape. The Basenji Chi is a small puppy that weighs anywhere from 3 to 24 pounds, and they can live for as long as 16 years.

Basenjipoo (Poodle + Basenji)

two basenji poodles in a car
Image from IG @the2basenjipoos

The Basenjipoo is the mixed breed result of the hound Basenji with the designer dog, Poodle. This beautiful Basenji mix is noted for being adaptable in apartment living. They are said to be fun, gentle, and highly intelligent just like their parent breeds.

In recent years, the Poodle has been bred in three different sizes. Thus, their average weight ranges from 4 to 70 pounds. The Basenjipoo has 10 to 18 years of lifespan.

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Border Basenji (Border Collie + Basenji)

dog sleeping on the lawn
Image from IG @hey_its_tuck

If you are looking for another dog breed that is a perfect herding partner, then the Basenji Border may be the one you are looking for. This is expected because its Basenji and Border Collie parents have a natural herding instinct. The Border Basenji has been respected for its attentiveness and sharp eyes that even farmers want them as a companion.

The Border Basenji can weigh from up to 22 to 55 pounds and has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They are strong and active and are very easy to train. Also, take note that this Basenji mix breed sheds every season and all year round.

Boxerji (Boxer + Basenji)

dog sunbathing on a picnic blanket
Image from IG @tuckers_big_adventures

The Boxerji or the Basenji mix breed with the Boxer is known for having a bright personality. This dog breed is suitable for those who are looking for a pooch that is medium in size and has short hair. Moreover, the Boxerji is also perfect as a watchdog for its Basenji hunting prowess and the Boxer’s protective instinct.

However, the Basenji Boxer may be prone to various health problems due to its Boxer parent flat-face shape. But regardless, this dog can live from up to 10 to 14 years. Additionally, their weight spans from 22 to 80 pounds.

Corsengi (Corgi + Basenji)

mixed dog breed in the forest
Image from IG @caudra

The Corsengi possesses the best of both its designer dog parents, namely the Basenji and the Corgi. This Basenji mix breed is either with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. However, their offspring are noted for their poise, independence, and athletic personality.

Moreover, the Corsengi is similar to cats when it comes to self-cleaning habits. They tend to be fun, loving, and friendly towards people and other pets. With their short legs, the Corsengi also makes a good companion for herding and even as a watchdog. Normally, the Corsengi weighs from 22 to 38 pounds and can live up to 15 years at most.

German Shepenji (German Shepherd + Basenji)

a dog on a wooden bridge
Image from IG @valey.shepherd

The German Shepenji is a result of the Basenji mix breed with the German Shepherd. This dog gets along very well with everyone including people and other animals except for cats as most dogs do. However, they are one of the Basenji mixed breeds that is excellent alongside young children. So, training them with socialization will pay off.

There may be times that the German Shepenji may be quiet and reserved with strangers. Also, they have an independent characteristic just like the Basenji.

This gorgeous doggo has a weight range of 22 to 90 pounds, depending on its size. They can live their lives up to 14 years. The German Shenji may require moderate maintenance as well as a year-round and seasonal shedding.

Great Dasenji (Great dane + Basenji)

black and white dog laying down
Image from Pinterest

The Great Dasenji may not be a widely-known Basenji mix breed but they are definitely one of the best Basenji mixed breeds! This doggo is the offspring of the Basenji and the Great Dane. They are noted for their loving and gentle traits. They are also highly active, which may not be suitable for families with young children. However, they can get along with almost everyone.

This rare Basenji mix is distinguished as fun to be with and is easy to train but when meeting new people, the Great Dasenji tends to be aloof. With regards to their weight, Great Dasenji can weigh from 22 to 175 pounds according to size and they can live from up to 7 to 14 years.

Jack Basenji (Jack terrier + Basenji)

young puppy unsure of what to do
Image from IG @amelia.e.tullio

The Jack Basenji is part Basenji and part Jack Russell Terrier. This dog tends to be territorial and may be aggressive with other pets so it is best to keep it alone. This dog can weigh up to 24 pounds and has a life expectancy of 13 to 16 years. Also, they shed throughout the year and in every season.

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Labrasenji (Labrador + Basenji)

happy brown dog staring at the camera
Image from IG @cocoandmario

Among all the Basenji mixes, the Labrasenji is one of the best mix breeds by far. The Labrasenji is valued for its gentle and friendly nature, which makes them a great companion for the family. They even get along with kids very well. They can weigh up to 22 to 80 pounds and live up to 10 years to 14 years at the most.

