15 Popular Maltese Mixes: Adorable Hybrids Dog Breeds

popular list of maltese mixes

Maltese Mix dog breeds are the offspring of Maltese dogs that have the results of breeding a Maltese or Teacup Maltese with other purebred dogs. The mixing of both dog breeds combines the best qualities found in each kind hence their popularity with dog lovers.

Your common mixed Maltese breeds are gentle yet feisty creatures with a lovable personality. They also make excellent therapy dogs that provide comfort along with affection to people in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, schools and disaster areas.

maltese mix list

Choosing which type of Maltese Mix dog breeds as a pet is not a hard task. All you need to do is know what the different mixed Maltese dogs that are available for purchase or adoption are. You might have your categories for choosing such a dog-like temperament, size, cuteness, etc. Popularity is also a factor in your decision.

If you wish to know the ten most popular Maltese Mix dog breeds, this list of dogs, along with their cute nicknames, will help in your decision regarding what dog breed you want to get.


#1. Maltipoo (Maltese + Poodle)

Maltese + Poodle = Maltipoo

Height: 8 inches – 1 foot. 2 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 5 – 20 lbs
Life Span: 10 – 13 years

They are the most popular type of Maltese Mix dog breeds to the point that they are the poster boys for mixed Maltese dogs. If you are the type who likes a dog to be fun-loving, feisty and active for activities like walks, playing dog games, backyard romp, or daily exercises, this dog is for you. Also known as a Maltese Poodle, they combine the best traits of both dog breeds.

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As a Maltese Poodle mix, the training sessions for the dog are not a hard job. The dog is a perfect choice for dog lovers who are timid or are first-timers when it comes to owning a dog. They also get along with children. However, kids younger than six are not suitable for this dog breed since the dog cannot endure rough handling done by very young children. Dont forget our guide about teacup Maltipoo.


#2. Malshi (Shih Tzu + Maltese)

Shih Tzu + Maltese = Malshi

Height: 10 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 6 – 12 lbs
Life Span: 12 – 14 years

Want a sweet and adorable lapdog? The Malshi dog, which is also known as a Shih Tzu Maltese dog, is the lapdog that every dog lover wants to have as a pet. This Maltese Shih Tzu dog is not just a lapdog. They also are great pets for families. It has its adorable way of getting along with children regardless of their age and pets of any kind.

As tempting as it is to treat the Malshi as a baby or stuffed animal, you should treat it like a dog. It should not be babied like an infant or treated like a stuffed animal (one that needs feeding, though) unless you want a Malshi that is a spoiled dog or acts like a tiny tyrant. Like all things, practice moderation in your interactions with the dog.

Due to its social nature, it is not good to leave a Malshi for an extended period. Depriving it of human companionship can cause the dog a separation anxiety problem. If you the type of dog owner who goes away for extended periods, this dog breed is not suited for you. However, if you have a family, they can fill in the companionship role for the dog.


#3. Maltipom (Pomeranian + Maltese)

Pomeranian + Maltese = Maltipom

Height: 8 – 12 inches
Weight: 3 – 9 lbs
Life Span: 12 – 15 inches

The Maltese Dogs mix-breeds are notable for their coat, which is long, fluffy and soft. The Maltipom breed has a long, soft, straight coat of hair that looks like it’s flowing. Their fur is also non-shedding since the dog breed is hypoallergenic.


For a little-sized Pomeranian-Maltese dog, its activeness is big. Lots of playtime, a 30-minute walk and exercises make the Maltipom euphoric. Some physical and mental stimulations are a must for the dog since they lack these things, resulting in unwanted behavior like chewing, digging, and barking. You can add in some training as well since the dog is intelligent and responds to training well. Start training, socialization and housebreaking the Maltipom when it is still at an early age to prevent any behavioral problems.

This dog is very popular with dog owners who are single and seniors as well as families with kids. Since the dog is a hypoallergenic breed, dog lovers with allergy problems can own this dog.

#4. Malchi (Chihuahua + Maltese)

Chihuahua + Maltese = Malchi

Height: 12 – 14 inches
Weight: 5 – 12 lbs
Life Span: 12 -15 years

Do you want a Chihuahua with long/short, fluffy/scruffy hair while having Chihuahua traits? If your answer is yes, then this crossbreed dog is the best pet for you. A Malchi looks like a Chihuahua, but it has non-Chihuahua physical traits like a floppy ear, bright eyes shaped like almonds and a short muzzle. This Maltese Chihuahua mix breed like other small dogs; its bones are fragile and need to be handled with care.

