How To Prepare For Travel Without Your Pet

If this is your first time leaving your pet at home while you travel, you may be concerned about minimizing their stress and ensuring the best care for them while you’re gone. It’s even possible that you’ll keep stressing over the pet while you’re away, ruining what should be a relaxing trip.

A yearly survey conducted in the United States since 1988 shows that the number of people taking in pets has been steadily increasing, making you not alone in a situation when you feel guilty or anxious about going on a trip without your pet. Relationships between humans and their pets are strengthening.

As mentioned earlier, there are times when you can’t bring your pets. No matter how much you care about your pet, worrying about it during your trip will do neither of you any good. Instead, plan so that your time apart is productive and pleasant for both of you. Don’t fret; this article will provide advice on caring for your pet before you go on your trip.

Actions To Consider Before Leaving Your Pet

You and your pet can feel intense anxiety when you have to leave them behind for a trip. These suggestions should help you have a more pleasant time away from each other.

Consider A Reliable And Professional Pet Boarding Service

You can always choose a veterinarian or boarding kennel to keep your pet long-term until you return. Dog boarding kennels have experience caring for pets and will ensure your dog is safe and well cared for.

Ensure Your Pet’s Identification Is Up-To-Date

It’s essential to make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag with current contact information before you head away. If your pet ever gets loose, this will lessen your concern because someone will find them and bring them home safely.

Ask For A Favor From A Friend Or Family Member

You may be inclined to ask a trusted friend or family member to watch over your dog while you’re away because you’ll want them to be cared for around the clock. Your pet in a secure location, however foreign it may be to you, may provide tremendous peace of mind.

Your pet probably won’t have any trouble staying in your home while you’re gone. But if you’re worried, you can always ask a friend, neighbor, or family member to stay over or drop by a few times to play with, feed, and check on your pet during your absence.

Spend Some Time With Your Pet

Before leaving, it’s beneficial to spend some extra time with your pet. Your pet values the quality time you give him. Some extra cuddle time on the couch or an extra walk once a day goes a long way toward easing your pet’s separation anxiety when you’re away. Your pet will likely feel more at ease with the transition if they get some exercise before you leave.

Leave Your Pet With Familiar Items

Having a pet sitter come to your home has the benefit of keeping your pet in its familiar environment. Your pet can still feel at home with everyday items from your home when they stay elsewhere. Leave your dog with a blanket or towel you’ve slept with for a few nights if they tend to get anxious.

A lonely pet can find comfort in an item that smells like you or your home. If they’re nervous around strangers or the sitter, making them feel at ease by providing a secure and familiar environment can be very helpful. They may feel more at ease after you’ve placed the towel or blanket in their crate or bed.

Consider Getting Calming Supplements For Your Pet

Certain pets benefit significantly from using pet-calming pheromone products, and others do well with calming supplements. Furthermore, many pet owners have found that CBD oil or treats for their canine companions are effective. It’s best to check with your vet before giving your pet any new supplement.

Examine Your Pet Supplies Inventory

Make sure your pet sitter has everything they need to provide proper care for your dog at your home before you leave. One such behavior is that some dogs refuse to eat while their owners are away.

If you suspect this will be the case, provide the pet sitter with some of your pet’s favorite wet food or treat to add to the dry food that they usually eat while you’re gone.

Aid Your Pet’s Transition Without You

To ensure your pet is comfortable, take your dog for at least one meetup at the kennel or at your friend’s or relative’s home if they’ll be dog-sitting for you.

It’ll help your dog adjust to their new environment and social group. So that your pet is more comfortable while you’re gone, it’s a good idea to have your pet sitter or check-in person visit multiple times before you leave.

Prepare An Emergency Sheet

In case anything wrong happens, it’s great to have a sheet of paper full of your pet’s details and your contact details. Your veterinarian’s contact details should also be there as well. Specify in the sheet any medical issue your pet may have so that they can safely help your pet if it’s in need.

Try To Meet Your Veterinarian For A Check-Up

If you take your pet to the vet before leaving on a trip, you can have medication ready for them until you get back. Some natural supplements may help your pet’s anxiety, but your vet can recommend the best option.

Traveling without worrying about your pet’s well-being and safety is much more pleasant if you know it’s healthy and has a doctor’s approval.


These ten suggestions can help you with your pet dilemma. It’s great to show initiative in taking care of your pet, as they can’t communicate like humans; you have to offer extra effort to make them happy.

To ensure your pet is safe and well cared for while you’re away for the week, you should research and plan ahead of time. 

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