Best Dog Carrier Backpacks: Expert Guide to Tail-Wagging Travels

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

Dog carrier backpacks are heaven-sent for many pet parents. It is perfect for bringing your fur babies out for walks, hikes, adventures, and travels. Having a bag specially designed to carry dogs in comfort while leaving your hands free makes for convenient and hassle-free bonding time with your pooch.

Bikers and hikers are known to use backpacks with dog design to take their pets on bike or motorcycle rides. They come in various configurations to accommodate small to medium-sized dogs to go on hiking or for different sorts of travel. There are backpacks which are sized according to TSA approved qualifications and dimensions.

When searching for a suitable backpack carrier for your beloved pet, owners primarily consider safety and comfort. Likewise, these carriers come in rugged, sleek, multi-use and modern designs. But their primary purpose is to transport your dog in utmost safety, protection, and style. Here are some of our top picks of the best dog backpack carriers in the market today.

Long coated dog inside a travel backpack

#1. Kurgo Dog Backpack Carrier for Small Pet

This airline-approved travel backpack for dogs to carry dogs is developed by Kurgo to accommodate pets weighing up to 25lbs. It is well-sizeable for pets and owners to travel comfortably. Likewise, this pack comes with water-resistant fabric, waterproof bottom and stain-resistant fabric that is easy to clean.

More so, the Kurgo Hands-free dog carrier is available in 3 colors and has a rugged design. It also has a top and front handle for easy grab and carry. It also features a ventilated front window which can be folded if you want your pet to stick their head out. If you need a backpack that is perfect for all types of travel, this product is the top choice for you!


  • Airline approved dimensions
  • Hand-free with extra-wide shoulder straps for comfortable wear
  • Many zippered pockets and pouches
  • Waterproof and armhole bottom
  • Well-ventilated and comfortably spaced for pets


  • Comes with inner carabiner clip for attaching leashes
  • Extra-wide shoulder straps for comfort
  • The product comes with lifetime warranty

#2. Ytonet Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs Cats (With Ventilated Design)

Ytonet Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs Cats (With Ventilated Design)

This top-rated canine backpack from Ytonet comfortable fits small to medium-sized pooches weighing up to 18lbs. Pet parents love this product because of its excellent features. First, it has several ventilation mesh windows and two wide entrances for easy access with your pet.

The top window can be kept open to provide pets with a good view and allow some fresh air. Your furry pet will be safely restrained by the buckle and leash system inside the pack. Moreover, the pack has several storage pockets to keep your things organized. Also, the bottom of the backpack is well-padded to keep pets resting comfortably. Pet owners who like comfort and convenience should definitely choose this dog backpack.


  • Made from durable and secure materials
  • Comes with a leash tether to prevent pet escape
  • High-grade scratch-resistant polyester
  • With reinforced metal zippers
  • Extra thick shoulder pads for comfort


  • Has a soft-sided structure for secure storage
  • With zippered pouches for storage
  • Zippers come with locking function for safety and security

#3. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs (With Cushion Back Support)

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs, Puppies and Ventilated Design

Pet owners looking for a comfortable dog backpack for hiking, travelling or for going around town, this is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a zip-up mesh window and designed with proper ventilation for your pet’s comfort and safety.

The mesh windows will allow your fur baby to enjoy the view as you travel together comfortably. Likewise, it has sherpa lines at the bottom, safety straps and buckles for extra security. Pet parents will also appreciate the chest and waist buckles that give additional support while carrying pet loads up to 20lbs.


  • Sherpa lined-bottom for pets to travel comfortably
  • Multiple mesh windows
  • Safety buckles and leash for added security
  • Breathable padded shoulder straps
  • Waist and chest buckles for extra support


  • Side pockets and zip pouches for storage
  • With Name ID tags and a collapsible bowl for feeding
  • Dual opening for hassle-free entry and exit

#4. K9 Sport Front Facing Adjustable Dog Backpack Carrier

K9 Sports Sack Pet Carrier Backpack

The K9 Sports Sack Dog Carrier is an excellent option for taking pets with you on bicycle rides and treks. It comes with wide mesh foamtek shoulder straps to keep you comfortable carrying the pack. On the other hand, the thick bottom pad will keep your pet resting comfortably inside. Likewise, it comes with lightweight and water-resistant fabric.

It has side pockets for other things that you need to take with you. The pack is strategically designed to adjust to your pet’s size so that they can be comfortable. More so, this sack comes with more than five safety features and an avalanche clip. Pet parents love this sports sack because it is ideal for hiking, biking and walking.


