6 Different Types of Chihuahua Dog Breeds: (Body, Head & Coat Styles)


Most people don’t know that there are several types of Chihuahua since they mistakenly assume that all Chihuahuas look alike. Sorting out different Chihuahua types is easy if a person knows the physical difference between various Chihuahua types.

Understanding the different types of Chihuahuas is not necessary. But if you’re the kind of dog lover who wants a particular kind of dog from one of the types of Chihuahua breed, then in your case, it is something you need to know.

People choosing and selecting a dog from various types of Chihuahua are due to physical preference. Some like a Chihuahua whose coat hair is even and short. Others like a long-haired one due to the elegant and classic it projects.

Technically there is only one type or breed of Chihuahuas. Breeding standards among several dog kennels like AKC classifies Chihuahuas as a short coat or a long coat. Unofficially the term “types of Chihuahuas” refers to the differences in the dog’s body type, head shape, and coat length. These differences are superficial and minor. However, they do provide a person some measuring standard when selecting a dog from various Chihuahua types.


Types of Chihuahua

1. Smooth-Coat Chihuahua

Smooth-Coat Chihuahua

The hairs on this dog are shorter, shed less than its long-haired counterpart, and require less combing and grooming. Like its long-haired kindred, it is one of the officially recognized Chihuahua breeds. This dog tends to shed a lot of it, making this type of Chihuahua unsuitable for people with dog hair allergies.

However, the Chihuahua’s short-haired coat ensures that the dog requires less grooming and virtually no trimming. Of course, it is evident that the dog needs a bath to be clean from time to time. People who have difficulty or only too busy to comb, groom, and trim a Chihuahua dog will often have this dog from other types of Chihuahua.

The smooth-Coat Chihuahua has different color variations and can either be an apple head or a deer head Chihuahua.

2. Long-Coat Chihuahua

Long-Coat Chihuahua

This dog type is one of the varieties recognized officially by dog kennels. The hair length of a Long-coat Chihuahua varies but short like its other kin. The dog comes in different colors. Despite its long hair, it doesn’t shed that much, though you still need to comb and groom the dog to keep it tidy.

Trimming is not required for the dog while grooming is necessary; it can be done minimally to the Chihuahua dog. The coat of long-haired Chihuahuas is smooth to one’s touch, and the hair can have a feeling similar to velvet or is whiskery in texture.

A fair warning, though, make sure that you can attend to this dog’s occasional trimming, daily grooming with a brush and bathing needs since neglecting those needs can have adverse effects on the dog. The Chihuahua’s long-haired coat takes three or more years to grow to its full length once it reaches maturity.

The apple head Chihuahua and the deer head Chihuahua have this kind of coat. This dog is a favorite mostly among dog lovers who like to take their pets to dog shows to compete.

3. Apple Head Chihuahua


The dog got its name due to its head, which has a shape like an apple. The apple head Chihuahua is the most typical dog that one can have as a pet. In fact, in dog shows, a Chihuahua having a well-rounded apple-shaped head is the primary requirement to be considered as a real Chihuahua.

The dog has a smaller snout than a deer head Chihuahua, and its stop is more prominent at a 90-degree angle.

Like other types of Chihuahua, their coat color varies from one dog to another. Chihuahuas of this type who suffer from hydrocephalus have heads that are big but proportioned to their bodies. Their eyes bulge out from their sockets. If you plan on getting a dog like this aside from other types of Chihuahua, make sure to check if it has hydrocephalus.

4. Deer Head Chihuahua


The slightly less-popular kindred of the apple-shaped head Chihuahua and like its namesake, the dog’s head is elongated as well as having a narrower snout. Also, the deer head Chihuahua’s body is long, unlike its fellow dogs, and it has longer legs.

Though the head’s shape is not acceptable in dog show communities, the dog is a favorite by some people as a pet and as a breeding dog by some breeders. Unlike their apple head cousins, this Chihuahua has fewer genetic problems making them the healthiest type of dogs among different types of Chihuahuas. Make sure to check if the dog has a severe health issue before buying it.

5. Teacup Chihuahua

 Teacup Chihuahua

This refers to any Chihuahua dog that is at the height of nine inches and weighs only less than five pounds. The Teacup Chihuahua looks and acts like its bigger Chihuahua cousins, with size being the only thing that makes them different.

Just bear in mind that the Teacup Chihuahua should be an adult dog while fulfilling the height and weight requirements. If the dog outgrew the height and weight requirements when it becomes an adult, then it’s not a Teacup Chihuahua.

