Maltipoo Grooming Style & Haircuts (Tips and Guide)

Dog Grooming and Haircuts

Maltipoos are cute, friendly, intelligent, playful, and very hairy. Maltipoo Grooming and Maltipoo haircuts are necessary to address the adorable hairiness of the dog. A Poodle Maltese mix is a dog that is the product of breeding a Maltese and purebred Poodle. The dog has the traits of both parents. They are friendly, fun-loving, feisty, active, playful, social, and intelligent. On the physical side, a Maltese Poodle Mix has a wooly coat texture. It is low-dander, fluffy, and low-shedding. It can either be curly and thick, silky, and straight or wiry and wavy (the latter is not a desirable coat compared to the previous two). The fur of this dog mix is very popular because of its hypoallergenic properties. Finally, the coat comes in many colors like apricot, black, blue, brown, cream, gray, red, silver, and white.

Black and White Maltipoo

A Maltipoo dog’s coat indeed gives it it’s a cute, adorable, and cuddly look. On the other hand, the same features require a regular Maltipoo haircut and grooming. Moreover, neglecting the care of the Moodle coat will result in mats and snarls.

A dog that looks messy and unkempt is not a loveable pet to have. It will cease to look cute, adorable, and cuddly. But don’t worry, we have prepared a guide to help you learn more about grooming and caring for your Maltese-Poodle mix.

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How to Properly Groom your Maltipoo

Grooming a Maltipoo ensures that they will look tidy and clean. Their fur will be free from matting and snarls. And contrary to what most people think, grooming a dog involves its entire body. Grooming is not just limited to the skin or fur. The groomers will take charge of your dog from its head, ears, nose, eyes, torso, tails, legs, and toes.

Step by Step Bathing Guide for Maltipoos

Regular dog baths should never be a bother for you and your pet. This grooming task can be a fun-filled activity that both of you will enjoy. While a Maltipoo is still a puppy, its dam will be the one to care and groom it. After they wean from their mother, you can use a washcloth dipped in warm water to slowly wipe them down. Avoid using any shampoos or soap.

When the puppy reaches eight weeks old, you can give it its first real bath. Likewise, if your pet had a recent haircut, it would make your task less stressful since you have less hair to deal with.

Bathe your dog once every three weeks. It may seem a good idea to wash your MaltiPoodle often. However, frequent bathing may stip of the dog’s natural hair oils. It is essential in keeping their skin and coat healthy and prevents dryness.

On the other hand, neglecting their bath may cause the body oils to accumulate and lead to hair tangles, bad odor, and blocked skin pores.

When giving a Maltipoo its bath, avoid using products with harsh chemicals. These chemicals leave a residue on your dog’s coat, which can have adverse effects.

Dog Grooming and Haircuts Guide for Maltipoo

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Use soap that has antibacterial properties. You can also use the following supplies listed below:

  1. High-quality canine shampoo and conditioner – Be sure to pick a brand that proves useful on a dog.
  2. Two soft washcloths – Use one for washing during the bath, while the other is for covering the Maltipoo’s eyes during rinse off time.
  3. An absorbent towel – Make sure it’s big enough to wrap your dog and use the towel immediately after bathing the dog.
  4. Use several sterile gauzes pad for cleaning the Maltipoo’s ears while you are bathing the dog.
  5. Small pair tweezers specifically for canine use – These forceps or tweezers are for plucking out if any long stray hair found in the dog’s ears.
  6. A leave-in conditioner spritz – this will help smooth any tangles and adds a layer of protection to the dog’s coat hair.
  7. A canine comb with the wide-tooth – Use a comb that is for toy breeds like the Maltipoo.

If your Maltipoo is still a puppy, the following tips above are applicable. However, you still need to do the following tasks for your pup. Note that at this point, the puppy hasn’t got any Maltipoo haircuts due to its immaturity.

  1. Do not fill the sink that you will use to bathe your puppy. Put in the sink’s stopper, then fill the tub with warm water up to three inches only.
  2. Test the water with your hand to accurately gauge the water’s temperature.
  3. Take you a puppy and put him in the water. Be gentle with the Maltipoo pup on their first bath. Talk to them in a soothing and calm voice to dampen your pet’s fear.
  4. To make your puppy feel safe when bathing, hold onto it at all times with one hand. Keep doing this until the time that your Maltipoo pup gets used to being bathed.
  5. Begin the bath by soaking the pup’s coat. The hairs of a Maltipoo are water-resistant. Thus, you need to ensure that the pup’s coat is soaked up to the skin before using shampoo. You may also use a spray nozzle and a small container to soak them thoroughly.
  6. Scrub all the body parts of the puppy. Pay close attention to its underbelly, tail, and genitals.
  7. Likewise, don’t forget to clean the pup’s eyes with a washcloth. Be careful not to spray water directly in its ears. Excess water that accumulates in the puppy’s ear may cause bacterial infection.

