Life Jackets for Dogs: Safeguarding Your Canine Companion on the Water 🐾🌊

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A dog life jacket is an investment not only for your dog but for you as well. The risk of losing a dog due to drowning is high, especially if your dog cannot swim. However, dogs who are able to swim should also have a dog life vest, just in case they tire out easily or there are unexpected current waves.


#1. Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket,Camouflage Dog Life Vest (Breathable & Comfy)

Life vest for dogs

The Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket has a high-grade polyester oxford and nylon fabric, mesh fabric and pearl cotton foam. The Oxford nylon fabric is ripstop, and the mesh fiber allows the life jacket to dry quickly and drain the absorbed water in it properly. This dog life jacket is great for dogs of all sizes as it is available in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL so there is a fitted size for your small pups and large dogs, as well. When it comes to dog life vests, it should be able to adjust properly to fit your pup’s frame for it to be safe and secure.

This life jacket has an adjustable belt and quick-release buckles that make sure that your pup not only fit perfectly but comfortably. Its easy adjustment feature also allows you to easily take it on and off. It also has a handle on top for quick and easy grabbing by hand or by boat hook. This dog life jacket is also equipped with a heavy-duty D-ring hook that is just perfect for your dog’s leash.

You can take this dog life jacket in every water area you go, may it be a beach, pool, lake or you’re going to go boating, swimming, hunting or surfing with your dog. Also, who would want extra cuteness for their pooches? This dog life vest comes in stylish mermaid and shark designs. This dog vest has an upgraded design with reflective strips with exceeding bright color for high visibility. This is helpful as light reflects along the straps, you are able to see where your dog is at even at night.


  • Made from ripstop and durable fabric
  • Is available in different kinds of sizes
  • Available in unique mermaid and shark styles
  • It has an adjustable and quick-release buckles
  • Ensured that your pup can fit securely in this dog life jacket


  • Offers a wide range of choices so there is a perfect life dog vest for your small and large pups
  • Designed with a heavy-duty D-ring for dog leashes
  • Incorporated with reflective straps, making your dog easier to find when submerged in water

#2. RUFFWEAR - Float Coat Dog Life Vest for Swimming

Float coat for pets

Float Coat’s Ruffwear K9 dog jacket is water-friendly, has an abrasion-resistant webbing and strategically-placed foam panels that support a natural swimming position that your dog can feel most comfortable in during the day. It also features a telescoping neck closure that can be adjusted depending on the size of your dog.

You just have to adjust the side straps to fit your dog perfectly and securely. It has a helpful built-in handle that is strong and optimally positioned for the easy retrieval of your dog when submerged underwater. Aside from that, this dog life jacket is easy-to-clip and has side buckles that hold the straps firmly in place. You do not have to worry about strapping a lot of buckles with this gear up and go dog jacket. It also has a reflective trim so that you can easily find your dog when they are swimming under the water. You can also extend the capability of this dog vest by attaching a beacon light to the vest’s built-in light loop.


  • Its webbing is water-friendly and abrasion-resistant
  • It has a telescoping neck closure that can be adjusted to fit for any size of the dog
  • Designed with a built-in handle that is optimally positioned
  • There are easy-to-clip buckles that hold the straps in place
  • It has a reflective trim that will make you see your pup easier


  • It can cater to dogs with varying sizes
  • Its webbings are abrasion-resistant and has strategically-placed foam panels that can support a natural swimming position
  • The side straps can be adjusted for the perfect fit

#3. EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket (DFD)

Pets life vest

The EzyDog life vest has an adjustable design with 50% more flotation material made from neoprene straps. These straps are ergonomically designed to secure a good fit to keep your dog afloat.

This dog life vest uses durable construction materials to make sure that this will keep your dog safe whenever he is submerged under the water. It also has an integrated grab handle that provides an easy and secure way to handle your puppy. Aside from that, it has a highly reflective detailing for greater visibility and improved safety at night.


  • Highly adjustable straps to allow a wide range of doggy shapes and size
  • Designed with quick-release buckles on the neck and chest are
  • Contains 50% more floating device
  • It has an improved and comfortable design
  • There is a reinforced handle that can be used for easy grabbing and retrieval


  • It is made of neoprene which keeps the pup afloat
  • There is a "D" ring hole that can cater a leash or waterproof light
  • Designed with a reflective rim for nighttime safety and added visibility

#4. Outward Hound Dawson Dog Life Vest

Canine Friendly Life Jacket

The Outward Hound Life Jacket believes in raising the woof. With its Hound Dawson life jacket constructed with a dual grab handle that makes it easy for you to pull your dog out of the water.

