5 Ways To Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. They can make someone’s day extra special by staring at them tenderly while wagging their tail and cuddling for an eternity. Also, they can protect their owner’s household by keeping an eye on it even at night. They may be messy at times, acting like a spoiled child, but they are adorable, loving, and faithful creatures that deserve recognition.

Who knows? They might be angels in disguise or aliens who came down from outer space. Whatever their origin, the happiness and love they provide are undeniable. They deserve praise and affection.

Consider giving them an unforgettable treat on their special day. Check out these bright ideas:

Book A Reservation For A Pet-Friendly Cottage

If you are thinking of traveling far from home with your furry buddy to celebrate his birthday, you need to consider where you’ll stay. After a long day of adventure, you will feel much exhaustion and prefer a lovely place for you and your dog to rest.

Consider making a reservation for a pet-friendly cottage near your destination. For example, if you want to visit the United Kingdom, you can go to Norfolk’s Dog Friendly Cottages. You can select from a variety of cabins based on your preferences. Some are huts near the beach while others are near the countryside. The environment and the facilities available in a pet-friendly cottage are suitable for your dog because they encourage self-catering, allowing you and your dog to spend more quality time together. Reaching out to their website before your dog’s birthday can help you know more about their perks and room availability, saving much hassle.

One nuisance that you may encounter from looking for a room to stay in a place you haven’t visited before, especially with a pet, is its accessibility. Several hotels and cottages aren’t designed to adequately accommodate pets and restrict your dog from entering the building. You may find one last minute, but since pet-friendly places are in demand for pet owners, they may have no vacancies for walk-in guests.

Bring Your Dog To A Pet Groomer

Your furry buddy may not be moving on from a failed relationship with another dog near your neighborhood, but since it’s their special day, giving a makeover can be a great option.

Pet grooming refers to cleaning pets and improving their appearance by cutting a portion of their coat and nails with style. Pet groomers, the people behind this process, also feature their skills during pet fashion shows. They use tools similar to human salons- like brushes, air-dryers, shampoo, and conditioners.

The grooming process can be uncomfortable for your dog, especially if it’s their first time, but it mustn’t hurt your pet. Before visiting a pet groomer, consider visiting a veterinarian to know your dog’s health condition.

File A Leave And Spend Time With Your Dog

You may be excited to be with your dog for as long as possible. If not for work and other responsibilities, you would’ve stayed beside your furry buddy all day long.

Your dog may be so special to you that you wish its birthday to be a holiday. After all, a holiday could mean more hours for taking a break. Some owners may have dogs whose birthday strikes a great national holiday, giving them ample opportunity to celebrate, but not everyone can be that lucky.

If your dog’s birthday happens to be a working day, consider applying for a leave- preferably one month in advance to have a better chance of approval. You may not have the budget to travel somewhere with your dog hanging around or give an expensive dog accessory and treat, but the thought of saving time for someone special to you is a precious gift- even for your dog.

Dogs are appreciative of their owners’ efforts to give affection. They may not understand what you tell them, including you, saying that you filed a leave for their birthday. Still, you are there for them to remind them how much you love them with hugs and kisses on their special day- that is priceless.

Buy A Cake

During the Middle Ages, the Germans first used cakes as birthday presents. They used the cake specifically for children with candles, symbolizing their age. The celebration is known as ‘kinder fest’ or ‘children’s party.’

Today, this lovely tradition still sparks in many homes worldwide. Men and women, young and old, buy cakes to celebrate various occasions. How about dogs? Can they eat cakes? It depends.

Cakes sure are symbolic for birthdays and an excellent way to celebrate your fur baby’s special day. However, their metabolism doesn’t run similarly to humans. Many cakes contain unhealthy ingredients. For example, chocolates may be tasty but are poisonous to dogs. Chocolates have theobromine content which is difficult for dogs to digest.

After asking for a veterinarian consultation, consider buying a cake healthy for your dog. You can browse online too. You can choose from Coconut Berry, Apple Banana, and Sweet Potato Carrot Dog Cakes. Aside from this, be mindful of the icing that your dog may consume. The icing may be flavorful to your dog, but overeating may cause vomiting, diarrhea, and other illnesses.

Bring Your Dog To The Beach

If your furry buddy frequently digs your backyard as if there’s a treasure in it or finds bath time a sweet treat, a seasonal beach escapade is an excellent choice.

Dogs are easy to learn and may even know how to swim faster than you expect. Venture the gushing waves and summer heat while celebrating your furry buddy’s special day!

Just A Reminder: Review your dog’s breed to determine if they are suitable for swimming. Dogs like Shih Tzu, Chow Chow, and Bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds that cannot swim since they have short legs and tiny noses. They might find it challenging to swim and breathe in the open sea. If your dog is not one of them, still ask for a piece of advice from your veterinarian to ensure your dog’s safety.


Dogs may be childish at times, but they are affectionate and faithful- it’s not hard to love them. Consider giving your dog a special treat on their special day to show how much you care.

Best of luck and enjoy!

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