Sheepadoodles – The Adorable and Loyal Hybrid Dog Breed Mix

Sheepadoodle Guide

There are a lot of dog breeds evolving every minute. Crossbreeding makes it possible to produce new ones. There may be even times when you don’t expect the combination to work! In the end, though, it always does. Now, we’re going to take a look at one of the most famous crossbreeds. Here’s everything you need to do about Sheepadoodles.

Sheepadoodles Origin

Sheepadoodle Puppy

A Sheepadoodle is a poodle old English sheepdog mix. It is a hybrid of two known dog breeds, which are the Old English sheepdog and a standard poodle. This poodle mix is known to be friendly. The perfect one if you’re looking for a loyal and caring family dog.

Because of their parental dog breeds, these are known to be famous designer dogs. It’s no question why a lot of people crave this kind of poodle mix. To see how this dog breed mix came to life, we must look at the poodle and the Old English sheepdog separately.

Poodles are known to be the dogs of the upper-class. They are popular most, especially with the ladies back then. It’s easy to carry poodles around because of their weight and size. It is indeed the perfect designer dog for classy personalities.

On the other hand, the Old English sheepdog is one hardworking pup. During the 1800s, they were known to help farmers herd sheep and control other animals’ farm. English sheepdog is one of the most highly trainable and disciplined dogs. With that, it makes them one of the best family dogs.

Sheepadoodles Appearance

Sheepadoodle tri color
Credit: arlie_the_sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodles can easily be recognized with their unique look. Their bodies have strong and sturdy builds. They weigh more than the usual poodle dog breed.

Sheepadoodles have either square or rounded faces. Their snouts are elongated, and their skulls look broad and dome-shaped. The ears took after the poodle breed. They have long ears that hang around their sides and have small eyes that can easily be covered with their long hair.

The size of a standard Sheepadoodle range from medium to large. A typical Sheepadoodle can weigh up to about 45 to 80 pounds on average. They can grow 13 to 27 inches in height. However, this will depend on the size of their parent. The figures stated above are just for the average poodle sheepdog mix. If both parents have larger frames, then there’s a big chance that their offspring will be bigger than usual. The same goes if the parents are smaller than the standard.

There is also another variation of this breed. They are called Mini Sheepadoodles. This is a mix of a mini poodle and a standard sheepdog. They can grow up to 20 inches in height and weigh up to 24 to 44 pounds.

Their coats are available in different colors, too! It’s one of the most extensive dog breeds. They either have straight and curly hair. The colors of their coat are also significant too. Since it is a dog mix, one cannot be sure of the outcomes of the combination of colors. One thing’s for sure with this breed, though. They all have long hair, which needs a lot of grooming.


When it comes to the colors of the coat, here are some of the combinations your dog could have:

  • Black – most common coat color
  • White – most common coat color
  • Black and white – usually, even though it’s a two-tone, these are separated. The color is spread throughout the body in well-defined spots. This also gives them a Panda look.
  • White and red – these are the dogs that cost more than the normal ones.
  • Brown – relatively rare
  • Gray – relatively rare

But if you want to know what their coats’ colors may be, you should base it on their parents’ coats.

Sheepadoodles Temperament

Mini Sheepadoodles

Now that we have tackled their appearance, the next probable question is, “how do they act?”

Formerly, the first breeds of Sheepadoodles were known to be intelligent and active. They shed very minimally and have acquired the trait of the poodle. These dogs are calm, not anywhere near aggressive, friendly, pleasant, and obedient. They communicate very well with humans, as they are incredibly talkative and expressive.

Due to their loving nature, they can’t tolerate being left alone at home! They have to see you, or else they’d be so sad. The loyalty and friendliness of a Sheepadoodle not only makes them perfect designer dogs but family dogs, as well.

They are good with kids since they do not anger out easily. As a parent to both a kid and a dog, rest assured that you don’t expect any fights between these two little creatures. In fact, they can even be the best of friends.

They are also disciplined and obedient enough to be trained. This pooch has acquired the hardworking trait of its parent – the Old English sheepdog.

Overall, if you’re looking for the latest addition in your family who will treat you just as how good you’re going to address them, then the Sheepadoodle hybrid dog is perfect for you!