The Maltese Chihuahua dog breed comes in two coat types. A Malchi with short, scruffy hair needs less grooming and trimming compared to a Malchi with long, fluffy hair.

The last dog needs to be brushed daily, given a thorough bath and lots of trimming. Also, a Malchi with long, fluffy hair tends to shed more to the point that you will need a vacuum to clean up the strands. Take these factors into consideration when you choose between the two dog types.

Though this dog’s size is small, it still needs lots of exercise to keep it fit and healthy. Always set aside enough time for play and walk the dog while spending time with it. This action will strengthen the bonds of companionship between you and the Malchi.

Like any other dog, the Maltese mix can be highly-trainable, but be sure not to use harsh tones and scolding since the dog is mentally sensitive. Instead, be patient as well as consistent in your training. The dog has a stubborn streak that can be fixed by socialization training to nip away any or all negative behavior. Check also our chihuahua mix list.

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#5. Peke-A-Tese (Pekingese + Maltese)

Pekingese + Maltese = Peke-A-Tese

Height: 6 – 10 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 6 – 10 lbs
Life Span: 15 years

The Pekingese dog breed possesses a self-important attitude as well as having a wide stubborn and independent mind. They are favored dog pet of the ancient imperial courts of China, and this justifies its self-importance. The Peke-A-Tese, which is a combination of the Pekingese and Maltese, inherited some traits of the Pekingese.

A Peke-A-Tese has a long coat that comes in several different colors. Because of the length of their coat, daily brushing and bath are needed.

Be mindful that the dog breed is very opinionated for a small dog, so you will need lots of patience and understanding when training or housebreaking it.

Despite its stubborn personality, it is a dog that is affectionate and courageous. The dog makes good pets for dog lovers who live in an apartment because they are inactive when indoors. However, the dog still needs exercise outdoors.

#6. Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier + Maltese)

Yorkshire Terrier + Maltese = Morkie

Height: 6 – 8 inches
Weight: 4 – 8 lbs
Life Span: 10 – 13 years

Morkies are tiny, cute as well as affectionate and are a Maltese and Yorkie mix dog. For a dog breed of their size, they like to play balls and fetch stuff. They also run around home and frolic in the backyard grass just for the fun of it. For a dog that is very energetic in its activities, they need little exercise only. Lack of exercise for the dog causes it to become bored and will develop destructive behavior.

Training a Morkie is moderately easy, but be aware of its stubborn nature since it will cause some small problems. You are going to need patience and gentleness when training a Morkie since they don’t respond well to harmful training methods. Be sure to reward and praise the Morkie that does well in its training to motivate it further.

The appetite of this Maltese Yorkie breed is significant for such a little dog. When feeding the dog, use dry kibble that is of the highest quality. Dry food can prevent bad breath, cavities, plaque and tooth loss in the Morkie’s teeth.

Morkies are perfect for any family with no small kids and will form attachments to them quickly. Hence the popularity of this Yorkie Maltese mixed dog breed.

#7. Maltichon (Maltese + Bichon)

Bichon Maltese Mix

Height: 7 – 9 inches
Weight: 4.4 – 6.6 lbs
Life Span: 12 – 15 years

Compared to other mixed Maltese Dogs, the Bichon Maltese is an “adorable little white puffball” companion pet. The dog may be small, but its square-shaped body is very stylish with a head proportional to its body and a broad flat skull. The hairs of its coat are fine and long. The hair’s texture is silky, glossy and thick that covers its whole body. The colors of the hairs are commonly pure white, but there are also pearly colors.

The dog is an “adorable little white puffball” companion pet, but it still needs grooming. Daily combing and brushing, along with regular bathing, are required. Additionally, the dog is also hypoallergenic.

Personality-wise the dog is sociable, friendly, obedient, affectionate and very devoted to its owner. It can get along with other household pets, but it is kind of cautious when it comes to strangers.

#8. Malteagle (Beagle + Maltese)

Beagle + Maltese = Malteagle

Height: 7 – 9 inches
Weight: 15 – 22 lbs
Life Span: 12 – 15 years

There are a lot of Maltese Mix dog breeds to choose from, but if you want a rare dog breed, then the Malteagle is the rare dog for you. The remarkable breeding of a Maltese dog with a Beagle dog combines the personality of both dogs. You can expect a Malteagle to have its Beagle parent’s brown and black colors mixed with its Maltese parent colors.

