Bassetoodle – Dog Guide, Grooming, Pictures (Basset Doodles)

Bassetoodle Facts

During the early 2000s, people started mixed breeding of different dog breeds with one specific breed, the Poodle. They started a fad that resulted in adorable puppies and intelligent family pets.

Many families are looking for hypoallergenic dogs, and breeders came up with this idea to cater to the demand. One particular dog that many people wished to have a hybrid form of was the Poodle mixed with the Basset Hound.

It was in the United States when the world first saw the emergence of the basset doodles. Later, this breed gained remarkable popularity all over the world. Pet owners are impressed to have a pet with both traits of the Basset Hound and the Poodle.

This dog breed guarantees families that they will get a happy and smart pet with a slight tendency to wander off. But with proper training, these dogs can make great additions to every family.

What is Bassetoodle?

Bassetoodle Dog

The Bassetoodle breed is the cross between the Poodle and the Basset Hound. These canine breeds are known for their excellent appearance and their friendly and gentle disposition. Also, they almost look like the Photoshopped version of the hound parent with a Poodle’s hair.

Similarly, they have a bigger torso but have legs that are shorter than those of a Basset. These dogs belong to the group of small dogs. Likewise, they have black button eyes, hair-covered hanging ears, a large triangular nose. In essence, these tiny dogs make an excellent pet for those families who reside in apartments.

Basset poodle mix is also called a Bastoodle, Bassetdoodle, and Bassetpoo. These tiny dogs can be so much fun to be around. However, they have a curiosity that often gets the better of them. More so, they tend to wander. It is why it is a must to supervise them whenever they are outdoors. To know whether these cute canines will be a suitable pet for your family, read on for some helpful facts.

History of the Bassetdoodles

People all over the world love to mix different breeds of dogs with Poodles. The main goal is to come up with a hypoallergenic version of their beloved breeds.

Poodle basset hound mixes result from the modern breeding developments during the early 2000s in the United States. Likewise, these dogs have combined characteristics of the Poodle and the Basset Hound. Their puppies were very friendly, calm, intelligent, slightly stubborn, and joyful.

Despite the occasional flaw, they are an excellent family dog who knows how to make the most out of life.

The Basset Hound parent is the reason for the small body type of the breed. The breed inherited its calm disposition, willingness play, and find suspicious or unusual things from their Basset Hound parent. On the other hand, the Poodle gave the breed its joyful personality. They also inherited their coat and mischievous streak from this parent breed.

It was around the 7th century France when the Basset Hound was first bred. They were companions and hunter dogs since then. The breed made its first-ever appearance in the US during the early 19th century. More so, they become trendy because of their hunting prowess and sense of smell.

Contrary to common belief, the Poodle originated from Germany, and they are not a French breed. They have a fantastic sense of humor and is available in three sizes. Poodles are a standard, miniature, and toy. For many years, they were show dogs and companions. The famous Miniature Poodle was bred with the Basset Hound to come up with Bassetoodle.

With the combination of these two parent breeds, the result is a spunky and short companion dog. They are great around children and are an excellent companion for active adults. On the other hand, this breed can also be stubborn with tons of energy to burn off. Thus, plenty of exercises and early training are required to keep this playful pup in line.

Bassetoodle Appearance

A Bastoodle looks like the perfect combination of the Poodle and the Basset Hound. It took all the beautiful traits of its two parent breeds.

When it comes to the size of their size, it most often features a tiny stature. More so, these dogs’ short legs make it look like they are almost resting near the ground.

Keep in mind, though; not all Bassetoodles will come in similar sizes. Some canines are bigger than the standard Bassetoodle. Likewise, the dog’s size is going to depend on the size of the Poodles parent.

Bassetoodles also have a fur type and facial features that resemble a Poodle. Its body size is the most predominant trait that the dog acquired from the Basset Hound parent.

Moreover, the fur of the Bastoodle typically grows to a medium length. It may vary as far as color patterns are concerned.

Bassetoodle Temperament & Behavior

Basset poodle mix is not just a good looking dog, but also it is a dog that makes a great family pet. These dogs are calm and enjoy being around other people. For instance, they won’t hesitate to show their dedication and affection to their human family.

They also get along well with kids and some pets. Likewise, they thrive on companionship and must not be left alone for an extended period.

You may expect that Bassetoodles would be outgoing and exude joy. But, such dogs can be stubborn and mischievous too. On the other hand, their positive attributes outweigh their negative behaviors. More so, these dogs can be silly and fun to be around. They are loyal pets who love exploring outdoors, being groomed and riding in cars.

If you’re in search of another watchdog, basset doodles can be an excellent choice. These dogs will let you know if they see anything suspicious in their environment. Instead of barking, they’ll likely howl. If your dog plays outside, pay attention to him as he could wander off if he ended up searching for a scent, or are curious about something.