Other Names

  • Sheep doodle
  • Sheepapoo
  • Sheeppoo
  • Sheepdogdoodle
  • Sheepdoo

No matter what you call them, they will always be the same cute-sized dogs that you’ll learn to love!

Sheepadoodles Health Problems

Every dog breed may be a mixed breed or a purebred and have their own sets of health problems. The Sheepadoodle isn’t an exception to this narrative. However, such diseases can be avoided with a proper understanding of their possible health issues. Here are the most common health problems of their breed:

  1. Hip Dysplasia – This is a condition wherein the dog’s hips are usually severely weakened. Either that or they deteriorate and eventually become unusable. It can range from mild hip pain to not being able to move at all. Sheepadoodles with larger builds are more prone to having this health problem because of their superior growth.
  2. Cushing’s Disease – This is a condition wherein a dog has its appetite increased. It’s when the dog’s system produces too much cortisol, which stimulates his appetite. This condition’s symptoms are lethargy, drowsiness, lack of physical activity, and poor hair coat.
  3. Addison’s Disease – It is a condition wherein a dog’s body doesn’t produce the amount of cortisol it needs. Cortisol is an important hormone which the dog’s system utilizes for daily functioning. Some of the common symptoms of this disease are excessive water intake, urinating, increased heart rate, and panting.
  4. Sebaceous Adenitis – It is a skin disorder that’s more prevalent in the poodle dog breed. It is when their sebaceous glands are inflamed due to specific causes and these glands die. When sebaceous glands die, it prompts the dysfunction of the organ. It can then lead to hair loss, thickening of the skin, musty skin odor, and secondary skin infections.
  5. Elbow Dysplasia – Same with hip dysplasia, this is a condition wherein the dog loses optimum function in the elbow area. It results in weak and arthritic joints. To diagnose this kind of situation, the Sheepadoodle must undergo an x-ray to see the elbow’s condition. Usually, dogs who have this kind of disease are refrained from breeding to decrease this disease’s spread.
  6. Cataracts – It is a condition that this breed has gotten primarily from their poodle Poodles are known to have cataracts almost every time. The best prevention for this is to treat the presence of it as soon as possible. A Sheepadoodle can be assessed by getting an eye test. Cataracts can be fixed by surgery, but early detection is still the primary cure! Some of the signs of this condition are your dog bumping into furniture and not being able to aim well when eating and drinking.
  7. Canine Autoimmune Thyroiditis – This is the presence of anti-thyroid antibodies. Low thyroid gland levels in the thyroid gland are alarming and one of the telling signs that your dog needs immediate medication.

Sheepadoodles Lifespan

On average, the typical Sheepadoodle lives up to 12 to 15 years.

Sheepadoodle Overall Stats 

  • Weight: 60 to 80 pounds
  • Height: Medium; 13 to 28 inches
  • Origin: Group of working dogs
  • Breed Type: Cross between a standard poodle and an English Sheepdog
  • Color: White, Black, Gray, Brown
  • Coat: Long
  • Life Span: 12 to 15 years
  • Temperament: Loving, playful, quiet, energetic, gentle
  • Daily Exercise: High need for daily physical and mental exercise
  • Activity Levels: High activity levels

Exercise and Activity Levels Needed

The Sheepadoodle is known to be one of the energetic and playful dog breeds. Your Sheepadoodle needs to get going a lot physically! They will need a lot of playing and walking around. So, if you’re not the one up for a challenge like this, then you have to learn how to keep up with your dog.

It would be best if you allowed your dog to exercise at least 5 minutes every day when they’re still young (about up to 17 months old). If your dog has matured, then it’s now time to keep walking for about 60 minutes or 1 hour.

Exercising and keeping their activity levels high up will make them less prone to getting common health problems of their dog breeds. However, it’s also important not to put them through so much physical strain! When you see your dog’s already tired, you can switch up the exercise by moving on to mental stimulation instead of purely physical activities.

English Sheepdog Poodle Mix Grooming Tips

Sheepadoodles Picture

There are several grooming tips you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your canine.