Personality-wise they gentle, intelligent and curious dogs. However, they do have some hunting instincts from their Beagle parentage, so do not leave them alone with other pets, especially if they’re small animals. Said Beagle parentage makes them well-suited at tracking scents. Overall the dog loves its owners as well friendly.

#9. Mauzer (Schnauzer + Maltese)

Schnauzer + Maltese = Mauzer

Height: 8 – 14 inches
Weight: 7 – 20 pounds
Life Span: 12 -15 years

If you fancy owning a toy dog that can be a watchdog and a guard dog, the Mauzer is that dog that you are looking to own. The mentioned traits that they possess are one reason why the dog is famous among families since they will give their loyalty to the household’s members. They are always alert when there are strangers, strange things, and other unfamiliar dogs.

Despite their watchful traits, the dog is still affectionate and will give its love to its owners along with their children. Its guard dog traits are no obstacle for them to be friendly to other pets.

The Mauzer is comfortable with any weather, though it still needs water along with shade during the summer season and blankets during the winter months.

#10. Malti-Pug (Pug + Maltese)

Malti Pug Puppies

Height: 8 – 14 inches
Weight: 7 – 20 pounds
Life Span: 12 -15 years

If you want another kind of toy dog to be a guard dog and a watchdog, then the Malti-Pug is an alternate choice for such a dog. With their alertness towards unknown strangers and loyalty to their family, the dog is spirited in nature while it can’t get overexcited and is not yapping hard. Other personality traits of the Malti-Pug are devotion, willful and funny.

The dog is short and stocky with smooth and medium hair. The dog is an average shedder though you still need to clean its scattered hairs. To maintain its coat hair, you need to have the dog groomed every four weeks and must be done by a professional.

#11. Maltchow (Maltese + Chow Chow)

Cute Chowmalt

Height: 8 – 14 inches
Weight: 10 – 25 pounds
Life Span: 9-15 years

The Chow Chow Maltese mix is a unique hybrid dog that is suitable for any pet lover. They can quickly adapt to any living environment, from large homes with backyards or single bedroom apartments. The Chow Chow is very affectionate to its human family. Similarly, the Maltese are known to be compassionate and excellent family pets. Thus, these two breeds’ eclectic mix is sure to fill up their owner’s heart and homes.

This hybrid mix requires daily grooming and regular coat trimming. If you wish to have this type of pet, be ready to spend on its high-maintenance requirements. On the other hand, it requires bathing twice or month at most or when it is dirty from playing. Likewise, both parent breeds are brilliant; thus, the Chow Maltese is easy to train. However, owners who are into hunting may not find this dog helpful because of its very low prey drive.

#12. Papitese (Maltese + Papillion)

Cute hybrid dog papitese

Height: Up to 11 inches
Weight: 6-10 pounds
Life Span: 16-18 years

This adorable and healthier “hybrid” from the Maltese and Papillon mix gives puppies the best traits of both their parents. Breeding these two canines also helped mitigate the genetic problems that are common with their parent breeds. They have a long and silky coat that sheds minimally. They often come in gray, black, brown, or white.

The Papitese, as they are commonly referred to, are adorable and growing in popularity. They are incredibly loyal and very social. They are great with children and can be a beloved family pet. However, these fur babies are not suitable for all types of owners. They have specific needs and issues that must be handled by ready and responsible owners.

#13. Silky Cocker (Maltese + Cocker Spaniel Mix)

Silky Cocker sitting beside the chair

Height: 10-12 inches
Weight: 12-16 pounds
Lifespan:12-15 years

The Silky Cocker is another unique breed that mixes two relatively small canines, the Cocker Spaniel and the Maltese. The offspring they produce tend to be small too, ranging from 10-12 inches tall and weighing 12-16 pounds. These dogs shed moderately and require daily brushing to keep their coat in perfect condition.

The Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix is brilliant, and they are easy to train. They are always eager to please their family and can be an excellent family pet when they have consistent training while they are young. They are great with children and have a lot of energy for playing. Pet owners can take them to a dog park to socialize with other dogs and have their fill of exercise. Likewise, this hybrid mix must have their ears adequately cleaned to lessen infection and deafness risk.

#14. Havamalt (Maltese + Havanese)

Havamalt playing outside

Height: 8 to 12 inches
Weight: 6 to 13 pounds
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years

This Maltese mix is a unique yet joyful pet. These dogs come in small sizes, but they boast of a huge personality that owners will love. Likewise, they are popularly known as the Havamalt or the Havatese. They are very active and brilliant; thus, and they are often part of dog agility shows.

