Can Dogs Have Strawberries? The Perfect and Healthy Treats for Your Pets

can dogs eat strawberries guide

You probably know by now that grapes tend to be toxic to dogs, but how about strawberries? Can dogs eat strawberries? Well, here’s good news. Strawberries are safe and healthy for canines. But just like with cranberries and avocado, there are several essential considerations you have to remember when you feed your pet with strawberries.

Sweet and Juicy Strawberries: Are They Good for Your Pet?

Once the warmer weather starts settling in, it also means that there will be more fresh vegetables and fruits you can add to your pet’s diet. It could be a bit confusing or hard to figure out which veggies and fruits are safe for your pet. But there is something tasty that you can always give to Fido during this season,  strawberries! Your furry best friend can enjoy munching on fresh strawberries for that sweet and delicious treat.


Berries as Doggie Treats

What can you do if your pet begs you for some strawberries? Don’t turn down that curious canine and give him the chance to enjoy one of these sweetest treats. Strawberries are an excellent option for an occasional reward for your pet. However, avoid overfeeding your pet with this fruit. It has high levels of fructose, which can be bad for their health. Moreover, refrain from feeding Fido with canned or strawberry-flavored syrup as these are not suitable for them too.

Delicious Strawberries for dogs

Berries Are Very Versatile

Strawberries are prepared in many ways. In fact, you can make smoothies, purees, or add them to desserts. Just like blueberries, strawberries are also a great nutritional powerhouse for you and your canine. Likewise, these red fruits are rich with antioxidants. It also boasts of lots of vitamin C and high fiber content. More so, strawberries also contain an enzyme that can help whiten your pet’s teeth.


You can fill your freezer with bags of frozen strawberries for your smoothies or as a handy snack for your best friend. Strawberries are not just a healthy sweet treat for your pet. These juicy fruits can also help them stay healthy in many ways. In fact, these fresh fruits can slow down aging, strengthen immunity and aid with weight management.

Can Dogs Have Strawberries? The Answer is Yes!

Dogs Eating Strawberry

Strawberries’ antioxidants are no doubt the best health attribute it can offer to your furry friend. A couple of strawberries for your pet are not toxic or harmful. But, as mentioned earlier, avoid overfeeding them with these sweet treats and sharing these luscious fruits as a reward is a great way to introduce these to your best buddy.

Strawberries Nutritional Value That Are Good For Dogs

Strawberries are no doubt healthy for humans and the same rule apply for canines. They can also benefit from consuming these fruits. This fruit has Potassium, magnesium, iron, as well as calcium.

Additionally, strawberries are a light doggie treat with potent antioxidants. It is why many owners feed these to their pets. It has Folic acid, fiber, omega-3 fats, and manganese that are needed for better dog health. Likewise, it also contains essential vitamins like K, C, B1 and B6.

  • Vitamin B1 – Also known as thiamin, Vitamin B can convert glucose into energy and help your pet maintain their muscular and nerve functions.
  • Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is essential in the efficient use of amino acids in Fido’s body.
  • Amino Acids – As protein’s building blocks, amino acid helps promote tissues and muscles’ growth.
  • Vitamin C –  It helps in bone development, immunity and in the prevention of bladder infections.
  • Vitamin K –  It helps in bone development and blood clotting.
  • Vitamin B9 –  Also known as Folic acid helps in the development and cellular division of the red blood cells in the bone marrow of your pet.

Other Nutritional Values

Moreover, strawberries contain magnesium and potassium, which are both important in maintaining optimal enzyme functions. Magnesium helps your pet’s body absorb other minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Potassium and its electrolyte properties help retain healthy levels of fluid in your pet’s body. More so, it plays a vital role in your pet’s heart’s health as well as in muscle and nerve functions.

Omega-3 fats offer a long list of health benefits for your pet. It improves their coat and skin health, fights arthritis and other kinds of inflammatory conditions. Likewise, it improves cardiovascular health and reduces allergies. On the other hand, Fiber helps maintain an ideal gastrointestinal function.

Strawberries for Gives More Vitamin C for Your Dog

Dogs want to eat strawberries

Vitamin C will stand out the most if you examine the many benefits that strawberries can give to your pet. You might think it is not as essential to dogs as humans because dogs can produce their own Vitamin C.  However, there are more to strawberries than just Vitamin C.

Apart from strengthening immunity, strawberries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It also has anti-cancer properties and it contains only 50 calories per 100 grams. If you are worried about it fattening your dog, then worry no more. It is a sweet treat, rich in vitamins and minerals, but definitely low in calories.

