Different Types of Colors & Markings of Chihuahua Dog Breeds

the list of chihuahua colours and markings

The Chihuahua dog breed comes in many different sizes and shapes, but the thing that shows the variety of dogs are the Chihuahua’s different markings and colors. It is quite remarkable how a small cute dog like Chihuahua and Teacup Chihuahua can have so many colors and marking variations.

Classifying and categorizing the different kinds of Chihuahua markings and Chihuahua colors do have a practical purpose. Dog organizations like the American Kennel Club (AKC) organize the Chihuahua markings and Chihuahua colors to identify which colors and markings bear official recognition by said organizations and which are not unofficial.


For the average person who wants to own a Chihuahua or a Teacup Chihuahua, knowing about the dog breed’s colors and pattern varieties can be used for eye candy purposes. Each potential owner of a Chihuahua dog has his/her preference for what kind of color or pattern he/she likes.

Below is a listing of the different types of Chihuahua markings and Chihuahua colors. All these colors and markings can be found in either a long-haired or short-haired Chihuahua. Some of the colors and markings are not officially acknowledged as the breed’s standard by dog organizations. make sure to read our guide about different types of chihuahua dog breeds

Chihuahua Markings

Tri Color Long Hair Chihuahua
Via: Pinterest.com


This refers to Chihuahua’s coat that is a combination of three kinds of colors. The primary colors you can find in this marking are variations of brown and black with a tan shade. These colors are present in the dog’s ears, belly, eyes, legs, and the tip of the tail. Its underside is white as well as having spots of white or blaze on its face.

White Marked Chihuahua Puppy
Via: abc.net.au


This particular marking on the dog’s solid-color body is uncommon or not unique to have a name marking. At first glance, it looks as if the dog has only two colors.

Piebald Chihuahua Puppy Color Black and White
Via: pets.thenest.com


Also known as Pied to some people. A Chihuahua with this marking has color only on its head, tail base and a small part of its back. The rest of the dog’s coat is white. The white coloring of the dog is due to the lack of pigments in the dog’s hair. The Black Mask Piebald is another version of this marking.

Chihuahua Splashed markings


Compared to other Chihuahua markings, this particular marking has lots of colors and looks like it has been “splashed” all over the dog’s solid-colored coat. Though there are a lot of colors in a Splashed marking, the standard colors are white or tan. Some examples are Blue & Tan, Black & Red, and Fawn & White.

Irish Marked Chihuahua

Irish Marked

A Chihuahua or Teacup Chihuahua has this kind of marking possess a coat with a darker color combined with a chest, neck ring, legs, and a blaze that is colored white. Note that the neck ring pattern of the dog is either a full ring or a half ring.

Merle Chihuahua With amazing Blue Markings
Via: Pinterest.com


Some people often mistake this marking as a color. It is just a pattern that has colors looking like marbled or mottled in the dog’s coat. A Merle Chihuahua dog has eyes that are unique in color or is blue.

Brindle Chihuahua Markings
Via: Pinterest.com


A Brindle coat’s markings look like streaks and stripes that tend to be darker than the dog’s base coat. Any person looking at a Brindle Chihuahua might think that the dog looks like a tiger. Hence, its other name, “tiger-striped.”

Sabled Fawn Chihuahua Markings


Sable patterns can be found in any Chihuahua breed, though it is more prevalent with long-haired coat Chihuahuas. The hair on the dog’s topcoat is darker, unlike to the bottom part of the coat. In some cases, the hair is darker at the top shaft while the bottom is lighter in color. The top coat’s color is blue, black, brown, or chocolate though Black is the standard color.

There are other Chihuahua markings and patterns, but since most of these markings and patterns are similar or redundant, they are not essential to list here.

Chihuahua Colors

There are many Chihuahua colors examples, but the list of colors below has the well-known and prevalent color samples.