However, the Labrasenji is not suitable as a watchdog. Despite its intelligence, the Labrasenji tends to be stubborn most of the time, which can make them quite hard to train, hence, if you’re an experienced dog owner, you may opt for another Basenji mixed breeds.

Pitsenji (Pitbull + Basenji)

close up of a dog's face
Image from IG @_beestreet_

Mixing the Basenji with a Pitbull makes a unique breed of doggo! He is of medium size and has an average weight that ranges from 22 to 65 pounds. The Pitsenji is very active and highly energetic. To keep it fit and healthy, it may require regular exercise. Their lifespan is up to 8 to 15 years.

Please take note that the Pitsenji has a high prey drive, thus it is not safe to be around small animals. But with proper training and socialization, he may be safe to be with other pets.

Shibenji (Shiba inu + Basenji)

mix dog breed laying down on bed
Image from IG @rm_strum

The Shibenji is the product of the two ancient dog breeds from Africa and Japan, which are the Basenji and the Shiba Inu. This unique doggo may differ in looks. It may look like its Shiba Inu parent that looks like a fox or the Basenji with the jackal looks. Their weight ranges from 17 to 24 pounds and their life expectancy may last for about 16 years.

If you are a first-time owner, you might not be ready to take care of Shibenji because it is difficult to train. The Shibenji is noted for its self-grooming trait similar to cats. Although they shed seasonally and year-round.

Whippenji (Whippet + Basenji)

young brown dog lounging on its bed
Image from IG @v_iridescent

Valued for its exceptional speed, the Basenji Whippet is considered a world-class racing champ! This athletic dog can weigh from 22 to 40 pounds with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. The Whippenji is the offspring of the Basenji and Whippet mix. Since both of its parents don’t bark that much, the Whippenji rarely barks as well.

Expect the Whippenji to shed seasonally and throughout the year.

Basenji Heeler (Australian Cattle + Basenji)

A combination of a hunting dog breed and a herding dog breed, the Basenji Heeler may be a complex Basenji mix, especially for first-time dog owners. This breed is also not suitable for families with young kids.

The Basenji Heeler usually weighs from 22 up to 50 pounds and lives up to 16 years. They are dogs of high maintenance and they shed all year round. Besides, their Australian Cattle Dog parent got its other name ‘heeler’ because of their heel-nipping style when herding cattle.

a mixed dog breed waiting for owner
Image from

Eskenji (American Eskimo + Basenji)

The Eskenji is a Basenji mix with an American Eskimo. Their offspring is most likely to be a great hunting dog just like its Basenji parent. Just like its parents, the Eskenji tends to be extremely energetic and may require physical exercise to be in good shape. On the other hand, they are loyal, sweet, and fun to be with. They enjoy the company of their owners or caregivers.

The Eskenji’s maintenance may vary depending on the hair type inherited from its parents. If it inherited the American Eskimo’s hair, it may require high maintenance and you should expect a seasonal shedding with the Eskenji. If it inherits Basenji’s sleek and smooth coat, you don’t have to worry about their shedding.

Since the Eskenji is bred in three different sizes, their weight varies as well. Their weight average ranges from 6 up to 35 pounds. As for their lifespan, they can live from up to 13 to 15 years.

a mixed dog breed enjoying the outdoors
Image from

Greysenji (Greyhound + Basenji)

A Basenji mix breed that is of hound ancestry through-and-through, this doggo is sure to amaze you with its hunting instinct and light-speed gait. The Greysenji is a combination of the Basenji and Greyhound cross-breeding.

They have an average weight of 22 to 70 pounds and can live up to 10 to 14 years. They only shed lightly so that is nothing to worry about if you don’t want a pet that is high maintenance.

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Italian Greysenji (Italian Greyhound + Basenji)

Since this Basenji mix was bred with an Italian Greyhound, its characteristic became a mix of both! Basenji is known for being independent while the Italian Greyhound has a clingy personality, which made the Italian Greysenji of adorable personality! Also, expect that this dog possesses the temperaments of classic hounds.

The Italian Basenji is valued for its exceptional speed and endurance. They are also noted as obedient and determined. The Italian Basenji is a usual contender in rally competitions. This doggo weighs from 7 to 24 pounds and can live up to 13 to 15 years.

