7 Things To Do Before Booking a Pet Hotel

Many people are unsure what to look for when they have to leave their pets alone at a pet hotel. Leaving your beloved pet with strangers can be quite distressing, especially if you do not know the hotel that well. However, with some research, you might just find the perfect one for your unique situation.

Every pet hotel is different from one another, so you have to familiarize yourself with what to look for before booking. If your furry friend is like family, it pays to take the time and effort to find the right hotel that he or she will feel relaxed in.

Research Pet Hotels Online

The quality of pet hotels varies, just like the quality of hotels vary. Before booking, you should check their website and look at what experience others had with them. Make sure that you read customer reviews so you can gauge how good the hotel is.

Different pet hotels provide different services, so it’s important to know if they are qualified to take care of your furry friend. If your pet requires special attention, make sure to ask if they have someone who is experienced in dealing with certain medical conditions or behavioural problems.

Ensure the Pet Hotel has Socialization Programs

Socialization programs are very important to the development of puppies. When your pet is left alone, he or she might get bored easily without anyone to play around with. If they lack social skills, it may lead to behavioural problems, which means more trouble for you when you come home.

If there aren’t any local pet hotels near where you live, be sure to look for those who have an active socialization program so your pet won’t be lonely while waiting for you. Pets are generally happier and more comfortable staying at a pet hotel because they can interact with other dogs their age. This is especially good if you need to board them during special occasions like weddings or birthdays.

Check if the Pet Hotel is Licensed

For your peace of mind, make sure that you check if the pet hotel that you are considering is licensed. Some hotels may offer low prices, but they might not provide the safety and comfort needed for your pets. If there’s an accident, you wouldn’t know who to blame, so it pays to be safe than sorry.

The type of license will depend on where you live, and some states and cities don’t have them. However, having one in a location that requires it is always a good sign. The license should be displayed in their reception area for you to check.

Visit Possible Pet Hotel Options

Just like pet boarding kennels, you should always visit the different hotels and see what they have to offer. This may mean taking a day off from work, but it rarely pays to be frugal.

Spend some time looking around, and don’t just fall for the first hotel that you see because it might not be as good as you expected. Ask questions about their visitor’s policy and find out if there are rooms where dogs can play together. It would also pay if their cage sizes were big enough so your pet wouldn’t feel cramped inside one of them.


Ask Questions During Your Visit

To get a better idea of what to expect, ask questions during your visit. Some good ones are how long the pet hotel has been in business, their qualifications, if they have other services to offer other than just boarding and if someone is always available on-site.

Be sure that you know what to do when something goes wrong, or you have to cancel your reservation. If there aren’t any other alternatives for boarding your pets while away for whatever reason, you might want to reevaluate things first before it’s too late.

A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

One of the most important things that you should not ignore when choosing the perfect pet hotel is hygiene. Pets are very sensitive, so it’s hard for them to stay in places where they are exposed to filth and harmful bacteria.

Ensure that the hotel has an immaculate appearance, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting sick while away from home. Besides, it’s a good indicator of how well the hotel is maintained, so you can be certain that your pet will receive the best treatment.

Choose Luxury Pet Boarding Over Budget Options

If at all possible, choose luxury pet boarding over budget options because this will make them happier when staying alone in an unfamiliar place. The more comfortable they feel with their surroundings, the less stressful it will be for them once they are gone.

If your pet gets sick or has some sort of medical condition, you can feel confident that they will receive proper care without worrying about costs so much anymore. If you are wondering why this is important, just think about how worried you would be if your dog was sick and you weren’t around to help.

That’s it!

That’s eight things that you should do before booking a pet hotel for your dog or cat. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances may prevent us from taking our pets with us wherever we go but thankfully, some businesses cater to this specific need for both cats and dogs alike.


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