Find the Perfect Dog Stroller for Your Pooch: Our Ultimate Guide

For most pet parents, buying a stroller for pets used to be a crazy idea and an unnecessary expense. But reading more about these gears, I’ve come to realize that they have changed the lives of pet owners and their pets. Furthermore, I felt I needed to know what are pet strollers, what are the best dog strollers for me and pet?

cute dog strollers with 3 dogs

Strollers for dogs are relatively new inventions. They have grown in popularity over the recent years to comply with the growing needs of doggie families. It has provided aging and injured pets a chance to go out for a walk. Likewise, pet parents have come to appreciate its functionality and versatility as they use it for jogging, biking, and outdoor activities.

Strollers for dogs come in various shapes and sizes, thus choosing the best one can be daunting. We’ve searched online and came up with this extensive list of the top-rated picks and highly-recommended strollers on the market today. Take a look at the features and reviews to help you find out which one is the best choice for you!

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Pet Strollers Review

#1. Pet Gear NO-ZIP Double Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry (Single & Multiple Cats/Dogs)

small dog strollers

Our top pick for the best pet stroller is the Pet Gear No-Zip NV Stroller. This zipperless pet carriage is ideal for medium-sized pooch up to 70 lbs. The basket is roomy enough to accommodate two small pooches with 350 square inches or 28”x12.5”x5” of space. Likewise, the stroller is carried by three 12” tall air-filled tires with aluminum rims. It ensures a smooth ride even over rough terrain.

More so, the stroller’s canopy eliminates issues of broken and uncooperative zippers with its easy-locking feature. Pet owners can also use a rain cover or a mesh screen to give your pooch a great view. This product may be a bit expensive, but it is currently the best choice you can have. 


  • Easy-locking no-zip feature
  • Extra spacious carriage for comfort
  • With two interior safety leash
  • 12” air-filled tires
  • Quick-lock rear foot brake


  • Up to 90-pound capacity
  • Cabin Size is 27”x20”x23.”
  • Suitable for all trails and terrain

#2. Livebest Folding Pet Stroller Elite Jogger Small Animals Travel Carrier

pet stroller carrier for 2 dogs

The Livebest Double Dog Folding Stroller is an ideal choice for pet parents who needs a dog stroller for two dogs. Primarily, it has two seats, which measures 11”x23”x20” each. Each seat can accommodate pets weighing up to 30 lbs. Secondly, its front and two back windows and mesh screen covers with zippers.

It makes pet entry and exit more convenient and allow for better ventilation. Likewise, it has two safety cables to keep your pets secure during the ride. Also, it has EVA wheels, which are very durable. The front wheels can be rotated 360 degrees while the rear wheels have safety breaks. If you are looking for high-quality strollers for two dogs, this is your best bet!

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  • Twin pet carrier can accommodate two pets
  • With fully breathable mesh windows
  • Has a large storage basket at the bottom
  • With rear-wheel brake for safety
  • With 360-degree rotating front wheels


  • Ideal for two pets weighing up to 30 lbs each
  • Spacious twin carriers
  • With safety belts for two pets

#3. Gen7 Pet Jogger Stroller for Dogs and Cats (Portable and Comfortable)

dog jogging stroller

The Gen7Pets G7 Jogger Stroller is our top choice for fur parents seeking a dog jogging stroller. With a basket measuring 26”x14”x22,” it has a spacious cabin area to accommodate pets weighing up to 75 lbs.

Pets stay comfortable and stable while you take them with jogging with you on surface trails. Likewise, it comes with an adjustable handle to match your stride perfectly. Pet owners will also appreciate the internal tie-ins for use on several small pets and the fully enclosed pet area. Moreover, this pet gear folds smartly for that hassle-free storage. 


  • Has a Parent tray that holds cups and accessories
  • Comes with smart-zippered storage basket
  • Keeps pets weighing up to 75 lbs
  • EVA foam tires ensure a flat-free ride
  • With the rear-wheel single-brake bar for safety


  • Adjustable handlebars provide a convenient walking space
  • Easily folds open and close
  • Ideal for walking and jogging with pets

#4. Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs, Zipperless Entry

An excellent choice for pet parents looking for a Pet Gear Jogging Stroller, this one is ideal for medium-sized pets weighing up to 75 lbs. It’s carriage dimensions are 30”x13”x22.” Likewise, its air-filled 12” wheels come with an excellent locking feature to keep the stroller running on a straight line.