For added security, the belly buckles and chest straps keep the jacket secure and keep straps from getting caught on unknown obstacles in the water. This dog jacket features four components – buoyancy, visibility, handles, and flotation. For buoyancy, this dog life vest has side foam panels that could keep your dog afloat. It also has a warming insulation that keeps dogs warm on cold swims.


  • It offers easy rescue and restraint with the rescue handles
  • Available in a flashy red color for high visibility
  • There is a warming insulation that will keep your dog warm
  • Its side panels are made from foam which can help your dog stay afloat
  • Its straps are adjustable and it has neoprene belly bands for a comfortable and secure fit


  • The front neck float keeps the dog's head above the water
  • Top grab handles for easy rescue and restraint
  • Available in 5 different sizes to fit your dog's frame properly

#5. Kurgo Inflatable Life Jacket For Dogs

The Kurgo Surf ‘N Turf life vest easily doubles as a dog jacket and a raincoat. So, this is very much suitable for owners who want a 2-season coat for their pooches. It can be used as a life vest to assist your canine when in water or on a boat, and can quickly turn into a raincoat by removing the floatation layer. It also has 2 transverse handles so you can easily control retrieving your dog when he is in the water.

The life vest is also made of rugged ripstop material to withstand rough use. The life vest is brightly-colored that can be seen even from far distances. It also has a reflective trim to aid nighttime visibility. The dog jacket has 2 metal D-rings for leash connections and has an attached bottle opener. This product also comes with hassle-free Kurgo Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • Has two handles for quick control
  • Has a reflective trim for nighttime visibility
  • Can be used as a raincoat
  • Includes a front buckle and bottle opener
  • Brightly-colored and has a reflective trim for increased visibility


  • This is a life vest that can also double as a jacket
  • Available in different sizes to cater to a wide range of dog body types
  • Made from ripstop materials

#6. PAWABOO Pet Life Jacket, Durable Adjustable Soft Padded Reflective

reflective water vest for dogs

The Pawaboo dog life jacket is made from neoprene material with an extra high-density EPE padding and also has a front neck float to provide maximum buoyancy and a comfortable fit to your dog as he is swimming in the waters. It also has a vibrant green color and reflective straps which can increase the visibility of your dog for his safety.

Through this, you can quickly identify your dog in and out of the water. Aside from these, it has a durable handle that you can use to pull your dog out of the water in case of emergency. It also has a metal D-rings for convenient leash connections and an adjustable belt for a comfortable and secure fit.


  • Made from neoprene materials with extra high-density EPE padding
  • Designed with a front float support that keeps your pet's head above the water
  • Offers a heavy-duty hook and loop fastening system around the belly and neck
  • There are additional two neoprene belly bands for added safety
  • Its straps are adjustable and quick-release buckles for a comfortable and fast fit


  • Made from an extra high-density EPE padding that can keep your pooch afloat
  • Designed with a vibrant green color for easy identification and reflective rims for night time use
  • Made from neoprene materials that will add buoyancy to your dog

#7. Aosida JC with Adjustable Straps and Rescue Handle

The Boknight dog life jacket is designed specifically with high-density, abrasion resistant and dirt-proof oxford cloth which uses up to 50% more padding flotation pearl cotton foam that could offer maximum comfort and warmth. The design also incorporated sturdy grab handles that make it easier for you to pull your dog out of any emergency. Its adjustable straps and quick-release knuckles ensure the perfect fit and keep the jacket secure on the dog while in the water.

Due to its comfortable design, the dog will be less tired while paddling. It has a breathable mesh underbelly for proper draining and drying which provides your dog more comfort and healthier conditions than other traditional pet life jackets. The pet water vests have an upgraded design with unique shark style and exceeding bright color for high visibility. The shark’s fin breaks the surface of the water, it keeps your pet visible at the swimming pool.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized pets
  • Has built-in side rails and non-skid feet
  • Can be easily stored
  • Can support dogs over 120 lbs


  • They are easy to store and are easy to move around
  • Its dimensions are just right for small pets
  • The company has a 24/7 customer support if ever you'll need assistance with their products

#8. Paws Aboard Pet Life Jacket (BREATHABLE MESH UNDERBELLY)

This dog life vest by Paws Aboard is made of neoprene which increases the buoyancy of your canine when he is under the water. So, when it comes to security and safety, you have nothing to worry about when you bring your pup with you in your water adventures.

Aside from that, this also has reflective strips for maximum visibility and has a handle which you can easily grab once your pup is under the water. This life vest also comes in different sizes – from XX-small, X-small, small, medium, large and x-large – to cater to dogs of all sizes. Each variant has adjustable nylon straps so you can fit and secure well your dog as he swims.