  • Daily, allot about 10 minutes of your time in brushing your dog’s coat. You can also use a waterless shampoo to keep them smelling fresh, minus the water, of course.
  • Weekly, set aside about 45 minutes for a thorough brushing of your dog’s coat. You can also demate the tangles. Use the appropriate tools to make this job a lot easier for you. Detanglers are best used for working through the mats.
  • Every month, you should now able to bathe your dog and spend an hour brushing before doing so. Use detanglers and detangler spray for this process. It’s essential to wash your dog thoroughly and blow-dry him on the lowest setting possible.
  • On a bi-monthly basis, you should bring your dog to a professional groomer to have his hair done. You can also opt to do this by yourself if you prefer, but it’s going to take a lot of work. While in the process of doing so, you can also clip your dog’s toenails and clean out his ears.

To achieve optimal care for your dog’s coat and hairstyle, you must first understand what kind of coating do they have. When it comes to Sheepadoodles, they would have three coat types – the poodle type, the sheepdog type, and the mixed coat. You can check our guide about Best Dog Clippers & Antifungal Dog Shampoo.

  • Poodle Type Coat – Puppies with this kind of coat lean more towards the coat than a poodle. It’s soft and hypoallergenic, but it needs frequent grooming. They usually have curly hairs that are easy to the mat, so it’s advisable to comb your dog’s hair with a brush more than once a week to provide it from going heavily matted. You will also need a hand-strip because dogs with poodle coats retain outgrown and dead hair.
  • Sheepdog Type Coat – Sheepadoodles with this kind of coat will look like they have a double-coat. Because of this, it’s very much susceptible to getting tangled. So brushing their coat will also be of help.
  • Mix Coats – When your dog’s coat has the mix of both a poodle and a sheepdog, you will need to brush it regularly with a pin brush. At the same time, you have to take out any dead hair that has already fallen off.

When it comes to the different hairstyle, there are a lot of choices you can choose from. There’s the long puppy cut, puppy cut, traditional Sheepdog cut, teddy bear cut, kennel cut, Dutch clip, bikini cut, lamb clip, continental, sporting cut, corded coat, English saddle, and Labrador cut. Just ask your local pet groomer the specific hairstyle you’d want for your dog, and it’ll be done in no time.


Recognized Clubs

Since Sheepadoodles aren’t purebred dogs, they are not recognized by the famous American Kennel Club. However, they are recognized in the following clubs:

How Much Do Sheepadoodles Cost?

Now that almost everything has been laid, the only question left to ask now is, “how much do they cost?” In this part, we are going to see how much it will cost you to buy an Old English Sheep Dog Poodle dog breed mix and how much you’re going to need to maintain it.

In looking for breeders that sell Sheepadoodle, you can easily find one in just one click of a button. There are a lot of breeders you can see online. However, you have to make sure that they are legitimate and they have all the certificates to show as proof that they can crossbreeds. Usually, these puppies cost between USD 1,000 to 3,000. The price will vary on the coat color. The less expensive ones are the dogs with the more common coats like black and white. The costlier ones are the dogs with white and red, brown, and gray coat colors.

The price of your dog will also depend on which eye color you’re going to choose. The rarer the color is, the more expensive it gets.

A micro Sheepadoodle, on the other hand, costs an extra USD 500 to 800 more than a standard one.

If you don’t have the funds to initially acquire this dog breed, you can always adopt one! There’s always a lot of dogs in shelters who are looking forward to finding a home. You can try looking at the New England Old English sheepdog Rescue, Old English sheepdog Rescue Network of the South East, The Old English sheepdog Club of America, and Midwest Old English sheepdog Rescue, to name a few.

The cost of adopting may range from USD 75 to 200, with an additional USD 10 for a dog license fee.

To maintain a Sheepadoodle, you’re going to have to set aside at least USD 1000 for the first year. The costs shall include buying the toys, food, and vaccines that he would need. This will also cover the veterinarian visits for regular check-up and screening.

After the first year, expect the cost to go up to at least USD 1500 per year because of the additional food you’re going to have to buy for your dog.


Owning any kind of dog is always a great responsibility for dog owners. This includes owning a Sheepadoodle. It’s indeed a great addition to your growing family, and it may even be a great companion to be with even if you’re alone. If you’re in for some physical and mental work, then this dog breed mix is an excellent match for you. Just always remember that you should not leave them alone for a long time because they might get sad. They will always need to be in the presence of someone out there – may be another animal or human.

If you’re now thinking of owning one, trust us, it’s worth to take a risk with this tremendous and loving dog.


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