Corgi Mixes: 21 Best and Popular Crossbreeds!

best corgi mix

Even for non-dog enthusiasts, we can all agree that Corgis are ridiculously cute and fluffy, and just taking it onto another level, they go and mix together with other breeds, giving us a different level of cuteness and “aww” moments.

With their short and cute signature legs and fluffy derrieres, the Corgi mixed breeds instantly make you wanna own one and just swoon over! In this article, you’ll find the 21 most popular Corgi mixes of all time. Are you ready to get attacked by their cuteness? Let’s proceed reading down below!

FAQS About Corgi Mixes

Despite all the stunning Corgi mixes included in this list, the best one really depends on one’s preferences and styles. Although when it comes to aesthetics, the Dorgi and Augie are the most popular ones, while for temperament and intelligence, the Golden Corgi and Corgidor are easily the best picks.

To make your choices easier, here are answers to the two most frequently asked questions regarding Corgi mixes:

Are corgi mixes healthy breeds?

In regards to the overall health, corgi mixes for the most part are healthy breeds, so they rarely suffer from preexisting conditions and life-threatening illnesses. Aside from the old age diseases that are common in all dogs, you don’t need to worry about its health. A complication that Corgi mixes often encounter will be hip dysplasia or intervertebral disc disease because of its short stature.

How much is a corgi mix?

Corgi puppies range from $600 to $1500, depending on the breeder’s location and the pup’s quality. Some Corgi mixes can go beyond $2000, with the fact that they have more premium breed or have already been vaccinated. Of course, this isn’t always the case so it’s better to be thorough and carefully gather more information.

What are the two types of corgi?

There are actually two types of Corgi breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These two Welsh breeds originate and have great histories with the counties of Wales, namely Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire.

The word “Corgi” came from its actual meaning in Welsh, meaning “dwarf dog.” This breed became famous in the 1920s as Corgis first began to appear in dog shows and gain recognition.

What are the best corgi mixes?

Started from movies and is now slowly becoming a worldwide trend, having a designer dog is one factor that contributes to the increasing popularity of the Corgi mixes. Included in the article below are 21 of the most favorite Corgi breed mixes that everyone surely swoons for.

1. Auggie (Australian shepherd + Corgi)

Auggie mix sitting inside a car
Image from IG @junipertheauggie

This first Corgi mix is a little bundle of fun, coming from parents who are both herders. No surprise, the Augie will expectedly be a herding dog, whether it’s from whom genes he inherits. Less intense than the Australian Shepherd, this Corgi mix also doesn’t require much exercise as its short legs are much quicker to wear out, but the Augie is no lap dog.

One exciting thing about the Augie is its color and eyes. From options of blue, green, brown, or even a mix, they will give you that striking but insanely adorable look. Adding to its swoon moments are its fluffier coat and stubby legs, this guy will win your heart.

As mentioned earlier, the Augie would make a great herding dog, and they are easy to train. However, they tend to shed a lot. They live pretty long, too, with an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

2. Beagie (Beagle + Corgi)

Beagle corgi mix puppy sitting on the floor
image from IG @bychloek

You’ll need to pack your pantry with this next Corgi mix, as both of its parents have that unending love for food. The Beagie may be unrivaled more than its parents are in terms of eating, making it an important factor to monitor its feeding as it may easily become obese when left alone.

As a Beagle is known for its Snoopy-like droopy ears, and the Corgi for its large erect ones, we never can truly predict which ones this mix will inherit. For its coating, you may expect smooth earthy tones, coming from its parents.

The Beagle is affectionate and very energetic, and they love to howl and bark. Be sure to keep an eye on him while eating because they require to be monitored while feeding. Like the Augie, Beagles also live for 12 to 15 years.

3. Borgi (Border Collie + Corgi)

a curious black mix puppy
Image from IG @simontheborgi

It goes without saying that the Border Collie Corgi mix is among the best herding dogs around! With his Border Collie parent’s intelligence and the Corgis small stature that voids those cattle kicks, he would make a great addition to any farm.

He will tend to look like the Border Collie but much smaller, with short Corgi legs and larger ears. He will also typically inherit the Border Collie’s white and black markings, but he really could be any color of either parent.

Just like the Augie, a Borgi is also great for herding. They are petite in size, very sweet and very gentle. The Borgi can also live for up to 14 years.

4. Chigi (Chihuahua + Corgi)

happy mix puppy enjoying the beach
Image from IG @sir_dobby

Sometimes confused with the Chorgi, this next Corgi mix is one of the smallest mixes in this list. The Chigi combination will probably inherit the smaller head of the Chihuahua together with the big ears and adorable smile of the Corgi, making it have an irresistible cutesy charm.