It is excellent for jogging on any terrain and stays stable even on rough surfaces. More so, this stroller comes with extra impressive features like the zipperless entry, parent tray, and availability in different colors. All of these make it the best stroller for jogging among its class.


  • Rugged air-filled 12” tires
  • Ideal for medium-sized canines
  • Front wheels can be locked for jogging on a straight line
  • Provides an excellent view for your pet
  • Spacious and comfortable pet cabin


  • Ideally constructed for jogging with a medium-sized pooch
  • Comes with a parent tray
  • Has a zipperless locking entry and exit

#5. Booyah Large Pet Bike Trailer Dog Stroller & Jogger with Shocks

Canine parents who wish to take their big babies out for a jog or hike should check out the Booyah Large Stroller. It can accommodate pets weighing up to 88 lbs making it one of the best-rated strollers for large canines. In addition, this stroller has a bright color scheme, reflective patches, and a manual handbrake for extra safety.

Furthermore, it also comes with a rear-wheel towing hookup so it can be towed by a bike too. This jogging stroller has three wheels that can go through different types of terrain and still keep your pet stable and secure. Therefore, it is a highly-recommended large breed dog stroller that you should check out. 


  • Comes with manual hand-brakes for extra safety
  • Works as a stroller and canine trailer
  • Accommodates large pets up to 88 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebars for convenience
  • Front wheels can swivel and lock


  • Zippered front and rear entrance
  • With velcro mesh and open sunroof
  • Comes with quick-release, aluminum wheels

#6. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller (Large Wheels and Portable)

Pet parents looking for cute dog strollers are sure to find the Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller as an ideal choice. It is a lightweight pet carrier stroller weighing only nine pounds. Thus, it is suitable for small and medium dog breeds weighing up to 15 lbs only.

Consequently, pet owners are raving about their sturdy construction and safety despite their lightweight nature. More so, it is easy to bring along on vacations, and it is notably comfortable to use for long walks. If you go out often and you want to take your pet with you, this small stroller is recommended for you.


  • Vinyl mesh screen windows allow for great views and ventilation
  • Comes with removable, water-resistant liner
  • Has a quick-fold mechanism for secure storage
  • Ultra-lightweight makes it a perfect travel gear
  • With safety brakes on rear-wheels


  • Ideal for small pets weighing up to 15 lbs
  • Cute and sturdy stroller
  • Easy to use and store

#7. Paws & Pals Dog Stroller - Elite Pet Strollers for Small Medium Dogs & Cats

The Paws and Pals 3-Wheeler Elite is another top pick by parents who love to jog with the small dog stroller. They love how it comes in several color options and an affordable price tag. It can accommodate pets weighing up to 33 lbs. With this great product, you no longer need to leave your pets at home while you enjoy a beautiful day outdoors.

They, too, can appreciate the view with the strollers' mesh screen that protects and gives them better ventilation. Likewise, you will love its extra features like undercarriage storage for snacks and toys, as well as the parent cup holder attached on its handle. If you are looking for a cheap dog stroller with great features, this is the best choice for you! 


  • Lightweight and foldable for daily use
  • Comes with convenient storage features
  • Has rear-wheel security brakes
  • Easy to maneuver with 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Ideally constructed for jogging with small pets weighing 33 lbs


  • With mesh screen covers for great views and ventilation
  • Comes with inner seat belts
  • Roomy carriage design for pet comfort

#8. Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller Cat/Dog Easy to Walk Folding Travel Carrier

Purple cute dog strollers

The Paws and Pals 4-Wheeler Elite Jogger Stroller is another excellent alternative to the company’s 3-wheeled versions of strollers for jogging. Similarly, this stroller comfortably accommodates small pets weighing up to 33 lbs. Moreover, the basket dimensions are at 21”x14”x19,” which makes it roomy enough for medium-sized pooches.

Additionally, it comes with multiple window feature for ventilation and to give pets a good view of the surroundings. Pet parents were also quick to appreciate the convenient features added like the cup holder and the storage compartment underneath the carriage. Equally important are the rear security brakes and the seatbelt leashes to secure pets even when the canopy is not zipped up. Although some pet parents prefer the three-wheeled version, some claim that this four-wheeled version is more stable and smoother to maneuver.