  • Comes in different color options
  • With ventilated side panels to keep pets cool
  • More than five safety features
  • Has a sternum strap and avalanche whistle clip
  • Has an adjustable dual side pockets


  • With moisture-wicking straps
  • Comfort materials for your pet
  • Guaranteed quality performance

#5. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carriers for Cats and Dogs

This innovative traveller carrier backpack is a favorite among travellers because of its unique and thoughtful design. It comes with a semi-sphere window to allow your fur baby to have a view. Likewise, it has ample ventilation so your pooch can breathe comfortably through mesh panels and vent holes.

Moreover, it is available in several unique shades like pink, coffee and yellow. Pet parents will be comfortable wearing this backpack with its high-quality adjustable straps and side access for easy accessibility. Finally, if your pet is not comfortable with the sphere window, it can be replaced with a mesh piece.


  • Innovative sphere window design for pet view
  • Alternative durable mesh piece
  • With removable bottom pads
  • Soft but uncollapsible structure
  • Machine washable bottom pads


  • Available in switchable colors like blue and yellow
  • Ultra padded shoulder straps for all-day comfort
  • Modern design to reduce pet anxiety

#6. Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack Expandable with Breathable Mesh for Small Dogs Cats Puppies

Pecute Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack

The Pecute dog carrier is impressing many pet owners with its unique expandable features. While it comes with mesh and transparent materials for ventilation and visibility, it also has an expandable back to allow your pets to move comfortably while you are at rest. This expandable space is made with mesh materials for better air circulation and for reducing their anxiety.

Additionally, the top of the pack can be opened to allow pets to stick their head out, or you can use the snap-on shade to cover them from the sun. Moreover, the pack is also designed for comfortable wear. For instance, it has widened shoulder straps which is also adjustable for your comfort and support. If you want a product that will give you and your pet utmost comfort, then this is the perfect choice for you!


  • Provides food ventilation and visibility
  • Made from high-quality mesh and transparent acrylic materials
  • Wider, padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • With retractable buckles at the top and bottom for stability
  • Sturdy and comfortable padded base


  • Expandable mesh back design provides extra space
  • Suitable for summer and warmer months
  • Washable, waterproof, high-quality oxford material

#7. Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Travel Carrier Backpack For Cats and Dogs

Pet parents claim that the Pet Gear I-Go2 one of the most versatile dog carrier backpacks in the market. It works as a rolling case as it comes with wheels as well as a telescoping handle. It can also be used as a usual doggie backpack.

Moreover, it can also be used as a car seat, a crate or a travel carrier for your pooch. This multi-function carrier pack provides enough space for a 15-pound pooch to sit, turn around or snooze. It comes complete with a removable, washable bottom, but you can still add a fluffy blanket for extra cushion. Likewise, it has well-padded shoulder straps and perfect-fit design for carrying comfort. Your pooch will also enjoy the view and ventilation as it is designed with a mesh backdoor and a roll-up screen.


  • Multifunctional roller backpack for versatility
  • Has well-padded shoulder straps for comfortable carrying
  • With Mesh back door for ventilation
  • With inner strap to attach dog leashes
  • Multiple storage pockets


  • Five-in one product - carrier, crate, backpack, pet roller and car seat
  • With telescoping handle and wheels
  • Large dimension provides ample space for dogs

#8. FREESOO Dog Backpack Carrier for Small Dogs or Cats Breathable Mesh Pet Backpack

FREESOO Dog Backpack Carrier for Small Dogs or Cats Breathable Mesh

The Freesoo Dog backpacks are designed for carrying small pooches for a life on the road and adventure. It is a great small dog carrier backpack for pet parents who wants to take their fur babies out to see the scenery while biking or travelling on the road. It makes travelling with your pet simple, comfortable, stylish and convenient.

This product is made of high-quality materials such as metal zippers and safety clips for easy access while keeping your pet safe. Likewise, it has a soft padded mat for your pet’s comfort. Pet owners are also impressed by the dual-sided mesh windows for ventilation. If you want a straightforward product, this is the dog backpack for you!

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  • Roomy backpack space for pet comfort
  • Has double pocket design for storage
  • Thick and padded straps for a comfortable carry
  • Mesh side entrances for ventilation and easy access
  • With inner seatbelt design for pet safety


  • Simple, stylish and casual design
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable materials
  • Convenient and hassle-free use

#9. Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier For Small Cats and Dogs

Pet parents consider the Outward Hound Pooch pouch to be the best puppy carrier backpack. The product is primarily made with water-resistant nylon materials. It is sturdy, downy and easy to clean. Likewise, it is designed with mesh sides to keep fur babies fresh and ventilated.

 It also has two large pockets for keeping your pooch’s essentials. There is also a safety harness inside which you can use with your puppy’s collar. If you are in search of a high-performance product, this pooch pouch will provide pet safety and the owner’s peace of mind.


