7 Best Haircut Styles and Colors For Maltese Dogs

Maltese Haircuts and Styles

So why are Maltese Haircuts necessary for your Maltese pet? The answer is simple: your Maltese dog has a lot of coat hair that can become matted and tangled. Thus, proper cut or trimming is necessary. Regularly grooming your Maltese pet hair will make their coat hair more manageable.

One thing we love about Maltese dogs aside from their lovable personality is their coat hair. Some Maltese coat hairs are long while others short. Regardless of their length, both are pleasing to your eyes. Aside from cutting or trimming the hair of your pet Maltese, you can do some trendy Maltese haircut styles too. You can either chose to do the hairstyle by yourself or visit a doggie hairstylist. The reason for giving a Maltese dog some pampering depends on your choice. Some pet parent wants their dog to look neat and stylish, and others wish to join a dog show.


You will need to know what hairstyles are suitable for your Maltese Dogs. Here is a list of them below:

1. Puppy Cut

It is a trendy haircut style among Maltese dog owners. This haircut style cuts the coat hair to the short length of a ½ inch or a ¼ inch. A Puppy Cut style makes a full-grown Maltese look like an adorable puppy. This style is simple; the dog will not be suitable for dog shows. You will need other hairstyles if you want a dog show-worthy Maltese.

2. Top Knot cut

Maltese Haircuts Style TOP KNOT CUT

It is more of a hairstyle than an actual haircut, but you can combine it with Maltese haircut styles. The primary purpose of the Top Knot is to tie a ribbon or bow on the dog’s head. Which, in turn, adds to the dog’s adorable looks. A part of the head coat hair is not cut, allowing it to grow to a certain length that you desire. Additionally, it must also be long enough for tying it into a knot with a ribbon or bow.

3. Show Cut

Maltese Haircut Style Show Cut

If you intend to join pet shows with your Maltese, this haircut style is suitable for your pet. The hair of the coat must grow to specific long lengths until the hair reaches the floor. Afterward, it is trimmed at the point of the hair that reaches them. More so, you need to brush the hair downwards on either side of the Maltese’s body so that it covers their feet. Finally, you can tie a bow on the dog’s head to keep the hair from covering its face.

Unlike other Maltese haircut styles, this particular is harder to maintain. For instance, it takes a lot of energy to do this kind of hairstyle. Also, it is not advisable to do this style on a Maltese dog unless you are joining a show or competition.

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4. Bob Cut

Most Maltese Haircuts shortens the length of hair all over the Maltese’s body. But in the Bob Cut styles, the hair is spared from cutting. The hair around the dog’s head is allowed to grow to a certain length. As the hair grows, it is parted in the middle and keeps growing on either side of its head. The rest of the coat hair on the dog’s body, legs and tail are all trimmed or cut to shorter lengths. As a result, the haircut style emphasizes the Maltese’s head.

The Bob style is stylish yet simple enough to do and maintain. If you want an elegant haircut style that is straightforward and easy to manage this style will suit you.

5. Teddy Bear Cut

Haircut Style - Teddy Bear Cut

This haircut style is a cross between a Maltese puppy cut and a Standard Cocker Spaniel cut. To achieve this, you can trim the side and back hairs of the dog’s coat to a quarter-inch. And then, do not include the other coat hairs on the different parts of the dog’s body. The length of those strands still depends on the Maltese dog’s owner. For the final touches, trim the dog’s face until it looks full and round. They will look like a teddy bear with enough hair left on the top of its head.

6. Maltese Short Cut

Maltese Haircut Style - Short Cut

“Short Cut” in the hairstyle’s name might leave you to assume that it is one of the simple and easy Maltese haircuts. However, this style is somewhat complicated and resembles hairstyles found on Bichon Frise or Poodle dogs.
For this cut, you start on any part of the dog’s body. Secondly, for the sides and back part hair, trim the hair to ¼ inch starting from the bottom of the dog’s skull. Then work your way up to the beginning of the tail. Additionally, you have to leave an arch over the Maltese dog’s shoulders and haunches of its back legs.

More so, the stomach, chest, front of the neck and rear hairs should be close to about sixteenth-inch length. For the hair on the legs cut them to about 1.5 inches in length. It will give them a fuller look. For the muzzle keep the hair around it at a three-quarter inch long. Also, keep the hair on top of the dog’s head rounded so that it resembles a mushroom cap. Moreover,  trim the ears into a bob. Then even out at the bottom of its head. Lastly, leave the tail hair with a 2-inch long fringe. Make sure to read our guide about teacup maltese

This style is complicated, unlike other Maltese haircuts. If you think that you feel that your skills are not up to the task, you can always go a dog hairstylist.

7. Standard Cut

This one is that the American Kennel Club officially recognizes as standard cut for Maltese Dogs. Curiously enough the American Kennel Club criteria for this is not to cut the Maltese dog’s coat hair at all. The long coats must be clean, intact, with no tangles.