  • Four-wheels makes it more stable and easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for jogging with small pets weighing up to 33 lbs
  • Roomy and comfortable carriage design
  • With spacious storage compartment
  • Easy to use and store for daily use


  • Comes with security seat belt lease
  • Has rear-wheel security brakes
  • With mesh screen that provides excellent ventilation and view of the surroundings

#9. DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller Lightweight with Bottle Pocket

The Doggy Ride Novel Stroller is ideal for pet parents who love to go out on adventures with their big furry babies. It is more than your usual pet carriage, it is a pet stroller for large dogs, and it can be converted into a bike trailer too. It comes with an extra-large and comfortable inner compartment that can accommodate up to 110 lbs of boisterous canines. Likewise, this compartment can be detached and used as a crate.

Also, it comes with all-terrain wheels that allow you to go anywhere with your pet! Therefore, if you are open to spending extra for the functionality and comfort, this sturdy aluminum made stroller is highly recommended.


  • Can accommodate large pets up to 110 lbs
  • Made from sturdy aluminum, so it is easy to move
  • Detachable pet compartment
  • Can be converted to a bike trailer
  • Ideal for traveling and camping


  • Slick modern style
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Has a large and comfortable inner compartment

#10. Large Pet Stroller for one Large or Multiple Medium Dogs with air Filled tire Suspension

The Ibiyaya Large Stroller is a fantastic lightweight option for your big furry canine. Although it can accommodate pets up to 77 lbs, the stroller weighs in at only 24 pounds. Likewise, it features front and back opening ideal for pets who are unable to turn around comfortably. It is made from heavy-duty and durable materials, making it a wise investment.

Other additional features that you may find noteworthy are the washable bottom pads, easily-adjustable handlebars, foldable mesh covers, and built-in safety leashes. Ideally, this stroller is an excellent choice for pet parents with aging large canines. 


  • Comfortable and spacious compartment
  • Can accommodate up to 77 lbs pets
  • Simple color schemes and functional style
  • Quick-release air-filled tires
  • Has reflector in the wheel spokes for improved visibility   


  • Compact and ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for aging or injured pets
  • Adjustable handlebars

#11. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller Travel Carriage with Convertible Compartment

medium stroller for canine

For pet parents on-the-go, the HPZ Pet Rover Large Stroller is a spacious and convertible stroller ideal for outings with your furry friend. This high-rated big dog stroller has plenty of storage space for you and your pet’s essentials.

Likewise, the interior is convertible; thus, it is also perfect for carrying multiple pets. It can accommodate pets weighing up to 75 lbs. More so, it is made from highly-durable materials and comes with a removable cover. If you need a stroller for your regular outings, this is your ideal choice.


  • Can accommodate large or multiple pets up to 75 lbs
  • Has a convertible interior carriage
  • With plenty of storage space
  • Comes with a three-year wheel replacement program
  • Made from heavy-duty materials


  • Comfortable and spacious
  • With a one-hand fold-unfold mechanism
  • Anti-vibration system with comfort-ride wheels

#12. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer, Red, with Hitch, Suspension

The Best Choice Products 2-in-1 is an awesome stroller and trailer that can accommodate up large pets up to 66 lbs. It has a spacious compartment and a sturdy set of air-filled tires. Likewise, it comes with a water-resistant polyester outer shell, which makes it an all-weather gear.

 It doubles as a bike trailer so you can easily switch uses from a stroller to a trailer in a few easy steps. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble so you can bring it anywhere with you for a whole range of canine adventures. If you need a versatile and functional doggie gear, this one is a great choice!

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  • Dual function, stroller, and trailer in one
  • Ideal for large pets up to 66 lbs
  • Spacious and comfortable compartment
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Air-filled tires for all types of terrain


  • A functional and versatile pet stroller
  • Water-resistant polyester shell cover
  • All-weather, jogging and biking gear   

Best Dog Strollers (FAQS & BUYERS GUIDE)

3 dogs inside a pet stroller

Things to Consider Before Buying A Stroller for Dogs

When it comes to choosing a gear for your pooch, you must know some necessary details about the product. Here are some essential things to consider when searching for the proper stroller for your dog. 