Saluki Basenji (Saluki + Basenji)

Basenji and Saluki both have traits that make them admirable. With their mixed-breed offspring, the Saluki Basenji is sure to captivate your heart. It has a lean and slender built, very graceful, and has an athletic nature. However, the Saluki Basenji may require proper training and socialization so that he can become a great companion doggo.

In addition, the Saluki Basenji can weigh from 22 to 65 pounds, which varies according to their size, and lives up to 10 to 17 years. This dog requires high maintenance as it sheds throughout the year.

Cocker Spanenji (Cocker Spaniel + Basenji)

A mix of an independent and clingy dog breed, the Cocker Spanenji makes a perfect companion for every family. Because of their parents’ intelligent traits, the Cocker Spanenji is also as easy to train. Additionally, this Basenji mix is perfect for sports and hunting activities.

Are you curious how long Cocker Spaneji lives? According to research, this Basenji mix breed can live up to 14 years at the most. They have an average weight of 20 up to 30 pounds. With regards to the Cocker Spanenji’s maintenance, expect that it will shed consistently.

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Basenji Mixes FAQs

If you have questions about the Basenji mix breed, you may look up to this part. Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Basenji and its best and popular mixes. Read on to learn more about them.

What is the Basenji?

The Basenji is an ancient African dog breed, which is notable for its yodel-like sound instead of a bark.

What are Basenji mixes?

The Basenji dog breed is a canine doggo through-and-through. Most canine biologists believe that the Basenji is one of the oldest dog breeds of all.

Where did the Basenji come from?

In the 19th century, the Westerners first discovered the Basenji in Congo, South Africa. Also, some African tribes value these dogs more than their wives because of their ingenuine traits.

What is the average size and weight of a Basenji?

Most Basenji dog breed measures from up to 16 to 17 inches tall. Once fully grown, their weight may range from 22 to 24 pounds. This dog has a sleek and graceful appearance.

What are the personality traits of a Basenji?

The Basenji dogs are widely-known for being energetic, independent, and intelligent. Their stubbornness makes them difficult to train. They also love to wander and chase anything they see as food.

What is the temperament of a Basenji?

The African barkless dog tends to be fun, loving, friendly, and gentle. They are observed to be like cats for their reserved personality. Although they get along with other pets very well, they may not be as friendly with other Basenji.

Do Basenji mixes shed a lot?

The Basenji mixes shed differently from each other depending on the breed that you will mix with a Basenji. But with regards to the Basenji’s maintenance, they only shed light and require light maintenance as well.

Are Basenji mixes healthy dogs?

The Basenji is absolutely a healthy dog breed, but just like other mix-breeds, a Basenji mix may acquire several health conditions too.

Most Basenji health issues may include hip dysplasia, kidney and thyroid disease, and eye issues including night blindness.

How much food does a basenji eat?

The food that the Basenji may consume varies on its age, size, and metabolism. But it is recommended to feed them at least a ¾ to 1 cup of dog food a day. Don’t let your Basenji turn overweight to keep it healthy.

Do basenji mixes require a lot of care?

Since the Basenji is an independent dog, it does not require strict supervision. However, they are very intelligent so they can escape without you knowing. Hence, it is best to keep them on a leash especially if your home does not have a fence. Moreover, the Basenji may require regular exercise and proper training so that they can adapt to the apartment or condo lifestyle.

Should you get a basenji mix?

Whether to get a Basenji mix or not is up to you because at the end of the day it will depend on the traits that you are looking for in a dog. Just remember that they are highly energetic, and naturally independent so they are self-willed and difficult to train.

Most of the time owners purchase without them researching dog breeds. Some of them have no idea how much it will require them from owning a dog. Many Basenji dog breeds are now up for adoption and foster care. If you are interested in adopting a Basenji mix, you may contact these rescue shelters:

  1. Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc.
  2. Country Hearts Hound & Basenji Rescue
  3. Basenji Rescue

If you cannot find a rescue shelter within your area from our list, you may reach out to any breed club within your area. These people can help you to adopt a Basenji dog breed.


There are many Basenji mixes to choose from and the choice is up to you. Whether you want a companion or a watchdog, all you have to do is to carefully evaluate their personalities, temperaments, and needs.

We hope that this guide was of great help as you look for the best and most popular Basenji mixes.

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