Jackapoo – The Adorable Crossbreed of Poodle and Jack Russel

Jackapoo Dog Facts

The Jackapoo is a lovable and favorite pet companion to a lot of dog owners and their families. There are a lot of relevant and fun facts concerning the breed to learn.

What Is A Jackapoo?

jackapoo fullgrown

A Jackapoo is a product of breeding the Jack Russell terrier and the Poodle. Like any other hybrid of mixed dog breeds, the Jackapoos’ history is relatively recent. Generally speaking, the canine is at least two decades or three decades old. While the exact date of origin is unknown, it is estimated that the breed appeared during the 1980s or 1990s in the United States.

Due to the recent appearance and the history of this dog breed, it has received recognition from a few canine clubs. Hopefully, as time passes, the canine will have more doggie organization giving it recognition.

Other Names

As usual, the dog has many alternate names that are pronounced and spelled differently. Just so that you won’t get confused or if you’d like to know those name variants of the breed, here is a list of those names:

  • Jack-A-Poo
  • Jack-A-Doodle
  • Jackadoodle
  • Poojack
  • Poo-Jack
  • Jack-A-Poodle

Despite what some people would think, designer hybrid dogs (most if not all of them) like Jackapoos will not have 50/50 traits from both of their parents. Many dog breeders, including the Jackapoo breeders, tend to do the multi-generational crossing to their charges, so inheriting similar traits is not a possibility.


The height, weight, size, and lifespan of a Jackapoo dog:

  • Height: 10 to 16 inches or 9 to 15 inches.
  • Weight: 14 to 25 pounds or 13 to 26 pounds.
  • Size: Medium
  • Lifespan: 10 or 12 to 15 years.

Bear in mind that male Jackapoos and female Jackapoos tend to vary in height and weight, so don’t be surprised if their stats tend to change from one dog to another. The canine can also outlive or go beyond its age interval depending on the environment, health condition, and care it receives from you or any other owner.


Another trait that endears Jackadoodle dog to people is its coat colors. You can expect these any of the colors to show up in a canine’s coat:

  1. White with Tan
  2. Black Marks
  3. Black
  4. Brown and White
  5. Brown
  6. Chocolate
  7. Golden
  8. Gray
  9. Blue

Depending on each animal, the color combinations are different and their colors, which are mostly black.

Jackapoos have flat heads with a bit of wide-area at ears’ area and the ears that are oriented to the front are medium-sized in length. The muzzle has a comprehensive and medium length, and the tail is curled though it is some Jackapoos; it is docked due to their owner’s preferences. The coat’s hair may either be coarse like a Jack Russell terrier or smooth and furry like a Poodle or a Miniature Poodle.

Another characteristic of the dog’s coat is that it is hypoallergenic, just like its Poodle parent. If you have allergies to particular breeds, then this little guy will be easy on your nose. Hair shedding is either minimal or substantial, depending on the type of coat that a Jack-a-poo got from its parents. If the animal favors its Poodle side, then its coat shed minimally, unlike Jackapoos, the favor their Jack Russell terrier side.


jackapoo black

White jack russell poodle mix


Your Jackapoo has a personality that endears it to not just you but other people as well. The dog has the intelligence of its Poodle parents, and at the same time, it possesses the strength of a Jack Russell terrier. When not active, Jackapoos like to relax in your lap and on a couch. When going out for activities, the dog loves going along with you on daily long walks.

Aside from being physically as well as mentally energetic, a Jackadoodle is a sweet, affectionate, loyal and loving pet. Due to having a gentle disposition, Jackapoos (adequately socialized) can mingle with other dogs though it isn’t advisable to do the same with other non-canine pets.

Curiosity is another aspect of Jackapoos, as well as their ability to amuse family members that is so endearing about them. The canines are not just playful dogs, but they are ever alert for strangers. The dog has a high-pitched bark and will do so if there is a stranger or unfamiliar person at your door. Your pet serves a doggie doorbell.

Health Issues

Surprisingly, the Jackapoo has no hereditary disorders that usually affect other Poodle mix breeds. Despite being free from health issues that affect hybrid designer dogs, Jackaposs still has a physical problem that affects it: Skin disorders.