A Chihuahua can be overwhelmingly barky if not socialized properly, and with the similar nature of the Corgi, this Corgi mix may come off as a little strong. Because of this, it requires thorough training of early socialization, and if properly trained, the Chigi makes a cute and adorable family pet that everyone will surely treasure.

The Chigi may be a toy size dog but they are very noisy and barks a lot. Early socialization training with them is necessary. Once that’s out of the way, though, they’ll spend the rest of their 12 to 14 years loving their owners.

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5. Chorgi (Chow Chow + Corgi)

cute black dog sitting on the stairs
Image from IG @harmonyinbadtaste

In terms of fluffiness in this Corgi mixes list, this one is most probably unrivaled. Literally an energetic ball of fluff, the Chorgi comes with an instant bundle of fur for both you and him. Although a bit of hassle on the lint roll expenditure, its fluffiness will make it worth the extra work.

With a contrast of the parents’ characteristics, the Corgi being a happy-go-lucky dog, while the Chow Chow being quite the serious and confident doggo who’s more onto serious matters, the Chorgi’s personality will solely depend on which parent he takes after the most.

The Chorgi dogs shed a lot, however, they are like a ball of fur and very fun to be with. This Corgi mixed breed may have varied personalities. They can live for 12 to 15 years.

6. Corger (Boxer + Corgi)

adorable looking brown puppy
Image from IG @the.pawtato.fam

If you’re looking for Corgi mixes that have the energy to last for long periods of time, then the Corger may be your best option. Having both parents as energetic and humorous ones, there’s no doubt that this Corgi mix will provide you hours and hours of fun and entertainment. Dull moments no more!

The Corger is more on the muscular side compared to just the Corgi alone, so you may want to expect a sturdier dog and its size also lies between that of the Boxer and the Corgi. For the coat, it may inherit more of the Corgi ones, plus a mixture of the colors and markings of his parents.

This Corgi mixed breed is highly energetic. This trait may not be appealing for the elderly, thus Corgi is not suitable for them. Most Corger have muscular built and strong bodies. Despite that, however, they have a relatively short lifespan of only 8 to 13 years, so make sure to cherish them while they’re here.

7. Corgi Inu (Shiba inu + Corgi)

a fluffy corgi shiba inu mix staring at the camera
Image from IG @lifeofmoosemo

Lying between the marks of being playful and calm, the Corgi inu can be a bit hard to define. Its parents have somewhat contrasting personalities. The Shiba Inu being a bold, fussy breed with a noble heritage, are known for their independent nature, cleaning themselves similar to that of a cat, while Corgis are naturally playful and enthusiastic.

Solely dependent on which parent this Corgi mix would take after, it could either be energetic or conservative. However, most dogs of this combination are more known to be a mild-tempered dog that becomes energetic depending on the situation.

The Corgi Inu have a puffy double coat, yet they do shed a lot so they are considered high-maintenance. However, they like self-cleaning. As compared to other mixed breeds, the Corgi Inu has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

8. Corgi Pit (Pitbull Terrier + Corgi)

a handsome looking corgi pitbull mix
Image from IG @rhylathecorgi

Corgi mixes cannot only be playmates but also therapy dogs. Stating an example with this next Corgi mix, the Corgi Pit is a combination of a Pitbull’s sensitive and intuitive but playful dog and a Corgi’s energetic and enthusiastic personality. With this amazing combination, expect a smart intuitive dog who knows when to cheer its master, but also one who brings out double the fun!

Thanks to its Pitbull genes, it will tend to have a smoother coat, but one downside is this particular Corgi mix is more prone to skin allergies. These are absolutely treatable with medication and ointments so if you could look past this matter, the Corgi Pit is an amazing combination for the Pitbull’s genes also adds to a longer lifespan than that of a purebred Corgi.

The Corgi pit is highly energetic, and although they are easy to groom they are susceptible to skin allergies. Like the Corgi Inu, this mixed breed can also live for up to 15 years.

9. Corgi Pom (Pomeranian + Corgi)

tricolored puppy sitting on a park bench
Image from IG @dookiethecorgerian

One of the most common Corgi mixes is the Corgi Pom, considering both the pups’ pint-sized nature. This makes an easy match for crossbreeding, eventually having the energetic side of the Corgi, while the Pomeranian brings all the yaps.

This breed guarantees you a long life for your pup, but it also comes with endless barking, so if you’re quite sensitive to noise, you’ll probably wanna sit this one out. If you think it’s just a small price for its cuteness in return, you can still opt for the Corgi Pom but make sure to plan accordingly if you live in a tighter space or have neighbors that prefer to live in absolute peace.

This Corgi Pom is a cute designer dog. It barks a lot and requires behavioral training. It can live for as long as 15 years, like many other mixed breeds.