6. Fawn Chihuahua


What some call “Fawn Chihuahua” is not a breed, and therefore it does not exist among the several types of Chihuahua. Chihuahuas that belong to the fawn type “kind” are just standard Chihuahua types of various shapes and sizes with fawn color. Fawn is a very common color in Chihuahuas and has several varieties like a sable fawn, blue fawn, and fawn & white.

Other colors and markings you can find in Chihuahua breeds are marked, splashed, merle, sable, brindle, Irish marked, piebald, tri-color, bi-color, speckled, flecked and ticked. If the color is classified as a breed, you have many other colored Chihuahuas like “Merle Chihuahua” added to the list of different types of Chihuahuas. Therefore, people do not consider fawn-type Chihuahuas as a separate breed.

Regardless of what Chihuahua dog you choose from the various types of Chihuahua, be sure to value it’s a pet and give love as well as attention to it. When you get down to the root of the matter, the different types of Chihuahuas are all lovable, fun, and exciting pet companions for any Chihuahua dog lover.

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69 thoughts on “6 Different Types of Chihuahua Dog Breeds: (Body, Head & Coat Styles)”

  1. Alexander Kociolek

    I am extremely inspired together with your writing abilities and also with the format for your weblog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you customize it your self? Either way keep up the nice high quality writing, it’s rare to look a great blog like this one these days

    1. For the most part yes the website or blog is well written. However, there are a few grammatical errors in a couple of the paragraphs and there are a couple words that should be removed to be able to put the correct word in its place.

    2. Seriously? This article is full of incorrect information! Just for starters- there are NOT recognized ” types” of Chua as author claims- any dog savvy person knows that chihuahuas are either long or short haired. There are no other ” types! All Chua are supposed to be Applebees- but since true Appleheads have those wide skulls the pups are often born via section. And this have small litters 1 to 3, rarely more. Greedy breeders can’t make money with true Appleheads so they sneak in terrier blood and get narrower headed pups that are easier to birthe, Those have been dubbed Deerhead in reality tho they are just poor quality Chis. And there is no such thing as a teacup size of any breed, Same greedy breeders pass off dingy, unhealthy pups as teacup, many font survive for more than a few months and most font live a full life span due to liver disease, heart disease, kidney disease, or another serious condition.
      Chihuahuas , mostly poor quality and or mixed , are overflowing at shelters across the country.because the gas of owning them has passed. Rescuers like me save and as proof out many chis and chi mixes. They are smart , fun, brave dogs,
      Nobody should buy a puppy from a breeder or worse a pet store. Go to the local shelter and SAVE A LIFE !

        1. What she doesn’t need ice cream she’s just stating the truth this is the most incorrect sight I have ever read in my life and it is doing such an injustice to the Chihuahua

      1. Well done ….at last someone who is sticking up for chihuahuas ..i totaly agree that people need to stop breeding these beautiful little dogs so they look like they are supposed to. X..thank you for speaking up …kate

      2. Thats Strange… we had a teacup chi for 18 years. His name was Tiny and he didnt have any of those issues you claim… you must not be well informed yourself.

      3. The author said that there is no other type but there are body type differences just as in any breed just not the AKC acceptable body type. That doesn’t mean the rest are not Chi’s!

  2. Aw, this was a genuinely nice post. In concept I would like to put in writing like this in addition – taking time and actual effort to make a very beneficial article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get some thing performed.

    1. This whole article helped me my fianxe thouggt she had a deer chihuahua. According to this he is a fawn chihuahua. I woyld also like to point out that deer heads dont only look like deer they act like them too.

    1. I have two chihuahuas. One is larger than normal ones. But is it normal for a chihuahua to constantly lick the carpet or someone’s hand or foot. Ozzie, my white chihuahua does that all the time and can’t stop. Jacks, the bigger one is starting to mimick him. What does it mean???

      1. I too have two long haired chihuahuas. A male and a female. She is constantly licking the furniture. She’ll get up on the sofa and lick, lick, lick! It’s like an obsession with her. BTW, both of our chi’s are bigger than what is considered to be “normal” size.

    2. The easiest way I have found is stuck to a strict schedule and make trips outside often. Chihuahuas are very tiny and therefore have tiny bladders and are unable to hold their urine for extended amounts of time. When your baby lays down for a nap at Any time as soon as she wakes up she needs to immediately be taken outside. Don’t delay trips out after a nap because the first thing they must do is relieve themselves. You might find using a small crate while you are away from home and while you are sleeping is also a plus. I only used the crate with my baby for 3 1/2 weeks and he was trained
      He is one of the easiest I’ve trained so far.