An excellent way to add this refreshing fruit to your fur baby’s diet is by preparing a homemade pup-sicle. If you share a fresh strawberry with your cute pooch, see that you give the strawberry a good quality. Thoroughly rinse, then cut the stem off before you share your berries.

The stem and leaves can cause stomach issues, so it is best to remove them. Another option is to buy and keep a bag of frozen strawberries, which you can use as a reward. Depending on your pooch’s size, you might want to cut the fruit into bite-size pieces. It will ensure more comfortable digestion and prevent choking hazards.

Feed Your Pooch Strawberries in Moderation

Strawberries have lots of minerals and vitamins, which are healthy and great for your pet. However, keep in mind that strawberries also contain a considerable amount of natural sugar, which can cause dogs some digestive issues. Ideally, strawberries are great as a doggie treat.  And although an entire bowl may not be harmful, it will inevitably cause an upset stomach.

Is Strawberry Ice Cream Good for Dogs?

Speaking of sugar and strawberries, avoid giving strawberry ice cream to your pup! A lot of pet owners have asked if their Fido could have a bite of strawberry ice cream, the answer is a big no.

Whatever ice cream flavor you might have, never share it with your pup. Keep in mind that, generally canines are lactose intolerant. More so, canines do not have adequate lactose amounts, and they may suffer from tummy problems once they ingest lactose.

Puppies have sufficient lactose while they are still nursing, but soon as they wean off, they produce less. When dogs more mature, they become more prone to gastrointestinal issues because of their lactose intolerance. Therefore, dairy products such as cheese and ice cream should be given to your canine pets.


Keep Your Puppy Off The Strawberry Garden

Pet owners with strawberries in the garden should be more concerned about their pet’s curiosity about the plant. Puppies can be very curious, and strawberries are delicious distractions for them. Fencing your plants and training your pets to stay away from your fruit patch can take time.

If you used pesticides to keep pests off your strawberry plant, you must also take extra effort in keeping your puppies away from it. Consequently, some pesticides can be toxic to pets and their curiosity towards the plant can put them in danger. In case you have used garden treatments for your plants, make sure that your pets are kept away from it. Likewise, be sure to wash fruits properly before serving it to your pets too.



Important Considerations: Your Vet’s Go Signal And No To Syrups

Before changing your pup’s diet to include strawberries, consider discussing it with your veterinarian first. Some dog breeds are more prone to allergies, while others can eat strawberries freely. In case your puppy ate a lot of strawberries, call your vet to know the potential symptoms that you should watch out for. More so, inform your vet if you suspect pesticide exposure of the fruits. Don’t forget to ask about the methods to reduce this risk in your garden.

Likewise, never feed your pooch with strawberry syrup or other similar products with unknown artificial ingredients. Most products replicate the taste of strawberry, but these are not really healthy for your pet. More so, giving pets strawberry flavored ice cream is a no-no. In fact, dairy products are not appropriate for canines.

How to Prepared Strawberries for Your Pooch?

Now that you know that you can give strawberries to your pet, what is the safest way of doing it? First, it is advised that you cut up the fruit first into tiny pieces to avoid any choking. Likewise, it will facilitate easier digestion. Secondly, if you have a small dog breed, you can also mash up the fruit or puree it before adding it to your pet’s healthy food.

Remove the stem from the strawberry fruit you will give to Fido. Strawberry’s stems and leaves are a bit toxic; thus, it can cause digestive problems. However, there is no need for you to be so concerned, as it is not life-threatening for your pets.

Just like with adding other foods to your pet’s diet, consult with your vet before including berries to Fido’s meals.  You can start with smaller quantities and observe any behavioral changes or digestive problems. If you notice something odd, stop giving them the fruit right away.

Other Fruity Alternatives for Your Pets 

Aside from strawberries, there are other fruits safe for your pet. In general, fresh fruits and veggies must not make up over 10% of your pet’s daily diet. They offer lots of benefits, minerals, and vitamins for canines. Other safe fruits are dates, bananas, blueberries, oranges, pears, lemons and figs. Fruits such as plums, peaches, apricots, and apples are safe for pets, too, although the pits and seeds can be toxic. You can reduce the risks by cutting the fruits into small pieces. Like with strawberries, serve them in moderation to avoid an upset stomach.

So, can dogs eat strawberries? Yes, they definitely can!

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