  • Available in several sizes
  • Made with water-resistant nylon material
  • Lightweight and well-ventilated
  • With drawstring top for extra security
  • Plush and comfortable interior


  • With safety harness attached inside
  • Thickly padded pack and shoulder straps
  • Easy to clean and maintain

#10. Pawfect Pets Soft-Sided Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs and Cats (Airline-Approved)

Pawfect Pets Pet Carrier Backpack for Cats and Toy Breed/Extra Small Dogs

This soft sided-backpack from Pawfect Pets is a durable and comfortable carrier pack for you and your pet. It is designed to be robust and sturdy to give you more adventures and travels with your pet. Likewise, the product is packed with amazing features such as removable pads, extra-thick shoulder strap paddings and washable materials.

You can take the extra hike without worrying about your pooch or your back. If you want a pack that is durable and comfortable, this is the perfect choice for you.


  • Suitable for small pooches up to 10 lbs
  • Spacious yet compact enough for airline hand-carry
  • Approved and Accepted by Americal Airlines, Virgin, Delta and others
  • Comfortable and stylish design
  • Removable and washable materials


  • Durable and secure design
  • Extra thoughtful features like fleece pads and pockets
  • Extra-thick shoulder strap pads for extra comfort

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks (FAQS & BUYERS GUIDE)

cute chihuahua enjoying inside a pet travel backpack

Choosing a dog backpack carrier is as tricky as buying any other types of gears. You have to go through the specifics and features carefully for you to find the best product for your needs. Additionally, you should also find the answers to the usual questions that pet owners like you commonly ask about dog backpack carriers. Here are a few guides and tips to help you arrive at the right decision in choosing your dog’s carrier.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Carrier Backpacks

Like most pet gears, you can choose from hundreds of styles and brands of dog carriers. One consideration to keep in mind before buying is how you plan to use the backpack carrier. For instance, there are basic carriers which are ideal for walking around town and a short visit with friends. On the other hand, there are pet parents who need dog backpacks to take their fur babies for cycling and hiking. For whatever purpose you have in mind, these backpacks for your pooches should be comfortable and secure. Here are some other essential considerations

Proper Measurements

Before buying a backpack carrier for your pooch, make sure that you choose a product that matches the size of your pet. A backpack that is too big or too small for them will not be comfortable. You can either choose a mini dog backpack for small breeds or an extra-large dog backpack carrier to accommodate large dog breeds.

Zippers and Locking Device

Pet Safety and security are other essential factors that pet parents need to consider before buying a pet backpack. Whether it is for big or small dog breeds, make sure that your backpack carrier has a zipper with a locking device. It will ensure that your pet will not be able to break the lock and run away while you are biking or hiking.


Before you buy any gears for your pet, check the materials for strength and durability. It must be made out of robust and sturdy materials for it to support your dog’s weight without it bulging downwards under your pet’s weight.

Design and Additional Storage

Another point to consider is the overall design and structure of your gear. Some of the best dog backpacks have multiple pockets for extra convenience. It is ideal for backpacking, trekking or camping adventures for your pooch.

Positioning: Front or Back Facing

A pet carrier backpack is like a gear for your human baby. You have to consider whether you need a back-facing, hand-held carry or front-facing type of pack for your pooch. It is likewise related to how you will be using the gear. If you intend to cycle with your pet, you will need a back-facing backpack. You will most likely prefer to have a hand-help carrier when you are travelling. Also, depending on your situation, some products have interchangeable positioning features.


Ideally, the best carriers are made from breathable fabric. For instance, a mesh is a durable and functional material that allows proper ventilation. Check the materials and ensure that the backpack you choose has adequate airflow and will not leave your pet sweaty and uncomfortable.

Maximum Weight

Checking on the maximum weight that backpacks with a dog on it can be carried comfortably is another aspect that pet parents need to consider. It must be able to support the weight of your pooch and other extra stuff that you intend to carry. Buying something that can accommodate a lighter weight may only lead to a complete waste of money.

Different Positions

A good backpack choice should also allow your pooch to be comfortable while in the bag. Before you buy, consider whether you want your dog to lie down or sit with its head sticking out of the backpack. This aspect highly depends on your dog’s nature and your preference.

Padding for Comfort

Your puppy dog backpack should also have suitably padded straps to even out the weight of your pooch from behind. If you are carrying your pet for long periods, you and your pooch should both be comfortable with the backpack. For more massive dogs, you also need stronger or thicker strap padding.

Backpack With Wheels

If you are going for long travels, getting a backpack with attached wheels will give you a break from carrying your pooch. These types of packs for dogs to ride in are specially designed for long journeys and are also recommended for air travel.

Different Types of Dog Carrier Backpack

Choosing a carrier for your dog is already very confusing, but after deciding to go for a backpack, you have to face several options. Here’s a few more information to help you pick out the right one.