    3. If this will help 1.when they make a mistake put her nose in it then take her to her spot where she is to relieve her self sometimes put her time out over night talk to her be Saturn let her know who is BOSS dogs love to try you to see how far they can take you get a fly swater pop lightly if small then do all over again Anita

      1. Dear God, do you really believe that ancient and incorrect training crap? All wrong! Groundbreaking is achieved by crate training, patiently and consistently. Never swat hour dog, never rub his nose in his mess- dogs don’t understand actions like that! Get a clue!

      2. 1. Putting a dogs nose in their own waste reaches them to eat it.

        2. Hitting a dog ONLY teaches them to fear you.

        Crate training is the best method for housebreaking. At night and when your away, keep the puppy in it’s crate and when they potty outside, praise them and give them a small reward. I personally use Cheerios for my Chi. Positive reinforcement works better, faster, and builds a better relationship with your pet than that archaic “show them who’s boss” mentality.


      3. You have no idea how cruel these practices are. Go to a library to get some books about dog training please.

    4. Lerae DRAYTON -Andree

      I am not sure how old your post is the doxie part is difficult to yrain. Feed them yhen in 10 minute from eating and drinking take them out if yhey go potty free time and play time if. No potty then kennel for 10 to 20 minutes and retry potty feed 3 small meals nothing after 5pm but water until 7 p.m. i bred chiweenies. Also if your poops inside then take the poop outside in the area you want them to go. Also if around other dogs they will teach your whats outside

  3. What a load of nonsense Their is no such thing as a “TEACUP” Chihuahua!!! It’s is not reckonised or endorsed by any registered Kennel Club in any country!!! Please remove this absolute drivvle from this page! Thank you!

    1. I totally agree, I get so tired of people saying they have a teacup chihuahua. If they would take the time to look it up they wouldn’t sound so stupid. Every time I see someone type that I just want to go on there and scream at them and tell them no such thing as a teacup. I just don’t want to be an ass about it. Lol

      1. There is life outside of Kennel Clubs. I have heard of Teacup chihuahuas all my life. You dont want to be called one, dont act like one

      2. Sorry you think you aren’t seen as an ass a about it as you clearly are. Leave the snobbishness to the show ring, it means nothing in real life.

      3. Then smarty pants what is the correct name. If you didn’t know and it’s apparent that you don’t, they name them titles such as teacup or Apple head in order to tell the difference in the bloodline. So yes their is a teacup. If the page bothers you because it’s labeled a type of dog name you like get off the page because if you don’t like the info click a button and go.

    2. Agreed. I have a Applehead/Deerhead mix Chihuahua. Although having a tiny father (2.5lbs) my Max is 12lbs. He’s a beautiful boy, doesn’t nip/yap or have any of the traits that people tend to think they have. Teacup! What a joke!

    3. This “Blog” is absolutely ridiculous. Dear Readers, please refer to The American Kennel Club’s description of and pics of the “breed standard” for Chihuahuas.

      1. There are ONLY two types, long and short coat; the average weight is 3-6 lbs.

      2. There is no such thing as an Apple-head or Deer-head Chihuahua, OR a Teacup. If you buy from a so-called Breeder listings their dogs in this way then you are not buying the true breed standard.

      3. And lastly, I’m not making any of this up out of thin air or ignorance. Please check American Kennel Club website for verification.

      1. Did you read the whole article? Or you just commenting without reading?
        “Technically there is only one type or breed of Chihuahuas. Breeding standards among several dog kennels like AKC classifies Chihuahuas as a short coat or a long coat. Unofficially the term “types of Chihuahuas,” refers to the differences of the dog’s body type, head shape, and coat length. “Please read this before you comment!

        I hope that helps!

        1. Thank u Mike, ppl are bashing the post but they are giving ppl informed information on what is out there and the differences and looks. The article clearly states the standard and breeds. Also, this helped me bc I looked up pics of my dog using Google lens and it pulled up Russian toy dogs, shocked me bc I then looked up Chihuahuas and the majority of pictures were the standard long hair show dog Lookers. But reading the article had me laughing bc it is so true, my baby is going to be 2 this month and her mother looked just like a deer! I mean long legs, head shape, taller. She would stand out in the yard and it was crazy how much she looked like a mini deer lol idk about the teacup thing, or akc dogs. Idc bc there are so so many mixed breeds around and never had the need or money to find out the exact bloodline etc. And I love em all! I liked the article bc it explains to those who are wondering about the types and looks and if they are wanting a pure bred then they know what to do and look for. Chill out ppl no need to get angry. If u don’t agree then make ur own blog. Have a great day all.