10. Corgidor (Labrador + Corgi)

a golden brown dog and his baseball
Image from IG @goldie.thecorgidor

This Corgi mixed breed just proves to be one of the most popular Corgi mixes because of its personality and its parents’ breeds. No wonder the Corgidor is loved by many because of its characteristic to be a wonderful family pet.

Because of its sweet and caring nature, astounding loyalty, and jolly enthusiastic personality, this Corgi mix makes the perfect doggo for the whole family. If you combine that with the Corgi’s energy and sweetness, the Corgidor is no doubt one of the best canine concoctions you’ll come across.

The Corgidor has big, droopy eyes that make them irresistible. With their high energy levels, they are suitable for large families. But, you might have to say goodbye to them sooner than you expect, since their average lifespan is only 10 to 13 years.

11. Corgipoo (Poodle + Corgi)

dog out on the beach
Image from IG @benster_333

If you have bearable dog allergies, and still want to take that risk for the extra cuteness that Corgis bring, then this may just be your best choice. Although like the Doodle mixes, the Corgipoo is also not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic so you remember to carefully reconsider.

Even if there’s no guarantee of being a completely hypoallergenic dog, the Corgipoo will likely be much easier on your allergies than the rest of the Corgi mixes on this list. This combination’s color can be a little hard to predict as it will take any color from his Poodle and Corgi parents. The Corgipoo inhibits a balance of enthusiasm and calmness, thus perfect for a family dog.

The petite size of a Corgipoo makes her look so adorable. They are proven to be hypoallergenic and make a perfect companion for large families, and they’ll be with you for at least 12 to 14 years.

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12. Corgoyed (Samoyed + Corgi)

a playful looking puppy
Image from IG @_mathieson_

This Corgi mix is best as a pet for places with cold climates, as its fur is not only for fluffiness but also to keep itself warm. His Samoyed genes prevent it from freezing in the harsh colds of Russia, so if you’re in warmer weather, this may not be the best choice.

If you’re living in a somewhat cold environment then this guy is perfect for you. With the Samoyed’s calm and mellow temperament that gives a meek family vibe, plus the Corgi’s jolly personality, this will cater perfectly for a calm day but with little energy outbursts.

The Corgoyed are excellent with the elderly. On the other hand, their thick fur makes them unsuitable for places that have warm climates. Also, most Corgoyeds shed a lot, so you’ll be cleaning dog fur for the next 12 to 14 years.

13. Corman Shepherd (German Shepherd + Corgi)

mixed dog breed out in the snow
Image from IG @victoriaprivetteyoga

This next Corgi mix is the best alternative for those who want a German Shepherd but are slightly burdened with its huge size. The Corman Shepherd is just like a dwarf German Shepherd featuring a bigger head, yet smaller legs from a Corgi, it also inherited both the large ears of its parents.

Inheriting its protective personality from his German Shepherd parent, expect a loyal sidekick to you and your family. It may be cautious around strangers first, but once it warms up and finds a friend in them, the Corman Shepherd is a softie especially when it comes to belly scratching.

The Corman Shepherd is of medium-level maintenance since they shed moderately. This dog tends to bark at strangers, thus their protective trait makes them suitable as a watchdog, keeping your family safe for 10 to 15 years.

14. Dalgi (Dalmatian + Corgi)

corgi Dalmatian mix sitting on a bench
Image from IG @perdy_thecorgimatian

One of the most memorable Corgi mixes of all time is the Dalgi. Its spots would catch Cruella de Vil’s eyes, wanting to own one. Featuring a longer coat than the Dalmatian, it may not be as smooth to the touch but still displays a gorgeous feature. Naturally, it is shorter than a Dalmatian, but slightly more athletic than a Corgi.

The Dalgi doesn’t just make a great playmate with its enthusiasm, it’s also perfect for a watchdog thanks to the Dalmatian’s genes, plus the Corgi’s love for barking. If you’re looking for a playmate that doubles as a watchdog, this may be it for you.

Since the Dalgi is considered an athletic breed, expect them to have high energy levels. They are also suitable as a watchdog, and will live for around 11 to 13 years.

15. Dobergi (Doberman Pinscher + Corgi)

A brown puppy with this toy
Image from IG @arniepalmernyc

Just like that of a Chorgi, this next Corgi mix also requires early socialization as its Doberman side brings more aloofness than friendliness. The Dobergi is a people-oriented dog that brings instant affection with his family, and with strangers too, if trained with early socialization.

This combination will most likely look like a Corgi with the colorings of the Doberman Pinscher. Similar to those on this list, it will inherit the Corgi’s large ears, just longer and thinner like that of a Doberman’s.

The Dobergi is an affectionate dog mixed breed so it is best to let them go through a socialization training in their early years. Also, make sure to make your Dobergi wear a harness all the time. Expect them to be with you for 12 to 15 years.

