Are Carrots Good For Dogs? (Cooked and Raw)

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Carrots are delicious as well as nutritious vegetables for humans, and surprisingly, it’s also good for dogs. Carrots are one of the human foods that are safe for dogs or puppies.

Feeding your dog the right food can be a challenge, and at some point, you are wondering whether carrots are good for dogs and how do I serve it to your dog. If you want to know why carrots are good for dogs and how to feed your precious pet, then the information below will guide.

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Nutrients Of Carrots That Are Good For Dogs

Various nutrients in carrots can aid in developing your dog’s health and avoid or mitigate some diseases. These nutrients, in turn, will save you lots of effort and medicine in dealing with those conditions. Here is a list of those nutrients and how they affect your pet’s body:

  • Potassium – Helps the body fluids and cells that control the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Beta-carotene – A natural anti-oxidant that is the most powerful of its kind. Beta-carotene helps in the growth, development, and good eye health of your dog.
  • Falcarinol – An anti-cancer agent that can destroy cells that cause cancer in tumors. A very useful benefit for dogs prone to cancer.
  • Vitamin C – This water-soluble anti-oxidant maintains the teeth, gums, and the connective tissue of the dog. It also protects the dog from cancer and other diseases.
  • B Complex Vitamin Groups – These groups of vitamins consist of pantothenic acid, folic acid, B-6, thiamin, etc. All of these help enzymes during the body’s substrate metabolism.
  • Dietary fiber – Prevents constipation in your dog and aids in its bowel movement. Dietary fiber also ensures that almost all stool are removed from your dog’s body.

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? If Yes, How Many Carrots a Day?

Yes is the correct and straightforward answer to the question above. Dogs can eat carrots, and they can like the taste of it. To a dog’s sense of taste, the carrot is sweet and crunchy. These veggies serve to break the monotony of your pet’s diet, which can be bland sometimes. If you’re looking for a substitute treat alternative to dog biscuits, carrots will do the job. Carrots, unlike regular dog biscuits, are healthier.

However, the question of whether dogs can eat carrots in large amounts per day is another subject. Carrots are nutritious and healthy veggies than can be mixed with a dog’s meal or made as a treat. Now, like any other food, carrots must be eaten in moderation.

The amount of carrots you give your pet is dependent on its overall health. A dog with a diabetes problem should not eat too many carrots since its diabetes will worsen. Make sure to consult a veterinarian about serving carrots when your dog has specific health complications.

Another issue is your dog’s digestive system, which is faster, unlike the digestive system of humans. You can give your pet too many carrots, yet it would not absorb the nutrients present in carrots fully. This situation is due to the various minerals and vitamins that are deeply embedded in the vegetable. Also, Vitamin-A in carrots can be harmful if it builds up in the dog’s body. High levels of Vitamin-A are toxic to dogs and puppies.

Benefits Of Carrots To Your Dog’s Diet

Your dog deserves the best food, and carrots are one of the best. The benefits of carrots will ensure that your dog or puppy will be a healthy pet and will have a wonderful life under your care. The following advantages will make you decide favorably on whether to add carrots to your pet’s diet.

  • Improved eye health
  • Stronger immune system
  • Good skin and coat health
  • Prevents constipation
  • Easy bowel movement
  • Prevents obesity
  • Good dental health

Are Carrots Good For Puppies?

Puppy Eating Carrots

The answer to the question above is a definitive yes! Carrots, In fact, carrots can significantly aid your puppy’s growth development thanks to the carrot’s various vitamins and minerals. Additionally, you can make your puppy get used to eating carrots if you have already planned to add these vegetables to their diet beforehand.

Make sure that you feed your puppy, just the right amount that it can eat. Like adult dogs, overfeeding a puppy is a big no. Try using baby carrots to serve your puppy since these kinds of carrots are small enough to fill up its belly.

Frozen carrots are suitable for a puppy that is teething, and it will love chewing on those kinds of carrots

Just remember that as your puppy matures, it will need more nourishment. At this point, you can eat more carrots to its diet, but just make sure to moderate the number of carrots you serve your pet.

Cooked or Raw Carrots Which is Better?

Carrots cooked or raw are both acceptable for your dog or puppy, but of course, you might choose one over the other. To weigh in and decide about choosing cooked or raw carrots as the primary way of feeding your pet you will need to know the difference.

Raw Carrots

If you want to maximize your pet’s dental hygiene, then fresh carrots will do the trick. If you want a toothbrush for your pet, then carrots will serve as one since they can remove any buildup or plaque.

Raw carrots are good substitutes for bones. Bones are similar in some ways to carrots since both of them have the same feel and texture except that carrots are more nutritious. Teething puppies will love raw carrots as a means of alleviating their gum that sore due to their teething. Frozen fresh carrots are even better. Additionally, frozen raw carrots are excellent summer treats for your pet.

Your dog or puppy will often relieve its stress by chewing and gnawing on things. Your pet can do these actions on a chew toy, but if you don’t have one, it may choose something else. Carrots are a suitable substitute for chew toys. Carrots are not inexpensive but healthy as well.

Cooked Carrots

Cooking a carrot makes the vegetable easy to digest. Since dogs lack the amount of enzymes in their digestive system, they may not break down the carrots and will often not absorb all the nutrients present.

Some cooked carrots make great additions to your pet’s meal. Just be sure not to add any sugar, spices, and salt. Boiling, mashing, or making a puree of out carrots makes for smooth feeding.

Regardless of what kind of carrot you serve your dog or puppy makes sure that it can eat them well. You may choose carrot juice, cut and sliced carrots as a means to make your pet’s meal easier to digest. Avoid giving your pet (especially if it’s still a puppy) a whole carrot stick since the dog may not be able to eat all, or it can be a potential choking hazard.


Now that you know carrots or raw are excellent additions to your precious pet’s diet, you no longer need to hesitate to get your pet some of these delicious, nutritious, and healthy vegetables. If you love your pet, then only the best kind of food that will improve its health will be enough for you and your precious.


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