  • Cream – To the casual observer, it almost looks like White. There are also actual White color markings on the cream-colored coat sometimes.
  • Fawn – This is the typical color that one would usually see in the dog’s coat. Additionally, this color is trendy, and when one mentions the word “Chihuahua,” this color is the one that comes to mind for most people.
  • Red – This color often varies from one Chihuahua to another. Some Red colors may look almost like Orange, while some tend to be darker than cream, and there is also a dark red color.
  • Sable Fawn – A variation of the Fawn color. When the dog’s undercoat is lighter in color compared to the top layers of its hair, sable fawn color is the result. The Sable color is Blue, Brown, Chocolate, and Black, which is the most common.
  • Gold – The actual color doesn’t look like Gold. It’s more like a dark amber color or honey color.
  • Fawn & White – The head, neck, chest, and feet of the dog has White markings while the rest of the coat is Cream color.
  • Chocolate and Tan with White – An excellent example of several colors mixed in a Tri-colored pattern. The primary color is Chocolate with Tan on the cheeks, eyes, legs with a combination of white on the dog’s face, chest, and legs.
  • Black & Tan – The Chihuahua’s coat is all black except for the cheeks, chest, legs, the area above the eyes, and the tail’s underside.
  • Chocolate and Tan – Same as Black & Tan with the Chocolate color replacing Black.
  • Chocolate and White – Depending on each dog, the Chocolate color is either solid or is mixed with White markings around the dog’s face, chest, and legs.
  • Black and White – As the name suggests, the Chihuahua has only two colors. Black is the predominant color while the face, chest, and legs are White.
  • Blue and Tan with White – Another example of the Tri-colored pattern. The dog’s coat is Blue all over except for the eyes, back, and legs, which are tan while the face and the underside of the tail are White. Chest and legs are either Tan or White.
  • Black Spotted on White – The dog is white in color with splashes or marking in Black. Sometimes a Tan color becomes a Tri-color pattern due to a mix of other colors.
  • Blue – Not an actual Blue color despite the name. The color is actually a diluted Black mixed with other color markings. A real Blue Chihuahua has noses, nails, feet pads, and Blue eye rims.
  • Blue and White – Expect for the face, chest, legs, and tail, which is White; the rest of the coat is mostly Blue.

What is the rarest of chihuahua colors?

White Chihuahua
Via: Flickr.com

White is the rarest color or, to be more specific, a pure white Chihuahua. An actual White Chihuahua should have no trace of Cream or Fawn on their coat. The only colored parts are the nose and toenails, Black, while the eyes and nose are either Pink or Beige.


The color variety of the color and markings on a Chihuahua gives it an aesthetic look. Still, no matter what the color and markings, the Chihuahua is a fun, cute, and loving dog pet. It doesn’t matter as to what does the Chihuahua looks like. The important thing to remember is to give it the love, care, and companionship that every pet needs.

48 thoughts on “Different Types of Colors & Markings of Chihuahua Dog Breeds”

    1. Chi are the number two dogs left in shelters…..why not save a life? I have seen every type of Chi and every age…only pit bulls exceed chi in type of dog put to sleep in shelters….

      1. Literally filled out 11 applications and tried to adopt a Chihuahua from all the shelters and rescues in my state and couldn’t get anyone to approve me to adopt one. Even being willing to pay hundreds for the vetting and adoption fees to them. I still to this day have no idea why it is so hard to adopt. We have a very nice,clean and spacious home and no other pets. It was insane i even agreed to allow people to come in our home and do an inspection and meet us because several require that. It didnt make a difference… in the end we purchased 2 chi puppies from 2 different breeders. One in state and one out of state. We could not be happier with them but they are expensive dogs and require a lot of time and attention.

        1. you have that right ours came free the owners dumped them on us but i got attached and dont want to let them go to another home one small one medium sized small haired chis

        2. oh my goodness! In NC where I volunteer in dog rescue, there are multiple chis in shelters and rescues. Many come from puppy mills or hoaring cases. There were just 75 from one PERSON a few weeks ago. Our rescue took some in and they are precious. I can’t believe you couldn’t adopt from a shelter. What reasons did they give for declining you? Shelters around here adopt out to just about anyone over 16. We end up sending our rescues to a partner rescue up north just to get dogs out of this high kill state!

        3. I had the exact same experience as @Layne. I filled out at least a dozen lengthy applications asking everything from what products I use on my lawn (none) to what I earn (plenty). I either got zero response or a “thank you, we’ll be in touch,” but never heard back. My husband has Labs that he hunts with and one of the rescues told one of my references that they didn’t approve of hunting/ e-collars/etc. Seriously, I’m not going to hunt a Chihuahua. My husband and I both have had dogs our entire lives and probably know about their care than almost any else we know (other than a vet); we have two huge properties with great areas to run; and we have the financial resources to help any pet in need of any level of care. And still we were not deemed “fit” pet parents. Yeah, I went and bought a Chihuahua; what choice did I have? She is completely spoiled and loves to play with her fellow dog “siblings”, supervised of course. She is going to have the best life ever, but I would have loved to have offered that to a Chi in need. Too bad these rescues can’t see the forest for the trees; there are a lot of good families out there that they are judging incorrectly.