The Size and Weight Capacity

One of the most critical factors that you need to check is the size and weight capacity of the stroller. Its internal capacity should be measured correctly so that you will buy something that you can use to take your mutt out for a walk. And even if your fur baby fits in, you should also make sure that they are not too heavy for the stroller. Thus, make sure to get your pet’s weight and measurements first. It will be your starting point when checking out various stroller models that might suit your needs.   

The Tires

The tires of your stroller will make a difference in places and activities that you will be able to do with your pet. Most stroller tires are from a plastic material. This type of tires is ideal for sidewalks and concrete roads. They are the cheapest type, and they are not the best one to have in your stroller, but for budget finds, these are your best options. 

Another type of tire for these strollers are the air-filled kind. These are similar to the ones you have on your car or bike. Secondly, they are designed to be tough and to mold to the terrain for a smoother, more stable ride. On the other hand, air-filled tires require extra maintenance work. 

EVA tires is a common choice when it comes to strollers for pets. This type of tire is durable and easy to maintain. However, they do not provide the same smooth ride as air-filled ones. Likewise, it is similar to the plastic tires, which is best for flat terrains. 

Zipperless Entry

Zipperless entry strollers are a popular choice for pet parents with a well-behaved pooch. This feature allows for easy entry and exit for your dog, and it is excellent if they enjoy exercising with you. On the other hand, pets that tend to escape and are particularly jumpy need a more secure stroller. It is also recommended, if possible, to check the zippers before buying as some cheaper models have weak zippers.  

Locking Front Wheels

Swivel front wheels are often a popular option; however, more pet parents choose to have strollers with front locking wheels. This feature makes it easier to maneuver the stroller in rough terrains. More so, it is an ideal feature for joggers to have the strollers rolling in the right direction. Swiveling wheels smoothly shifts in either direction, even if it is just a crack in the pavement. Therefore, strollers with front locking wheels are the best choice for joggers and pet parents who are going to use it on rough terrain.

These are the essential features that you must think and plan out before making the final decision to buy a stroller. There are various models to suit your planned usage and in consideration of the size of your pet. In essence, you have to match the stroller with the size of your pet, your terrain, and your activities. 

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Why Do You Need a Pet Stroller?

It used to be pretty weird to have or use a stroller for your pet dogs or cats. Most people think that pushing your dog around in a stroller is simply absurd. However, its uses have become more precise and understood over time. More pet parents now appreciate the benefits of having a stroller and why it is needed. 

These strollers are ideal for cats and dogs which tire out easily during walks or outings. Using a stroller is easier for most pet parents who love to jog and walk. Here are some other benefits of using a stroller for your lovable pets. 

Stress Reduction

During activities where there are a lot of strangers, dogs and cats tend to become agitated and stressed. If you want to take your pet to some event but you worry about them getting lost in the crowd, using a stroller is a good idea. More so, you are not expected to carry your dog in your arms during the duration of the event, thus having a stroller will reduce pet stress significantly. Likewise, long walks can be particularly tiring for your pet’s legs, especially if they are aging. More so, using strollers will save you both the stress of walking on hot pavements and ensure that you both enjoy the activity. 


Another essential advantage of using strollers is the convenience it provides to pet owners. Apart from providing you with a mobile spot to let your pets rest, most strollers also have storage pockets and pouches. These pockets are great for storing things you need to take with you on your walks, such as water, leashes, treats, or snacks. You are safe from carrying all these heavy knick-knacks when you are out for a stroll with your fur babies.   

Ideal for Sick Pets

Strollers for pets are an ideal gear for pet owners with sick or recuperating pets. Having a stroller around allows you to take your pets out for some air without risking any further injuries. Likewise, strollers provide the best form of mobility for pet owners who need to take their pets to the vet after an injury or ailment. Moreso, it is more convenient and comfortable for both pet owners and pets to use a stroller instead of cocooning your pet in a dog carrier. 

Different Sizes and Types of Strollers for Dogs

Strollers for pets come in different types and sizes to accommodate various dog breeds and sizes. Strollers for pet dogs are also designed differently for multiple activities, including jogging and walking. 

For Small and Medium Dogs

These types of strollers for dogs can accommodate pets weighing up to 50 lbs. They are smaller than usual, and some are like a human baby stroller. 