  4. I have a long haired fawn colored Chihuahua named Chuyiitoo! I love him so much and he’s adorable!! Thank you for showing of him older, I loved . Always Jett

  5. Thank – you, Amy! You are correct in stating that there is NO SUCH THING as a teacup chi! I did a lot of homework before bringing my ” Maddie” into my life and learned this! Unfortunately, MANY people continue to advertise the ” teacup” chi..

  6. Im wondering why the Mexican Hairless or Hairless Chihuahua was left out. That is another type of Chihuahua that wasnt discussed. So in theory and to add to your list there are 7 types of Chihuahuas.

  7. I personally believe there is only ONE BREED of chihuahua, and have been breeding long coats for 17 years.
    They do come in 2 varieties– smooth coat or long coat.
    Why not go directly to the akc website and do your research?
    This article is ridiculous!

    1. Before you say something bad read the article first “Technically there is only one type or breed of Chihuahuas. Breeding standards among several dog kennels like AKC classifies Chihuahuas as a short coat or a long coat. ” you are ridiculous the information is from akc, dont say bad in this website if you dint read it. Also you can email them if you want!!

  8. I enjoyed your article, but I’m fairly, certain that there is one fact in your article that may be incorrect. I’m referring to your mention of how Chi’s w/ Short/smooth hair tend to shed less in comparison to their long haired counterparts. However, to my knowledge, it’s the opposite. Most people would assume that obviously, Chi’s w/short coats would shed less, but it is not the case . The short hair Chi will shed more than the long haired Chi. I believe this is a result of the short hair having an undercoat, while the long haired does not. I’m positive that I’ve read about this from variious resources, but I still lack the confidence to say I am totally, correct about it. I just felt it was important to point out since it’s definitely, an interesting (& ironic) fact.
    I love dogs, however, I was never really a fan of the smaller breeds. Yet, here I am…absolutely,head over heels for my 4 lb Chi,! In fact, as I write,he is nestled in his regular, favorite spot, which of course, is on my lap! 🙂 )
    I hope that it’s clear that I’m not trying to criticize or critique your writing. I simply wanted to share the knowledge is all!
    Good Luck to you !

  9. Why is everyone so critical of each other? The article sorely is it for back-and-forth banter. If you want to add something to the conversation that you don’t feel is correct, then do it in a nice way.

  10. Good grief!!! There are only two varieties of Chihuahuas, long coat and smooth coat-period! Then there are well bred Chihuahuas that resemble what the original standard of the breed calls for, as opposed to badly bred, back yard greeders progeny. PLEASE do your research before you add to the mountain of misinformation and ignorance.

    1. We got one from shelter, he still doesn’t come to my husband at all we think he originates from a puppy mill he comes to me ,what average weight is normal.what tips could we have for getting him to warm up to my husband???????

  11. I beg to differ with you, there is no such thing as a “teacup” Chihuahua. A “teacup” chihuahua is the runt of the litter, bred with another runt and so on to get the smallest dog possible so unscrupulous breeders can charge more money for them because most people want a tiny Chi. A responsible Chihuahua breeder breeds them because they love the breed, not to see how much money they can get. Sadly, many of these so-called “teacup” Chis are unhealthy and will cost the unsuspecting buyer a ton of money in vet bills.

    Look at your own picture of a “teacup” Chihuahua, does it honestly look healthy to you or your readers? That poor baby’s head is too large and may very well have what we call “down syndrome”.

    There ARE deer head and also pear head and they are considered a type of Chihuahua, even by responsible breeders.

    Please, please for the sake of these wonderful and deserving dogs, stop perpetuating the myth and helping these barbaric breeders continue to breed unhealthy puppies and risking the mother’s health as well.

  12. I got an Chihuahua when he was an 8 weeks old fawn color dear head he is six years old now and weights 15pds the doctor told me he is an full Chihuahua can someone tell me if there is another one this big ..His attitude and tail head is all as an Chihuahua

  13. I am not offended by the term “teacup” as many of you are here. When I hear or read “teacup” in describing a Chihuahua, it only tells me that it’s a very tiny Chihuahua. That’s all. And if so many of you are offended by the term you need to have more sex…it’ll mellow you out. You need to channel your disgust elsewhere like how childish the democrats are acting for starters.

  14. I have a fawn deer head chi that I got when she was 6 weeks old. Shes 3 years old. Yes she was difficult to house break but other than that I have never owned such a living sweet dog ever.