  • Comes with adjustable nylon straps
  • Designed with reflective strips for maximum visibility
  • Handle for easy exit in the water
  • Made from neoprene materials
  • Incorporated with an advanced breathable mesh underbelly


  • Made from materials that can easily keep your pup afloat
  • There is a handle you can easily grab
  • Made with a breathable mesh underbelly for your pup's comfortable swim

#9. Vivaglory Ripstop Reflective & Adjustable Preserver  Pet Vest

The Vivaglory dog life jacket is constructed with extra padding to enable strong buoyant force in the water without restricting the movement of your dog. There is also a velcro system around the belly and neck that will keep the floatation vest securely fastened. This life vest also has a durable grab handle that makes it easy to pull out your dog out of the water in case of emergency. For added support and security, a D-ring is also provided so you can hook in your dog’s leash. It has adjustable straps and quick-release buckles to ensure the perfect fit and keep the jacket secure on your dog while he is in the water.

For higher visibility, this dog life jacket comes in eight different bright colors and reflective strips. This personal floating device can enhance your dog’s visibility in and out of the water for easy and quick identification. This also comes in five sizes that range from XS to XL so it can fit any body type of the dog may it be small or large


  • There is a velcro system around the belly for security
  • Its straps are adjustable and its buckles are designed for quick-release
  • Incorporated with a comfortable and durable rescue handle
  • Made with built-in extra padding for added buoyancy for your puppy


  • There are adjustable straps so one size variant can fit in different dog sizes
  • It offers a comfortable grab handle that is sewed with durable stitching for easy retrieval of your pooch
  • It is designed with a Velcro, adjustable strap and quick-release buckle fastening system ensures a perfect fit and keep the vest secure on your dog


Dog life jacket (small, medium, large)

The Paws Aboard Neoprene Doggy life jacket has new reflective strips for maximum visibility, especially when your dog is under the water and if you are going swimming at night.

It also has bright designer colors and unique designs. There is also a handle on top of the life vest for quick and easy grabbing. It also has adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles for added safety. This is a dog life vest that is heavy-duty yet has a comfortable velcro fastening system around the dog’s neck and belly.


  • New reflective strips for maximum visibility
  • Bright designer colors and unique designs
  • Handle on top for quick and easy grabbing
  • Adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles
  • Heavy-duty yet more comfortable Velcro fastening system around the belly and neck to keep securely fastened and can be adjusted in a way to keep your dog feel comfortable yet secure


  • Comes with a handle for easy retrieval of the dog when submerged under the water
  • Made with adjustable nylon straps to fit perfectly to your dog
  • There is a comfortable and secure velcro fastening system

Dog Life vest (FAQS & BUYERS GUIDE)

Why Do I Need To Get A Life Vest For My Pet?

It cannot be stressed enough that the safety of your puppies should come first more than anything else. Dogs are playful and adventurous in nature. In order for them to enjoy whatever the world has to offer, you should gear up your dogs as much as possible so they can maximize their movements to the full extent.

Water activities are a fun way for you and your dog to bond and enjoy. However, not all dogs know how to swim. Some dogs can swim but can tire out easily or get washed away by the water current.

For your peace of mind and for your dog's safety, buying a dog life jacket will make it easier for the both of you. Dog life jackets are primarily made to support your dog when he is in the water or maybe even in a boat for added protection. Some dog life vest can double as a jacket which you can use for cold seasons and not just when your dog is in the water. In this way, you can extend the features of your dog’s life jacket.

What Is The Best Dog Life Vest Can I Get For My Pup?

The best dog life jacket is a life vest that should be reliable, durable, and suitable for your puppy's size and needs.

Where Can I Buy A PetLife Vest?

Dog life vests and life jackets are available almost everywhere. You can find these at malls or pet shops near you. But the choices in these retail store areas are extremely limited.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can shop conveniently anytime and at any store. This is made possible by online shopping. With a simple click of a button, you can now choose from different products that are sporting different kinds of features. 

You can do all of these in the comfort of your own home or while you're taking a break during your work. All you have to do is to look for whichever dog life vest you would want for your pup, compare prices from different shops here and there, then choose the best deal that will work for you and your dog's needs.

The number of shops that sells dog life vests and jackets are extensive so you won't have to worry about running out of choices. One of the leading online platforms that offer hassle-free online shopping is Amazon. So, make your life easy and keep your dogs safe when they are in the water with just a simple purchase of a dog life vest. 

What Are The Factors I Need To Consider When Buying A Good Pet Life Vest?