For Large dogs

These types of strollers are bigger and have a sturdier capacity. The inner compartment can accommodate large dog breeds and has heavy-duty materials. They are designed to carry pets weighing 45 lbs and above. On the other hand, these strollers are made with lightweight materials and easy to control despite its heavy-duty construction. 

For Multiple Dogs

Large or medium-sized strollers can accommodate several small pooches all at once. More so, there are strollers that are specifically designed to carry several pups, and they resemble twin strollers that human babies use.   

Jogging Strollers

These types of strollers usually come with three wheels instead of the usual four wheels. Likewise, it is designed for easy maneuvering at a faster speed and on tough terrain. Additionally, jogging strollers feature shock-absorbing wheels that lessen bounce. In essence, this type of stroller is ideal for any dog breed. 

Multi-functional Strollers

These types of strollers are usually the most popular choice among pet owners. Apart from its stroller function, it can also be used as a car seat or a carrier. If you are on a tight budget, you should opt for multi-function stroller designs.

Where Can I Buy Pet Stroller for Dogs?

There are several places that you can visit if you are shopping for a stroller for your doggie. Just like other pet gears, you want to find something that will be worth your money and will comply with all your and your pet needs. Your first option would be places like Petco and other local pet stores. Secondly, you can explore online pet shops to compare prices and reviews from fellow customers. 

Both options have pros and cons, but buying pets gears from online stores seems to be more accessible, more affordable, and a smarter choice. For you to make the most of your online shopping experience, it is best to do thorough research about your desired product first. Ideally, you can also try those displayed at the local pet store first. There you can get the physical feel and visualize how your pet will be when you use it. 

Make a shortlist of the best products you have tested and search for them from online stores. Next, you can start comparing their current prices and read more about customer reviews and testimonials. Double-check your list of requirements and needs for the product, and if it complies with all your needs, then you can go ahead and purchase it. In essence, prices at online stores are significantly lower than pet store prices, even if it is just the same model or brands. 

Can I Use a Baby Stroller for My Dog?

Some dog owners might try to use a baby stroller for their pet canine, but it is not a good idea. Although it might save you some money to use an unwanted child stroller, the downsides outweigh this single benefit. 

Baby strollers are not for Pets

For one, child strollers are not designed to carry a pet as its passenger. Baby strollers are for the use and comfort of babies or toddlers. All the features of these products are made with a child in mind, not cats or dogs. Secondly, babies or toddlers have very different temperaments compared with pets. Dogs can be very unpredictable and flighty at times. A child’s stroller is not designed to secure dogs and does not come with an inner leash to keep them from jumping out.    

More so, the straps and harnesses in baby strollers are not designed to protect your pet. Compared with those riding in a stroller, they can prevent your canine from escaping and will keep them protected at all times. These strollers also come with a protective covering that will keep them off any unwanted attention from other pets.

Baby Strollers are Uncomfortable and Unsafe for Pets

Though pets can fit inside a child’s stroller, it can become uncomfortable for them, especially if it is not suited for their size or weight. Pets can become irritable and instead escape from the buggy due to the discomfort. Likewise, there is the danger of the child’s stroller breaking down because it is not for a dog’s size or weight.  

Using a child’s stroller for your canine buddies is not ideal, and it is unsafe. You might save some money by deciding to use an old pram or buggy for your pet, but you cannot set aside the dangers it can bring to you and your pet. It is still best to go for products that are designed specifically for pets to avoid any accidents from happening.


The use of strollers to take your doggie out for a walk seemed like a strange idea until its popularity started to rise. With pet owners making smarter decisions in choosing pet safety and convenience, more manufacturers are complying with the demands. At present, there are thousands of doggie strollers in the market, and determining the right one needs is a thorough decision that should be backed by information and research. Our guide and top picks can give you the knowledge and ideas to start your search through the different styles, brands, and models available.

Depending on the activities you have in mind or the needs you have, strollers are an excellent investment for constant outdoor trips. There are strollers designed for jogging like the Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller. Others are designed to accommodate large doggies, the Doggy Ride Novel Large Stroller. Our Budget Pick, the Paws and Pals 3-Wheeler Elite is a well-rounded stroller that is not heavy on your budget. In essence, you must know the features you need before buying the perfect stroller for you and your pet’s needs.

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