          1. I spent over 2 years in the The adoption red tape process.
            Finally, last week I purchased my precious Chi Whom is so spoilt. My Yorkies bonded with him in 4 days. I’ve rescued a handful of Yorkies over the years and the surround agencies in VA are bogged down with their paperwork.. How sad! So many great loving homes are overlooked.

    2. We rescued a chi and love love him. He was nearly starved and flea infested. Oh, also terrible worms. A few trips to the vet and groomer he’s gained 5 pounds ( was 1.4 oz). He is the love of our life, so recommend adoption or rescue. They love unconditionally.

      1. We too rescued a Chi. She is 18 months and we are the third home (final). Lollypop was very underweight, unspayed, and still has puppy teeth that are rotting. They will not spay or do dental until she gains weight. First day adopted, she went into heat. We have had her for three weeks and she has stolen our hearts. She is quite the barker so we will have to work on that. I concur with you that rescue is the way to help this breed. Best wishes fellow rescuer! Don’t Shop-Adopt!!

        1. We adopted our Chi friend, Lucy, a Sable fawn! So, sweet and loving, this old dog person could not be more in love with my dogs!

      2. I paid 560 dollars for a chi puppy and it was a scam. I did not have the money to through away. I need help finding a puppy

        1. People watch out for Sarah’s Chihuahua puppys on line. She is a scam. After i sent the money she had some “company try to get me to pay 2500 for my puppy to be shipped to me. When i asked for my money back. The emails stoped. Now both partys wont respond.

      1. Only pit bulls exceed chi in dogs put to sleep in county shelters…check out your local shelters. I have seen every type of chi in our shelter. I am a rescue volunteer…..chi’s are often misunderstood and frightened in shelters. Save a life.

  1. Hi there! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just like the valuable info you supply in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am slightly certain I will be informed many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

  3. My little female long haired Chi is the prettiest little thing-she’s only about 2.5 lbs. She’s so spunky and loving. Many people think Chi’s are mean, but they aren’t if you socialize them early and often!

  4. I would like to have a choc.. chi. I live in Canada and all dogs are expensive here. the chi’s are approx. $1000 and up.

    1. We have so many chihuahuas in shelters in the US! Some of our rescues have transportation also, often for free or reduced rates, certainly less than $1000.

      1. Hi
        I would like to adopt a baby chi, please let me know if you have some available.
        Best regards,
        Miami Fl

  5. I have a female long haired chihuahua. She is the love of my life! I have had many small dogs in my life but my little Winter girl is by far the most affectionate pet that I ever had.

  6. I’ve always considered myself a “cat” person but a week ago this Sunday will be one week since I adopted my little boy Chihuahua. He was a rescue and he is the best little guy. What a great little personality he has. Please consider adopting a Chi. I can honestly say he has changed my life oh his name is Pesci

  7. I live in Canada & the chi’s are so expensive here. I would love to have one but can’t afford it It’s sad as I’m sure a lot of people would buy a chi if they were less expensive. Pretty much $1000 here.

  8. I adopted a Chihuahua last summer with unique markings. She appears to be all black. However, over the winter (Minnesota) some lighter fawn like coloring has appeared on the sides of her neck and in strips behind her shoulders. Love her to death, just curious of her pedigree. She was found roaming the streets of Phoenix in a pack of Chihuahuas.

  9. I have 2 female chihuahuas. A mother and I kept one of the 4 puppies she had in 2011. They are my babies. They are so protective of myself, my husband and our daughters. They are very loving dogs. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

  10. I have 3 Chi’s.
    1.An 12year old Apple head, smooth coat, tri-colored female(Alpha). She weighs 6 pounds and her name is Chiquita.
    2. A 9 year old deer type long coat, lavender colored sable, fat boy. He weighs about 12 pounds. He is sweet and gentle. His name is Jose~ Cuervo.
    3. Then finally, one of the babies of #1 & #2. He is a red sable long coat, deer type Chi. He’s 7 years old and a grouchy. He weighs around 5 pounds. He wants to be the Alpha dog. His name is Tank.
    I didn’t see Jose~ color (Lavender) listed in the colors. At first, I thought he was blue, but our vet sad that he is lavender. He told us that lavender colored Chihuahuas are rare.