Skin disorders come in different varieties even if they all have one thing in common (that is affecting a dog’s skin), so here is a list of some of those skin issues:

  • Itchy skin – A common ailment and it affects any canine regardless of their type of breed. You are most likely to see many dogs in veterinarian clinics getting treatment for itchy skin or pruritus. The symptoms of pruritus are persistent scratching (usually the first and visible sign), and once the itchy skin gets severe, infections, hair loss, and secondary skin lesions follow. The latter symptoms are caused by pruritus indirectly since it’s your pet’s nails and teeth (which they use to scratching) that produce them.
  • Allergies – Another version of itchy skin in canines and there are causes of allergies. The first type of origin is due to flea infestation and they bite they inflict on the dog. Flea bites can cause systemic scratching, along with chewing in a dog. The second cause is due to environmental factors, and environmental allergy’s other name is atopy. Pollen and mite dander are some examples of allergen and the dog either inhale or absorbs the allergens through its skin. Lastly, several types of food can cause allergy or hypersensitivity. The canine’s body identifies some proteins in food as threats, thus reacting accordingly.
  • Dull coat – Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are an integral part of maintaining your pet’s skin to be a barrier to intrusive bacteria. Also, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids reduce the canine’s water loss as well as enhances the strength of the body’s skin cells. One Omega-6 fatty acid, Linoleic, is something that your pet cannot synthesize this acid on their own and needs outside sources for it. The lack of these 2 essential acids is the cause of dull skin or dull coat.
  • Hair loss – Your pet’s coat and hair are its pride and joy, so losing some of it is a bad thing. A variety of problems can be hair loss, parasites like mites and fleas, thyroid disease, adrenal disorder, Cushing’s disease, etc. To find out precisely what is causing your pet to lose hair, you need a veterinarian to check it out.

Other common problems involve Jack A Poo’s ear and teeth, which are easy to deal with much less prevent from happening. While these various physical issues are not problematic like canine hereditary disorders or genetic disorders, a regular check-up by a vet is necessary to keep your dog healthy.

Training and Exercise

Training a Jackapoo isn’t hard to do since the dog is an intelligent animal, thus making it easy to train. Your pet will understand your communication with it, almost like since its intelligence is just that high. Positive reinforcement is one aspect of training since it encourages the canine to do better in its practice. Incentives and rewards are tools for promoting the animal to do their training successfully. Food or kibbles (they also give energy, which is a big plus) and praises are excellent means of positive reinforcement as well as encouragement.

As a trainer, you need to be cautious, firm, and consistent while being gentle when training your pet. Using physical punishment like spanking or hitting it with a stick is not proper for teaching the dog. At best, you will be hurting the poor thing physically and, at worst, mentally scarring it. Still, you need to be firm but gentle in teaching your Jack A Poo the do’s and don’ts, like chewing on shoes.

Socializing your pet goes hand in hand with training and is easier to do. Exposing your dog to other people and other dogs will help them be familiar with them. Bringing your pet along for a walk outdoors or going to other public places is the best way to socialize it. Lastly, Jackapoo puppies are more comfortable to train, unlike adult Jackapoos.

At first glance, your Jackadoodle may look like lapdogs, but in truth, it has high energy, requires mental stimulation and physical exercises to keep it fit and healthy. Activities are a simple thing to do since you can take out the dog on a daily basis and walk for about 40 to 50 minutes. Since the canine loves to play, you can spend enough time with it, or if that’s impossible to do, give it enough distraction to entertain the animal. If you can’t take out the dog for its daily exercise, let it run around your backyard (if you have one) or keep it entertained.


Your Jackadoodle has needs, like eating the right food and maintaining its physical body. Therefore you need to know how to get its food and grooming right.

First, the kind of food that your pet needs should be able to replenish all the calories and energy lost due to walking, running, or playing. Therefore doggie foods that are rich in protein are the best kind of meals to serve your dog. When looking for high-protein dog food, check the ingredients. If the dog food in question has chicken-fat, rice and chicken, then it indeed contains lots of protein for your pet’s nourishment needs. Also, make sure that the foods are dry kibbles since it is intended for small dogs like Jackapoos. To serve the canine, give it ¾ to one and a half cup of dry kibbles daily. Don’t serve too much food since your Jackapoodle has a small stomach. When it comes to Jackapoo puppies, make sure to wean them from milk to solid food gradually.


