What Are The Advantages Of Giving Freezer-Dried Dog Food?

One of the responsibilities of a pet-owner is to provide good food for their pets. There are pets that are not highly-sensitive when it comes to food, and you are lucky if you own one. In other cases, some pets are too sensitive and may acquire digestive problems when they intake foods that their system is not familiar with. Regardless of their food sensitivity, you must be aware if you are feeding your pets properly.

Most pet owners think that giving their dogs food and water every day is enough for a pet to survive. The most important thing about feeding a pet must answer the question, “Does this food provide enough nutrients for my pet?” Your pet may get full every mealtime but are unsure if the nutrients they receive are enough for them. Do not worry because there are many nutritional supplements in the market, including the best dog food freeze dried that will help your pet sustain a healthy state.

What is Freeze-Drying?

Freeze-drying is the process of water and weight removal to the food. This process is standard in preparing food for the astronauts in their space travel. It is also the common process used for freeze-dried dog food, which may answer your question, “Why are the packaging and content too small?” Freeze-drying limits the food’s size, making it too small, but it does not remove its nutrients.

How to Freeze Dry Dog Food?

As mentioned above, freeze-drying is the removal of weight and water content from the food. The food is frozen, and with the help of a vacuum, the water content from the food will convert into vapor.

Why do pet owners consider freeze-dried dog food?

All pet owner only wants only the best for their pets. They will give their best to provide all the things that their pet needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Knowing what fits for them is like experimenting. It is a trial and error, and you need to find what suits their body and health condition. You cannot give small dogs the food made for big dogs because it may cause serious illness. Likewise, the food for small dogs may also affect big dogs in some ways. This instance is the main reason why you should know everything about your dog. Dog food and water is not enough, and here are the reasons why you should try to give your pet freeze-dried dog food:


Most of the ingredients are raw and frozen. It also includes meat, organs, and grounded bone of chicken, turkey, and beef. It is also free from artificial and preservatives, making it more nutritious and healthier.

Shelf life

Compared to raw foods, freeze-dried dog food has a longer shelf life. You will not worry if it will expire for a short time. Also, you can bring it wherever you are, especially when you are going on a trip.

Great alternative

Freezer-dried dog food is a perfect alternative for a raw diet. Preparing raw food may take up too much time and work on your side, but it may lessen when you try the freeze-dried dog food. It is also easy to prepare.


This kind of dog food is very easy to prepare, and all you need to do is to add warm water to soften the freeze-dried dog food.

Consequence of choosing freeze-dried dog food

If there are people who switched to freeze-dried dog food, there are some people who are still hesitant to make a change because of some reasons:

  • It is because freeze-dried dog food is expensive.
  • It is more laborious compared to cooking meals or providing raw foods for your pets.
  • It is not available for a short period of time.
  • The equipment to perform freeze-drying of dog food is also expensive, and it will cost you a lot of money.
  • It will consume a lot of time to perform the whole process successfully. It will take up to two days to finish freeze-drying, and you cannot force it nor hurry the process because it will only ruin the food.
  • Rushing the process will only result in moisture in food, considered as an unsuccessful result.

Even though feeding your pets with freeze-dried dog food has the best result for their growth and development, some owners are still undecided about making a big switch or retaining the old ways of feeding their pets.

FAQs About Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Admit it; you are more familiar with dry foods than freeze-dried dog food. Do not worry because you are not alone. Some people have no idea about this type of food for their pets. So here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding freeze-dried dog food:

Is it fine for the pets to eat freeze-dried dog food without other types of food?

Answer: Yes, it is okay if your pet will only eat the freeze-dried dog food, but you can also put it as a topper to add extra flavor for their meals.

Does my pet get enough nutrients from freeze-dried dog food?

Answer: Yes, and you can get more nutrients from freeze-dried dog food compared to dry dog foods. The main reason why most veterinarians recommend this type of dog food is because nutrients are more intact compared to cooked meals and dehydrated dog food.

What food can I mix with freeze-dried dog food?

Answer: Freeze-dried dog food is full of nutrients alone, but you can still add other nutritious food that your pet can enjoy. Here are some of the best and convenient ways on how you can prepare healthy food for your pet:

  • You can give them your reliable dog food then mixed it with freeze-dried dog food.
  • You can mix it with boiled and unsalted chicken and beef.
  • You can use chicken broth, apple cider, and probiotics to soften the freeze-fried dog food.
  • If your dog is not too sensitive to dairy products, you can also use your preferred milk to soften the dog food. If this is their first time to try milk, goat’s milk is recommended to supply extra nutrients for your pet.

Is it expensive?

Answer: Yes, it is more expensive compared to dry dog foods and cooked meals. Since it is quite costly, most pet owners use freeze-dried food as toppers only.

Can I give it to my pet directly?

Answer: No. First, you must consult a veterinarian or food expert to know if the type of food is suitable for your pets. There are some freeze-dried foods that may cause allergies, digestive problems, and some serious illnesses to your pets. Beware of giving them this type of food without consulting your trusted veterinarian.

Where can I buy it?

Answer: This type of dog food is widely available in the market, and there are lots of options to choose from. You can always check for the flavor and its nutritional content. Since there is a global pandemic, you can also purchase online if you are hesitant to go outside. There are also online stores that can provide you with a different variety of freeze-dried dog food.

Is it risky for my pets?

Answer: Perfection is not the word to describe this type of dog food. Despite the intact nutrients that your pets can get, they can still be harmful to them if not treated properly. Raw foods are likely to cause more harmful effects than freeze-dried food because bacteria are more visible to raw or uncooked foods. Some studies have shown that freeze-dried food also contains bacteria that can mutate and reproduce when added with water. Do not worry because pets still experience some digestive illnesses from time to time because they have a highly sensitive stomach compared to humans. Always remember to observe them, especially if they are trying new types of foods.

The FAQs above are only the common ones. If you are still doubtful or wondering how it will benefit your pets, you can always have your research online. There are lots of reviews that came from the self-experience of other pet owners. You can also look for a trusted brand that you can try.

Here’s what to look for in your trusted freeze-dried dog food

Be meticulous. Do not buy impulsively, or what you think is good because of the advertisement. Look for the one that your veterinarian recommends. Familiarize yourself with the nutrients that your pet needs to live a longer and healthy life. These are some of the essential things to look at when you are going to buy freeze-dried dog food:

  • Look for a food that contains fish oils and is rich in omega and fatty acids.
  • Look for dog food that has no or less artificial and preservatives added. Make sure that they are safe from artificial because they may cause kidney and digestive illness.
  • Look for freeze-dried dog food that has dried fruits and vegetables. Aside from meat content, it is also necessary that your pets can take foods with antioxidants that can improve their digestive system.
  • Look for freeze-dried dog food that passed standard quality control for foods. It will help you ensure that it will not cause any severe and harmful effects on your pet’s condition.
  • Since it is really expensive, invest in the best one. Avoid paying for low-quality products because it will risk your pet’s life.


Looking for the perfect food for your pet is tricky as you think. It is not as simple as buying the most expensive in the store and expecting that it is the right food for them.

It would be better if you were innovative in deciding what to give your pets. In just a snap, their life will be at risk if you give them the wrong and unhealthy food. Always look for the best products that will help to improve your pet’s health. Keep in mind that having too many nutrients is also bad for them and may cause severe illnesses. Discover how to provide a balanced diet for your pets.

If still in doubt, it is better to visit your trusted veterinarian to lecture you on how you can make a diet plan and the best foods to give your pet. Observe their behavior, appearance, and their bodily fluid and waste. You can quickly notice changes in those things if you are much familiar with your pet.


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