Whether you treat your dog as your friend or as a part of your family, you know that their security and safety always come first. There are times when you just can't bring your pooches to your water trips because it isn't a safe field for them. Plus, not all dogs are natural swimmers.

So, to keep your puppies from missing out all the fun from the water activities, may it be a simple boat riding or swimming to a surfing or paddle boarding, you must invest in a good dog life vest.
Now, what makes a certain life best a good purchase? Here are some of the factors you should need to consider when buying a life vest.

1. The material of the dog life vest should be lightweight

In order to float when submerged under the water, your dog's personal floating device should be lightweight yet durable. Life vests are usually made from durable, ripstop material that keep    s the life vest sturdy enough for your dog to float in.

Neoprene is usually added as side or neck paddings to keep your dog more afloat. Neoprene contains fifty percent more floating materials that could help your dog stay on the surface of the water, no matter how heavy your dog is. The material of the dog vest should not be water-absorbent such as cloth as these materials could weigh down your dog and doing much more of harm than help.

2. The life vest should have secure adjustable straps for easy access

Gearing up for water sports activities always take a lot of time. However, this should not be the case for your little fido. The dog life vest you should buy should be easy to wear but should not easily come off, especially when your dog is in the water.

Dog life vests usually have adjustable straps that you can loosen or tighten, depending on the frame of your dog. When doing so, you should be able to fit in the life vest to your dog properly and securely to avoid any emergency situations.

3. The life vest should be easy to see

Manufacturers of dog life vests and jackets usually offer a wide range of colors to choose from. These colors should be bright and neon - something that you can see even from far away.

This is vital because the waters is a space which is pretty much hard to navigate to and from; therefore, to be able to see and identify the location of your pup properly while he is swimming under the water, the vest that he should be wearing should be colorful or bright enough to be visible even from a couple hundred meters away. 

There are other life vests that have reflective strips for added visibility, especially during the night. These vests are perfect especially if you are planning on engaging to night time water activities with your canine.

4. The vest or jacket should fit your dog perfectly

This may be one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a life vest for your dog. You should be able to measure the size of your dog properly - from its length, height and girth, the life vest should fit your pooch to the T.Vest manufacturers have a size chart available but the adjustable straps of the life vests should be able to create a tighter fit for your pup

5. It should have a handle for easy grabbing in case of emergencies

The visibility feature of your dog's life vest won't mean anything if you cannot have something to latch on to in order to grab your dog when they are under the water.

Some manufacturers incorporate light yet heavy-duty handles at the topmost portion of the life vests so owners could easily grab and retrieve their dogs in time of distress.

6. It is advisable to buy a dog life jacket with warming insulation

Warming insulation can make your pup's swimming experience a lot better. Dogs are warm-blooded animals. This means that they do not easily adapt to the environment and would take some time before their temperatures become equal with their surroundings. So, a warm insulation would help your dog's temperature adapt slowly to the water without your dog feeling uncomfortable.

There are also some times when the water's temperature, especially during the night, is lower. So, if you want extended swimming time for your dog to last until the night, then you should get a dog life vest with a warming insulation.

How Will I Measure My Dog Properly For Getting A Dog Life Jacket? 

The performance of your dog's life jacket will largely depend on the fit of the jacket to your dog. The better fitting it is, the more efficient and effective it would be. An ill-fitting dog life jacket may cause troubles. If the dog life jacket is too loose, then your dog may escape the vest assembly and could eventually drown. However, if a dog life jacket is too tight, then this could cause your dog to be uncomfortable. Therefore, a dog life jacket should be fitted just enough to accommodate the frame of your dog. Some dog life jackets have adjustable strips that can help you fit your dog properly to the vest.

Here are some of tips on how you can measure your dog properly when getting a dog life jacket:

  • Measure with a measuring tape (not with a ruler, since this can give inaccurate results) the length and height of your dog. These dimensions will help you identify which size of life jacket you should get your dog. For example: small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • Measure the girth of your dog. You can do this by placing the measuring tape around the neck and belly area of your dog. You should be able to leave about an inch or so as to give an allowance for side paddings and warming insulations. However, these measurements should be fitted enough because this will secure your dog in the right places.

For added precautions, you should also measure the weight of your dog. Some life vests can fit small dogs but could only accommodate certain weights as the dog's weight is expected to be proportional with its size. This is not the case for some dogs since some dogs could be small yet heavy.

Overall, it cannot be stressed more than enough on why getting a dog life jacket is more of an insurance than a worthless buy. You should keep in mind that this is an equipment for your dog's safety. Your life can be made easier and happier with these vests that could help your dog.


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