Grooming your Jackapoo is not just about its coat hair, but also the rest of its body. As mentioned earlier, your dog could either favor its Jack Russel Terrier parentage or its Poodle parentage. The former has short and coarse hair, while the latter has smooth and furry hair. You comb both types of hair with a firm plastic brush weekly to prevent tangling and knotting. But with the Poodle type of hair, you need to do some clipping to it. You choose a “lamb clip,” “pet clip,” or “puppy clip.” The fur over the canine’s eyes requires trimming since they can obstruct its vision.

Plaque and tartar affect canines much as it affects us, humans, hence they also need some good old teeth brushing. You use a doggie toothbrush (do not use a human toothbrush) or at least a child’s toothbrush with soft bristles. Other alternatives are cotton swabs, a finger toothbrush, or simple gauze around your finger. Avoiding using human toothpaste, salt, or baking soda; instead, use toothpaste (consult a vet first) designed for pets. These pet toothpastes come in different flavors that dogs love, such as malt and poultry. If your pet’s tartar and plaque are severe, do not hesitate to take it to a veterinarian.

A Jack-A-Doodle’s toenails usually remain short since it wears them down on hard surfaces, but sometimes they need trimming the regular way. If you hear the toenails clicking on hard surfaces, then it is time to cut them. Use scissors or guillotine type clippers, then place a tiny bit of nail between the clipper’s blades. Avoid cutting the nails’ quick (which is pink in color) since it provides blood to the nails, and it feels spongy. If you feel that you’re not up to the task, then hire a professional.

Lastly, bathing your dog should be done when it needs one. Your pet has a strong odor, and the visible dirt, as well as grime sticking to its hair, should be a signal that it requires a bath. Don’t forget to clean the ears after bathing as well checking them for signs of infection.


Living with a Jackapoo

A Jackapoo in your home brings many changes to your life and your family. For one thing, you need to give it enough attention, like playing or letting it sleep on your lap. Jackapoos can live in either an apartment or suburban home due to the dog’s adaptability.

Suburban dwellings or similar dwellings to it usually have enough space for Jackapoos to romp and play around. With a fence around the backyard of the house, your pet can enjoy moving in it. While an apartment is not a bad home for this canine, there’s no denying that it lacks enough space. If a condo is your home, then some daily long walks are what your pet needs.

You also must be aware that you’ll be spending some money on your pet’s health, food, and other stuff. If you have children in your home, your Jack-A-Poodle will get along with just fine. Proper socialization and training can make the dog be friends with not just kids but also other pets. However, unfamiliar people or strangers will cause the canine to bark at them.

Lastly, you need not worry about cleaning up the Jack-A-Poodle’s shed hair since it curly coat doesn’t shed that much. As a bonus, the dog’s coat is hypoallergenic; thus, it won’t mess up you or anyone else with allergies.

Where Can I Find A Jack Russel Poodle Mix?

If you don’t have a Jackapoo yet, you start looking for Jackapoo breeders or Jackapoo rescue centers.

When looking for a breeder, remember these tips:

  • Check online sites or social media, then see which breeders come highly recommended.
  • Avoid breeders selling Jackapoo puppies online.
  • A breeder will do his or her best to match you with the right pup.
  • There must be documentation of the puppy’s health, pedigree, etc. and they must be accessible to you.
  • Any questions you have will be welcomed and answered by the breeder.
  • Try to observe the puppy in its kennel as well as taking note of the kennel’s state.

The price of a jackadoodle can go as high as $2500 in the US, while in the UK, the price rate is 650 to 250 Pounds.

If you don’t have that kind of money to buy a Jack-A-Doodle, then adopting one from Jackapoo rescue clubs is your next choice. You can inquire with Petfinder.com and Animal Shelter for more details.

Despite being a new breed, the Jack-A-Doodle has gain recognition from these clubs:

  1. American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  2. Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
  3. Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)
  4. Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)
  5. International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

These clubs also have a list of kennel clubs for you to check out.


You couldn’t find a more lovable, loyal and playful dog like the Jackapoo as a pet and family dog. It is quite remarkable that the cross-breeding of Poodle dog and Jack Russel Terrier has produced an affectionate canine full of zest and abiding love for its owners.

Assuming that you don’t have this dog yet as a pet and you are willing to own one, then perhaps it’s time for you to find one. There are legit breeders out there that might have the puppy of your dreams. On the other hand, if you lack money to buy a Jackapoo, then there dogs in various doggie shelters that waits for a caring owner like yourself.
Essentially a Jack-A-Doodle is not just a mere pet companion but also a part of your family. Give it all the love you can give, and in return, it will you love back.


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