  11. I have a pup that i have never found a pic of her colors. Eventho they
    Will not be sold, i would like to know what shes worth.
    We had 2 and bith are promised to a ciuple of friends that lost their babies and they are very dear friends. Im even having them fixed before they go to their homes. I know what ine is worth but i dont on the other.
    Can u help me with this? Just a balloark figure…

  12. Hey guys. We adopted Paco at 7 years of age. We also started our flea business shortly after. We offer flea pills to those that are on limited incomes. Www. Fleaqueen.com.

  13. I have 6 Chihuahua pup’s. They were born May 15th 2018. the daddy is full blooded beige deerhead. The mother is jack Russell applehead Chihuahua. And she is extremely smart. The pups are in excellent health. Oh the mom is tri-color. Two of the pups are black and white. One is jet black, so black that you cant even see his eyes in the shadow. One female beige, white slash on her forhead. And the grand prize—TWO are blu-merle’s. And they are beautiful I want sale the two black and white one’s

    1. @James Beck Jr, have you read up on merles? Are you interested in creating puppies that have the possibility of being deaf, blind, and deformed? Because that’s what merle breeding can result in, to say nothing of the fact that it’s suspected the coat was created by cross-breeding:

      “The merle coat pattern is not traditionally considered part of the breed standard. It is associated with genetic diseases usually associated with inbreeding in other breeds. The United Kingdom Kennel Club decided in May 2007 not to register puppies with “Merle coat color in dogs” coloration due to the health risks associated with the gene responsible, and in December of that year formally amended the Breed Standard to say “Any color or mixture of colors but never merle (dapple).”

      Other countries’ Kennel Clubs; including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany have also disqualified merle. However, in May 2008 the Chihuahua Club of America voted that merles will not be disqualified in the United States and they are fully registrable and able to compete in all American Kennel Club (AKC) events.

      Those who oppose the recognition of merle dogs in the breed standards suspect the coloration came about by modern genetic cross-breeding with other dogs, and not via natural genetic drift.”

      Please don’t buy Merle Chihuahuas. There is a very dark story behind their coats.

  14. We to were gifted with our chi. Sad story happy ending. She had an abnormally large litter for a chi. Norm is around 2. She had 6. She was only 4 1/2 lbs. Abandoned in a cardboard box w/ her pups in front of a liquor store. Neighbors found her kept for a while but said she wasn’t social, real skittish & didn’t like people at all, but for some reason when my wife & I would come over she took to us like fish to water. Kept coming out of hiding to try and play with us. She’d growl & jump around. Then she brought out her little scrappy ratty little rag doll which she’s had since they found her, & would shake it like crazy then drop it on my lap. We knew right then we were her people. It’s been 6 wonderful years now. BEST DOG EVER. It seemed like she was already potty trained & responded exceptionally to verbal commands.

  15. Why can’t the name ” teacup ” chihuahua be dropped? There is no such thing. It is the irresponsible breeding of the runts to have smaller and smaller chis and a greater health risk. I have 3 chihuahuas and they are the sweetest dogs! I always had giant breeds, still have a mastiff mix at over 100lbs. and the tiny ones love him. I was very fortunate. 2 of my chis cost me nothing and 1 was 50.00 all from the same person. I feel badly for those of you who can’t adopt or afford these precious little ones.

  16. I have a 4yr old {rescue} Chi. She is my first tiny dog, I am 75 years old and have had all species and types of animals.
    This little girl is one of the smartest and most loving I have ever had.
    I found this site to ask about color. I have had Jazz just under a year now, she was black and tan when I got her but she is getting a lot of fawn now coming up from her belly towards her back. Is this normal ?

  17. Live in a small town I’m retired I lost my little girl joey in May of last year. She was a black and tan miniture chi . She gave 15 years of shear joy. I’m still having a difficult time adjusting. Sometimes I will see a corner of something black and think it’s her ear and actually say her name and realize she’s gone . They area breed of there own once you have one there’s no breed to match it I hope you all have as wonderful time with your lives.
    Jill and joey

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