After bathing your Maltipoo, towel then off thoroughly. Then, while its hair still damp, comb it quickly but carefully. Dampness makes it easier to brush and manage.

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Tasks to do After the MaltiPoodle Bath

Once bath time is finished its time to do the following tasks:

  • Dry the dog’s coat thoroughly by air drying or using a blow-dryer. If you choose the latter, be mindful that the device’s settings are medium or low, not high. Additionally, you can use a small pin brush or wide-tooth comb in tandem with the blow-dryer. Hold up the layers of their coat while you dry its roots, then work your way up to the ends. Maltipoo’s who got haircuts are easier to dry because of thinner hair layers.
  • Brush your dog with a small rubber pin brush. The rubber pin brush is gentler compared to a non-rubber pin brush. Some products may scratch and injure your pet’s skin. Brush down to the coat’s roots and the up and out. This method will give more fluff to the coat’s hair and pull out any dead hair. Likewise, you can do this task after the dog’s bath. Even if the dog got a haircut, you still need to do a proper brushing.
  • Trim the dog’s nails and do a declaw. A Maltipoo’s nail grows quickly. It may cause pain, ingrown, and snags of fabrics. Declaws is the dog’s “thumbs” you can choose to remove it or not. It will also become ingrown and will snag on a brush or comb.
  • Anal glands are small glands located near the anus of some animals. These glands secrete a liquid when a dog encounters another dog. Too much of these fluids will fill the organs and lead to swelling or breaking open. Thus, squeeze the gland gently so that its contents will be released. Additionally, removal of this gland may be necessary in case of repeated infection.
  • The ear of a Maltipoo requires cleaning, as well. Make sure to keep it free from wax and moisture. Always check the ears after a bath for excess water. In case an ear infection occurs, bring the dog to a vet immediately.

List of Haircuts and Styles for Maltipoo dogs

A Maltipoo dog is a designer dog that is bred to be desirable in both form and temperament. Because of the Maltipoo’s pedigree, its coat hair allows can be designed creatively by cutting and trimming. Some pet parents prefer short haircuts, while others love their long hair. There is a wide selection of hairstyles for Maltipoos that you can choose from, and some are adorable and cute haircuts styles.

Proper and Clean Maltipoo Haircuts and Styles
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Before you begin to give your dog one of the trendy Maltipoo haircuts, it is best to learn what kind styles are suitable for your dog’s coat first:

  • Thick and curly coat – This is similar to a Poodle’s. This type doesn’t grow long, but it can be dense. It can be challenging to part its hair curls due to its tightness. The result is that the hair curls fall to either one side.
  • Soft and Silky coat – This coat makes the dog look similar to its Maltese parent. It cannot grow long to fulfill a “show dog” hairstyle standard. However, it can grow long enough for aesthetics purposes. Because it is wavy, the length will be limited. One of the cute haircuts suitable for a dog with this coat type is called the “Puppy Cut.”
  • Wiry and wavy – The least desirable of all coat types. It is hard to control and limits your haircuts choices. More so, you cannot use any stylish haircuts for Maltipoos on this coat. The only suitable Maltipoo Haircut is to cut it short.

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Here is a list of cute Maltipoo haircuts styles for your dog:

  1. Town and Country Clip – The hair on the dog’s belly, face, and legs are the ones to be cut. The rest of the body may be of any length you desire. You have to brush this coat to the fullest to appreciate the beauty of this hairstyle.
  2. Miami or Bikini Cut – The growth of the dog’s body hair may be at any length. In this hairstyle, you shave the face, feet, and tail hairs. However, you create a pom as a design on its feet, front, and the end of the tail. You may recognize this as a style for Poodles, but it can also be a Maltipoo haircuts styles.
  3. Utility or Kennel Clips – The ears of the dog are trimmed and brushed full. Then, you shape their body hair along the body contours by using a scissor. Likewise, shaving the face, feet, and tail are necessary, but there is pom at the tail’s end.
  4. Lamb Cut – Same as Utility or Kennel Clips, but the hair length is longer and matches the range of the Maltipoo’s body. Lamb Cut is also for show Poodles.
  5. Puppy Cut or Pet Clip – Shaving is done along the contours of the dog’s body while the hair of the Maltipoo’s head has a knot with a band fastening it. You use scissors to clip their ears and then brushed them fully. This style is the most popular of all Maltipoo haircuts styles.
  6. Continental Cut – the Poms, are allowed to grow in the dog’s feet. On the other hand, shaving the belly, face, and legs will keep them clean—likewise, the brush remaining until it looks full.

That’s all there is to grooming and giving your Maltapoo an excellent haircut style. You can groom your dog on your own, or you can seek professional groomers for a fancy haircut. Keep in mind that your Maltipoo looks are only second compared to its friendly and loving attitude.

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