For the American Kennel Club, any dog haircut, which is anything above the floor’s level, will disqualify the dog. Just try to remember that it takes a lot of work to maintain a coat that is show-quality. If you don’t have any plans to enter your pet in dog shows you can use any other Maltese haircuts that are simple to do.

It is not advisable to do any haircut styles on your Maltese until it becomes an adult. Consequently, you can do some Maltese grooming to the puppy Maltese to keep its coat neat and clean.

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The 3 Primary Colors of Maltese dogs

Another trait that makes the coat of a Maltese breed look beautiful is the color of its coat. Their coat color varies from dog to dog. But despite the number of coat colors, there are only three primary colors for this breed. Different dog association or club kennels like the American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the three primary colors since they are the standard in dog shows.


This is the most common color of the breed. The first thing that comes to mind when picturing a Maltese dog is the pure white coat. A White Maltese is the most favorite dog among dog lovers. Likewise, it is the main criteria of the American Kennel Club (AKC) for Maltese dogs. A white coat Maltese have silky straight coat hairs that make them desirable pets. Make sure that you regularly clean and groom a white-colored Maltese to maintain its beautiful looks.

Cute White Maltese Dog


Probably the rarest colors that a Maltese dog can have. It is common for Maltese breeders to have white or black and white puppies. But, Black Maltese puppies only appear occasionally. Still, if you want to get a black-color Maltese, you could inquire from Maltese dog breeders though it will be a challenge for you.

Additionally, be careful when presented with a black-colored Maltese. Some dogs may look like a black Maltese, but it might be a different color. Just remember to be very discerning in your choices.

Cute Black Maltese Dog


You will not find this color in a purebred Maltese. What most people call a Brown Maltese dog is more likely to be a product of crossbreeding. In spite of this, some dog lovers prefer this brown color. However, they must accept the fact that their dog is not a purebred Maltese.

Other Maltese coat colors are merely different shades of either white or black. Some have more than one color due to their breeding history. Regardless of their color, Maltese dogs are beautiful to look at and are adorable.

Cute Brown Maltese Puppy

5 Maltese Rescue groups where you can adopt a Maltese dog or puppy.

Some Maltese been abandoned, neglected and abused by their owners or other people who don’t care about them. Because of this sad reality, there are now rescue groups who dedicate themselves to saving these disadvantaged dogs. If you want to give a Maltese dog a home, you can contact any of these rescue groups.

  • North Shore Animal League -The North Shore Animal League is an international animal rescue organization. They help all kinds of pets around the world, including Maltese breeds. The structure of the organization is more like a network of rescue partners and shelters. They also have a no-kill rescue policy when it comes to pets. Likewise, they have a North American branch for dog lovers in the US. Thus, if you are living in America and is looking for a Maltese to adopt, go ahead and check them out.
  • Metropolitan Maltese RescueThis New York City-based group was founded in 1998 by NYC Maltese dog lovers. They rescue Maltese dogs that are surrendered by their owners, in shelters and those that have become strays. They dedicate their services to finding homes that will love the dogs and show responsibility in caring for Maltese dogs.
  • Maltese Rescue California -The group is based on California and has dedicated volunteers doing the fantastic work of rescuing Maltese dogs. They provide foster homes for these dogs until a home that loves will permanently adopt them.
  • Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue -It is like the other Maltese rescue group; however, they have a strict policy for people who want to adopt a dog. The group requires an application, a home visit, and a reference check. These will make sure that the individual is the right match for their wards. Additionally, the group gives their dogs some medical attention like vaccinations, deworming, etc.
  • American Maltese Association Rescue -Like other rescue groups, it strives to save any Maltese dog and find a loving family that will adopt them. People working in Maltese dog rescue groups are just non-paid volunteers making their mission to rescue Maltese dogs. Their source of income comes from voluntary donations from generous people.

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7 thoughts on “7 Best Haircut Styles and Colors For Maltese Dogs”

  1. All my research says all pure Maltese are white. We’ve had at least one Maltese at all times for the past 18 years and I’ve been around dozens of them, but have never seen any color other than white. I’ve seen black Maltese/Poodle mixes, but not a pure Maltese. Would you share more about black Maltese and perhaps tell me where I can read more about them? Thanks!

  2. I have never heard of purebred Maltese as being any color other than white. I know that their hair can have some light lemon or buff color in it, but they are always predominately white.

  3. I used to breed Maltese and the proper color is Snow White with black nose lips and eyeliner that’s a quality Maltese when you get into the Maltese with the speckled nose or worst pink knows you’re getting into Maltese that have not been bread properly and yes there is lemon in the coat sometimes and a good breeder will even breed so that the eye staining is not a serious problem

  4. The dog in the teddy bear picture is my dog. He was taken to pooch and groom for his Great cut. His name I said Gizmo and he’s happy you featured him.

  5. Never heard or seen of any pure need Maltese dog that is anything other than white. White is the brred standard. Saying they can be black is very misleading.

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