16. Golden Corgi (Golden Retriever + Corgi)

Golden corgi mix behind some house plants
Image from IG @yayhouseplants

Just like a mini Golden Retriever with cute short legs, the Golden Corgi has the golden sheen of the Retriever with a few white splashes of its Corgi parent. Just like both of his parents, its fur is of medium length.

With this combination, you must expect a sweet but naughty canine addition as Retrievers are known for their friendly personality, while Corgis are naughty and jolly. If you’re a big fan of a Golden Retriever but slightly doubtful because of its size, the Golden Corgi can easily sub as a dupe.

The Golden Corgi may have a compacted size but they shed a lot. However, they are perfect companions for a family, making the family laugh for the next 10 to 13 years.

17. Greygi (Greyhound + Corgi)

brown puppy inside the car
Image from IG @so.x.m

Like the miniature of the big dogs on this list, the Greygi also looks like its Greyhound parent, with just shorter legs. This breed mix may seem a little bit unusual due to its contrasting appearances, but its compatibility is of wonderful levels.

This Corgi mixed breed is more on the calm and sleepy side, with just a little bit of energy outbursts. The Greygi mix will most probably result in a bug-like face, long and pointy, together with the Corgi’s big eyes and cute smile.

This quirky looking guy is highly affectionate. They tend to lounge and nap most of the time. In fact, they spend most of their 12 to 15 years just napping.

18. Horgi (Husky + Corgi)

mixed dog breed near the river
Image from IG @willowthehorgi

Quite confusing what to call this next Corgi mix, it has few names you can choose from, namely Horgi, Siborgi, Horgski, and Corgski. Regardless of what you call him, I guarantee that he’s a spunky guy with a huge personality. With the Horgi’s thick and lustrous double coat, you should expect to brush him numerous times.

Naturally, he’s shorter compared to a Husky, but more athletic than a Corgi one. Because of the natural energetic personality of a Husky, this Corgi mix also requires about an hour’s exercise every day.

A Horgi loves to bark and yap. Since they shed a lot they are considered to be high maintenance. Also, make sure to let them go through a daily exercise routine. Their active lifestyle is why they can live for as long as 15 years.

19. Porgi (Pug + Corgi)

brown dog sitting on a leather sofa
Image from IG @dewquack

What a cute combination this next Corgi mix is! The Porgi is an adorable head-turner with its short and stout nature, goofy eyeballs, and big ears. In terms of adventures and braveness, you can never go wrong with opting for a Porgi.

This is perfect for those who get tired easily as the Porgi has short energy outbursts but a huge love for snoozing. Given that if he inherits a Pug’s flat face, you’ll instantly have a snuffler by day and snorer by night, so if you’re somewhat sensitive to sounds then you might wanna pass on this one.

The Porgi is loyal in stature. They have balanced energy levels but like to bark a lot, so you’ll be hearing lots of barking and yapping for the next 12 to 15 years.

20. Rottgi (Rottweiler + Corgi)

black dog mix on a sandy beach
Image from IG

Among the rarest Corgi mixes on this list, the Rottgi or Corgweiler may be unusual, but it has the same cuteness the Corgi mixes in this list offer. This mix will typically result in the ears and overall shape of a Corgi but with the head and color markings of a Rottweiler.

Often times the Rottgi’s head may look a bit odd and disproportioned together with its little body, but this makes more room for that cutesy smile a Corgi offers, which brings out all our “awe moments.”

If you are looking for a perfect watchdog, a Rottgi might be the best choice for you. However, they love to bark and require daily exercise. That said, Rottgis have a short lifespan of only 8 to 10 years.

21. Spitzgi (Spitz + Corgi)

A dog with a toy in his mouth
Image from IG @charliethecorgitz

This Corgi mix will not only steal your heart, but also that of the passersby because of its smaller size compared to a Corgi, with double the fluff! The Spitzgi’s color will depend on his Spitz parent, but most often it will vary from a golden or brown color.

Adding to another rare Corgi mix on this list, it’s mainly because the Spitz is one of the lesser-known breeds. Despite its unpopularity, the Spitz loves to bring quite the show with its feistiness and enthusiastically lets you be aware of its loving presence.

Although a Spitzgi sheds a lot and sheds a lot, they also make a perfect watchdog, barking at strangers for the next 12 to 15 years.

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Corgis are pups that are wonderful on their own, but with the different Corgi mixes, it adds to a different level of cuteness and excitement, plus it’s one of the most popular “designer dogs” these days. Each mixed breed differs in its own way, which just guarantees that there’s a specific mix for everyone.

This list may not have all the Corgi mixes, but it certainly offers a nice variety of mixes to choose from. We hope that with this article, we have found you your very own Corgi in Shining Armour. If you have a specific mix in mind that we missed, please share it in the comment section!


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