The Hiking Backpack

Hiking pet backpacks have designs for the utmost comfort of both pets and owners. Generally, these hiking backpacks for carrying small dogs for long periods. Hiking backpack carriers come with breathable and sturdy materials. The key here is to get the best fit and ensure that there is adequate padding so that both pet and owner stay comfortable during the hike. Likewise, it is worthwhile to adjust the straps correctly and exactly before going out. Also, make sure that you both stay hydrated, and your pooch should be able to come out and relieve themselves.

Travel Backpack

There are also several types of travel carrier backpack that you can use with your pooch. If you are travelling by car, you can opt for a dog travel carrier that doubles as a car seat carrier. If it does not have this feature, it may still work by fastening it with the seatbelt. In most cases, airline-approved backpack pet carrier also fit as carry-on luggage. However, this is not always the case. Best check with the airline’s carry-on rules and guidelines. Likewise, airline management needs to assess whether your pet is comfortable in the carrier, thus forcing your pooch in an ill-fitting carrier is not recommended.

Traditional Carrier Backpack

Pet parents will also have a challenging time facing traditional dog carrier choices. These are usually hard or soft-sided with top or side opening. Most of these carriers are held with their handles; others are worn like a shoulder bag. There are also traditional carriers that double as a backpack, hand or shoulder bag. Most of dog backpack carriers are soft-sided with sturdy frames. On the other hand, dog backpack carrier for large dogs is usually hard-sided because of their weight.

Dog Sling Backpacks

Compared with the framed and zippered carrier backpacks, sling packs are not as secure. Most of the sling packs for dogs comes with a leash clip or collar to prevent pooches from jumping out and running away. Slings are ideal for pets who are peaceful and cooperative. It is very comfortable and offers a natural fit for owners and their pets.

When Do You Use Dog Carrier Backpacks?

Although most dogs prefer to walk and explore, there are instances when pet parents need to carry them on carriers and pet packs. In most situations, traditional airlines are okay, but there are instances when using dog backpacks prove to be more convenient.

For Disaster Preparedness

One of the most useful features of having a carrier backpack ready is for disaster preparedness. In calamities like earthquakes or hurricanes, you and your pet can evacuate quickly and safely if you have them with you in a carrier backpack. Putting them on a leash during such situation can be an arduous task. Thus, it is best to have a pack handy.

For More Convenient Travel

Using animal carrier backpacks makes travel more relaxed, more comfortable and safer for your pooches. Some airlines have strict requirements when it comes to bringing pets on board, and dog travel backpacks are your best option. However, you must also check the rules on need for proper ventilation and the need for zippers instead of snaps on your pet backpack.

For Easier Trips in Town

Carrier backpacks are also an essential gear for pet parents with pets who tire out quickly after a walk in the park or around town. You can carry them on your back where they can be comfortable after hours of walking. Moreover, some pet parents also like cycling or motorcycling with their pets. Dog backpacks are ideal for this kind of set-up as well.

Safety Tips on Using Backpack Carrier for Dogs

Before tucking in your pooch into your new pet backpack, you need to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Using dog carriers are easy once you and pooch have become acquainted with it. Here are a few safety tips for both of you while you’re toting them out and about.

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Read Product Guide and Instructions

Every dog backpack carrier comes with detailed instructions on how to tuck your pet in securely and on how to wear it properly. It may seem easy or self-explanatory, but remember that not all dog carriers are the same.

Make Sure Your Pooch Can Breathe

Depending on the position of your dog inside the carrier backpack, your pooch can potentially get squeezed and unable to breathe. Check whether the pack is too tight on his neck. In case your fur baby prefers to snuggle, make sure that there is ample ventilation.

Arrange Your Pooch Comfortably

If your dog backpack does not allow much movement for your pooch, then make sure that they are arranged comfortably inside. You might move your pooch too much or make it uncomfortable. In some cases, they can jump out. Thus, allow your pooch to wiggle a bit inside the pack before going out.

Don’t Let them Get too Hot

Being inside a dog backpack can get hot, especially if the temperature is high outside. If you are out during the summer, make sure that your pooch is well-ventilated. It might also be a good idea to keep your walks short to prevent overheating.

Don’t Forget to Have Bathroom Breaks

This safety tip is not only for your canine friend as it will also benefit you. Our pets will not be able to tell us when they need to go, and when they need to, they can’t get out on their own. Therefore, keep their bathroom schedule in mind and allow plenty of opportunities for them to do their business.


Your pooch is one of the most important friends you can have in your life. Thus, it is understandable if you want to spend as much time as possible with them. Hand-free dog carrier backpack allows you to take your furry friends safely wherever you go. They are lightweight, comfortable, durable and versatile enough for various purposes. Our top pick, the Kurgo Dog Backpack Carrier, is the best choice for different travel needs. For adventurous pets and pet owners, the K9 Sport Sack is highly recommended. Consequently, for pet owners who want something that is multi-purpose, the PetGear I-Go2 Roller Backpack and the Pecute Expandable Pet Backpack are our close contenders.

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