The Maltese Havanese mix is an excellent choice for a family pet as they go well with kids and other pets. Their alert, playful and devoted temperament also makes them an ideal choice for novice pet owners. On the other hand, they require plenty of attention from their owners, and they must not be left alone for long periods.

These hybrids are part of the small or toy-sized dogs. They usually have long hairs and short tails. Their coat can be coarse and harsh but silky on the outside. Likewise, they come in black, blue, brown, silver, gray, cream, or golden colors.

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#15. Lhatese (Lhasa Apso + Maltese)

Lhatese wants to play

Height:8-12 inches
Weight: 10-15 pounds
Lifespan: 13-15 years

This adorable mix of the Lhasa Apso and the Maltese is a popular designer breed in the US because of their adorable look and sweet temperament. The Lhatese or the Lamalese has an adorable look and sweet temperament. They are willing to please, but they can be a little challenging to train. But still, they make excellent companions and family pets. Likewise, they can easily adapt to any living environment; thus, they are suitable for singles, families and those living in small apartments.

This unique mix has a beautiful long and smooth coat. These dogs do not shed a lot, but they can be prone to matting. Thus make sure to brush their fur daily to keep them clean and healthy. If you plan on getting this type of hybrid, you should learn more about their parent breeds’ health conditions. They are prone to skin ailments, eye problems and reverse sneezing issues.

Be aware that Maltese Mix dog breeds have health issues, but don’t let those problems stop you from owning, buying or adopting this dog breed. Assuming that you will take good care of your chosen mixed Maltese dog, then those issues should not be a bother.

Regardless of what mixed Maltese Dogs breed, you have selected as a pet, always show it some love, gentle caring, and proper care. They are good pets to have, and they deserved the best from you.

23 thoughts on “15 Popular Maltese Mixes: Adorable Hybrids Dog Breeds”

    1. Sounds like an excellent mix breed. Just don’t cross a Frenchie with a Shitzu or you will end up with a Bull-shitz!!!

  1. I had a Maltese-Terrier mix dog (I think the Terrier side may have been Jack Russell Terrier) that was really loyal and affectionate, albeit a bit noisy and over-protective. He died at age 18 and a half last Feb., I still miss the cute, furry little guy.

  2. Looking for a Maltese Yorkey mix two years or older call me 714-345-7967 my name is Susan Edwards

  3. I have a maltese and he is so sweet! Sleeps all night and will not use the bathroom in his house. I love my little boy and he’s just 10 weeks old. Very smart!

  4. I have a Morkie. Her name is Allie Rose. She is 18months old. She is a very affectionate and loving baby. She never meets a stranger. She is very inquisitive. We love her so much. So tiny but big in heart.

  5. We have a Maltese Bishon named Simpson. He is pure white snd voted the kindest dog you’ll ever meet by a team of pet caretakers wirh over 30 years of experience each! He’s funny, smart and super fast to do anything that make us smile. Our family adores our 7.month old! We’re in a yrsining class and that’s gping well too.

    1. Sounds like my puppy. She is a Maltese and Westminster . I got her three months after my father past from cancer. She just makes my mom and my day. She loves to play ball by herself. She takes her ball up on the couch and pushes off with her nose and then runs after.

  6. My Maltese and Jack Russell is hands down the best dog I have ever owned or met. He has the temperament of the Maltese and the energy of the Jack Russell.. he is super easy to train. The only down side is he is super scared.

    1. I would love to see a picture of him! I recently adopted an eight month old Jack mix. She has long, silky hair and the peach markings of a Jack. She and two litter mates were confiscated by by the Denver Police Department for abuse, neglect and filthy environment. Like your little guy, she is easy to train but is very super scared- especially of men..

  7. I have two (litter mates) Maltese mixed with King George Spaniel. Anyone know what that would be called? They look like Lady and the Tramp.

  8. Rosemarie Hughey

    Schatzi is a rescued, now 2 year old and we at first thought she was a Bichon then a Bichon Maltese now a Maltese but nor matter what race she is she has conquered my heart and after six of my rescued canines have passed she shows me her affection and that she loves me just as much as I love her.

  9. I have a 4 month old Maltese baby girl she is my life she only weighs 2 pounds trying to decided what kind of puppy to breed her with help me decided. Now that is if she grows more

  10. Anyone know what the puppies of a Malchi (Maltese and Chihuahua) mother and an AKC Yorkie father would look like? The Malchi is white and the Yorkie is a party black and white (white with a black mask on eyes).

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