  15. 1. It’s more ridiculous to even argue whether or not if someone has grammatical errors or not. That’s stupid and no ones cares of that opinion except other trolls.
    2. Taco Bell uses what’s refereed to as a Deerhead. So I have no problem calling my short haired a Deer. Regardless if he is called a “style” or a “breed”. We love him to death. He is registered and I am a registered breeder. I will breed maybe once a year.
    3. It’s awesome to go to a shelter. But you will most likely get a very unhealthy inbred poor dna pet from the bad breeders you complain about. But don’t discourage ppl from finding good breeders who care. If it wasn’t for breeders, there wouldn’t be any pets to buy, good or bad. It’s the “bad” people in any business that ruin it for everyone.

  16. Chihuahuas are either long coat or smooth coat. The breed standard is 2-6 pounds most all colors are acceptable. That’s it and that’s all..

    There are hairless chihuahuas however, the are a mixed breed that is purposely bred to resemble the chihuahua. Once that is achieved they are then bred to each other to achieve more chihuahua like qualities without the hair. From my understanding they still are born to litters where some have hair and some do not.
    Although they are actually a mixed breed and not pure bred chihuahuas the ones that I have seen have been adorable.

  17. Wow! such an informative article. Chihuahua is such a wonderful dog. I never knew there are that many types of this adorable breed. Personally I think that we shouldn’t be specific about a dog breed or a specific type or color. Instead, we should focus on the way we raise our puppies.

  18. The titles that our babies have is just to tell the bloodline. It’s also cute to have an apple head or teacup chihuahuas. It is just like the toy poodle title. Is it a toy.? No , but that’s how they are identified. Whether or it it’s the true breed named any of the names mentioned. So quit with who’s got the most knowledge and research about these loving doggy’s. Just love them and go on if someone wants to call it appleheaded or teacup then it’s their business not anyone else’s.

  19. First off there’s two types, Appleheads & Deerheads with the rare occasion of a third type, the Pearhead. And that’s when someone breeds an Applehead & Deerhead together, that one or two have Pearhead shaped heads. Applehead Chihuahuas typically range from 2 to 6 pounds. AKC only recognizes the Applehead Chihuahua in which they refer to as the Dome shaped head & their two coats – long hair or short hair. I can’t stand AKC for their bs standards, because the AKC isn’t GOD!!! They don’t get to say there’s only one type of Chihuahua with either short hair or long hair. They didn’t create the Chihuahua Breed, which is the smallest breed of dogs, GOD did. Deerhead Chihuahuas typically range from 4 to 12 pounds. Pearheads can weigh more. All Chihuahuas have either short hair or long hair with the rare occasion of breeding an Applehead w/short hair & an Applehead w/long hair to get wiry hair. Same if you breed a Deerhead w/short hair & a Deerhead w/long hair. Or a Deerhead w/short hair & an Applehead w/long hair. Next, there’s no such thing as a Teacup!!! Its a freakin marketing term used by unethical/backyard/puppymill breeders to charge a huge amount of money for what is already the smallest breed of dogs. They don’t care about the health of those precious furbabies. They take the smallest female & smallest male to breed together. Do you know how many small females die giving birth & their puppies die too?? Or how many are put thru C-sections & some don’t make it & some of their puppies don’t make it??? And the puppies that do make it, have alot of health issues, like hydrocephalus, seizures, etc & have to suffer everyday because of their health issues & alot of them don’t live very long??? It cruel & wrong. Its all because people don’t educate themselves on the Chihuahua breed. If people would educate themselves & stop using that term, it will help start shutting down more & more of those unethical/backyard/puppymill breeders!!! Educating people & bringing Awareness about the Chihuahua breed & how the smallest of the liters are being used to bred even smaller because of that stupid term, Teacup, then we can help save those precious females from being bred!! Also, FAWN is a freakin color of coat & they have different color coats as well. That’s why you have white, cream, fawn, tan, brown, red, blue, black, merle & that’s just to name some of the colors of coats Chihuahuas have.
    So please remove this uneducated article or update it to be an actual educated, researched & truthful article about this precious small breed. Do some real research & learn the facts & the truth about CHIHUAHUAS, THE ALREADY SMALL BREED OF DOGS!!!
    Also, they come from Chihuahua, Mexico & are descendants of Techichi’s. Hence the breed name Chihuahua & referred to a shortened name, Chi’s

    1. i agree with Candi!.. thank you for a great explanation.. gotta say, a HOT topic!
      Funny, but a the real Chihauhaus couldnt care less! Which shows that some people just make things complicated for no reason!
      AKC-Always Kept Complicated

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