Bassetoodle Size

Full-grown Bassetoodles will grow only up to the medium-sized canine. Even at its biggest, this dog mix stands low to the ground. Likewise, it only measures about twelve to thirteen inches tall. In terms of weight, it weighs about 22-30 pounds, which is not very heavy for dogs.


The life expectancy of a dog depends on how you take care of it. Usually, these breeds can live up to 12 to 15 years.

Bassetoodle Pictures

basset poodle mix basset doodles puppy bassetdoodles Bastoodle

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A Hypoallergenic Family Pet

If you run your hands through this dog’s fur, you will notice the thick texture that appears either straight or wavy. This breed’s coat is from the Poodle parent; therefore, it is hypoallergenic. 

Additionally, if you have kids at home, the Basset Hound and Poodle mix should be your top pet choice. They are great around children, and they are very playful. Likewise, having them around will not trigger allergies. 

This breed has a medium-length coat that is thick and wiry. Its fur can either be straight or curly. More so, it sheds moderately; thus, frequent brushing is needed to prevent matting. Likewise, you can bathe your Bassetdoodle every two weeks to ensure that he stays clean and maintains his coat. You might also hire a professional dog groomer to trim your pet’s long fur.

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Training Your Basset Hound- Poodle Mix

basset doodles are always willing to please and an intelligent dog. More so, it is much easier to train compared to other dog breeds. On the other hand, you have to establish yourself as a pack leader as such dogs can be a bit stubborn. Likewise, you have to be firm and kind at the same time. For instance, always be consistent with your approach. Additionally, always use positive reinforcement training methods and a unique reward system to get the best possible results.

Generally, these dogs do well once given obedience training and agility training. The sooner you start training your dog, the better the results would be. Consequently, training will keep its barking to the minimum and preventing them from jumping on other people or exhibiting bad behaviors.

Health Concern

As with some hybrid canine breeds, basset doodles are susceptible to diseases that afflict its parent breeds. Some conditions that affect Basset Hound and Poodle include bloat, allergies, obesity, ear infections, eye problems, joint dysplasia, and epilepsy. On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that your dog would come down with any of such ailments.

Diet and Food

When it comes to feeding your pets, always opt for top quality dog-appropriate diet for Bassetoodles. You may give him anywhere from ¾ cup-1 ½ cups of foods daily, of dry dog food, and it should for at least 2meals. These dogs quickly gain excess weight and are likely to overeat. Therefore, feeding them should be proportionate to the size of the dog and energy needs. Additionally, for canned dog treats and foods, adjust the amount of dry foods accordingly to prevent unwanted weight gain.

Basset Doodles Exercise Requirements

An excellent way to exercise your Bassetoodle is by giving providing them the chance to play. It is something that they love to do. Trips to dog parks every day, playtime in safe backyards with a secure fence, and strolls are perfect ways to exercise this breed. Also, you may give fun toys for your dog for his time indoors. Short exercises are necessary as such dogs do not have lots of energy. More so, they do not like some long activity sessions.

Grooming Requirements

The poodle basset hound mix does not shed heavily. However, you have to groom them often. Their coat needs brushing at least two to three times weekly. Likewise, you may bathe them once every two weeks to ensure that the dog is clean and retain the sheen of the coat. The best brushing session would prevent matting. 

Additionally, regular trimming of their coat is necessary. It should focus on the regions around the eyes and the anus. Most pet owners prefer longer eyebrows and whiskers with their Poodle basset hound mix. 

Recognized Clubs

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the Bassetoodle. It is being considered a hybrid breed. The Designer Breed Registry, the American Canine Hybrid Club, the Dog Registry of America, Inc., the International Designer Canine Registry, and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club do recognize this adorable dog breed.

What to Consider Before You Buy Bassetoodle Puppies?

Bassetoodle puppies are small and would need delicate care to avoid injuries. If possible, start training your puppies at a young age. They will learn what behaviors are correct early on. Likewise, socialized puppies will be comfortable around different animals and people.

If you are a first-timer purchasing a dog, you have to equip yourself with some details before making a big commitment. For example, before having a child, you want to know everything about parenting to be prepared. The same thing also applies to purchase basset doodles, so you cannot go wrong to be an expert on everything related to this dog.

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Should You Own Bassetoodle dogs?

In essence, the Basset poodle mix is a mischievous and happy addition to any family. The kids will surely love to play with them and adore their well-mannered disposition. These breeds come at an affordable price, easy maintenance, and moderate grooming. Therefore, pet owners are satisfied with their decision to get this type of dog mix. So, if you are looking for a cute addition to your family, Bassetoodle dogs are the ideal choice for you.


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  1. I like what you said about basset doodle- it sounds like a great dog. I’m wondering about the general price range ?

  2. We have 2 that we found at our local animal shelter 7 1/2 years ago. They are very friendly to people and other dogs, love to walk, and are adorable! Ours are siblings, one male and one female, and one is built like a Bassett with curly hair, the other has straight hair and is more poodle build. They are wonderful pets,

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