Apple Head vs Deer Head Chihuahua: What is the Difference?

Apple Head vs Deer Head Chihuahua Facts

A Chihuahua dog is the favorite type of small dog that most dog lovers would like as a pet. For most people, any Chihuahua is okay, but there are some who want a particular type of Chihuahua and would like to know the difference between these Chihuahua breeds.

Officially there is only one breed of Chihuahua, but for identification and classification purposes they have been categorized into several kinds of unofficial “breeds.” There are many unofficial breed categorizations for the Chihuahua dog, but only two of those categorizations are commonly known to most people: the apple head Chihuahua breed and the deer head Chihuahua dog breed.

The head shape of each dog quickly distinguishes the apple head Chihuahua breed and the deer head Chihuahua breed from one another. However, the form of their heads is not the only thing that is different. Thy two dog breeds have many not-so-obvious differences. If you want to know the various traits of the apple head Chihuahua breed and the deer head Chihuahua breed, then this information can be of significant help to you.

Apple Head Chihuahua

Apple Head Chihuahua Photo

  • Adult apple head Chihuahuas and Apple head Chihuahua puppies have a well-rounded apple-shaped skull.
  • All apple head Chihuahua puppies are born with a molera. A molera is a soft spot in the puppies’ skull that may or may not completely close when it becomes an adult.
  • Most dog associations like the AKC emphasize the dog’s apple head shape to be accepted as a breed standard.
  • An apple head Chihuahua has a muzzle that is broad and short.
  • The dog’s jawline is prominent.
  • All apple head Chihuahua puppies and adults have a broad, prominent forehead.
  • The eyes of an apple head Chihuahua tend to bulge from its sockets. The bulge is more pronounced if the apple head Chihuahua is suffering from hydrocephalus.
  • They are the epitome of the Chihuahua breed as well as its poster boys. Mention Chihuahua and the first thing that comes to the mind of the person is the apple head Chihuahuas, not the deer Chihuahua.
  • As mentioned above apple head Chihuahua puppies are born with a molera. Therefore, their owners must take all precautions to prevent them any potential head injuries. The molera will often close when the pup matures, but only for some puppies.
  • Apple head Chihuahuas are often the favored breed that is entered in any Chihuahua dog shows.
  • Often said to be the most popular dog type by some dog lovers. However, other dog lovers would counter that the deer head type in more attractive or both breeds is equal in popularity.

Deer Head Chihuahua

Deer Head Chihuahua Photo

  • A deer head Chihuahua has a long angular face unlike the apple head Chihuahua.
  • Often called a “deer Chihuahua” due to its head shape which is like a deer. If you put some decorative deer horns on a deer head Chihuahua, it will resemble like a deer. Some ancient Mesoamerican art depicts this breed wearing deer horns.
  • The muzzle of the deer head Chihuahua is elongated compared to its Apple head cousin.
  • Also, the dog’s muzzle has no slope, unlike its Apple head cousin. The point where the muzzle and skull joins are at a 90-degree angle hence the lack of a slope.
  • For some dog lovers the head of the “deer Chihuahua” resembles wedges of cheese.
  • Considered to be a deviation of the apple head Chihuahuas by dog associations like the AKC. That said a deer head Chihuahua is not qualified to enter in Chihuahua dog shows.
  • The legs and body length of a deer head Chihuahua is longer compared to the apple head Chihuahua. This trait gives the dog its elegant body shape and looks.
  • A deer head Chihuahua grows big at 10 to 12 pounds compared to the apple head Chihuahua. This weight difference is another reason why a deer head Chihuahua is disqualified from dogs shows since the size standard is 6 lbs or less.
  • Some dog owners claim that this dog breed is less aggressive and more obedient. Whether this is true or not is debatable. However, what is certain is that the temperament of both breeds often depends on the owner. If the owner is good or bad when it comes to interacting his/her Chihuahua dog, it will then reflect on the dog’s temperament.

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All apple head Chihuahuas along with the deer head Chihuahua breed are virtually similar in other aspects. Both dog types have a coat that comes in color like a fawn, black, red, white, cream, brown and chocolate. They also have patterns like solid, splashed and marked. Some people further classify the dog into long-haired and short-haired types. Both Chihuahua breeds come in long-haired and short-haired coats. Also, the grooming methods of both breeds are similar.

When it comes to health, both dog types have the same issues like hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), tracheal collapse, chronic bronchitis, eye infections or injuries due to bulging eyes, obesity due to overfeeding and short lifespan. In spite of all these problems they are treatable and can be prevented.
Finally, the personality of each dog is the same. Expect it to be fiercely loyal (to one person at least), overprotective, clannish (does no mingle with non-Chihuahua dogs), fun, playful, loving and cute.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a deer head or apple head Chihuahua puppies as your pet since a Chihuahua is an excellent choice of pet regardless of its breed. Some dog owners say that there is a significant difference between deer head or apple head Chihuahuas. Yes, it is true that both are different, but only on the surface. When it comes to personality, other physical traits and health both breeds share the same thing. No matter what Chihuahua dog breed you choose, just remember the most important aspect: give the Chihuahua all the love and care you can give it as a beloved pet companion.

26 thoughts on “Apple Head vs Deer Head Chihuahua: What is the Difference?”

  1. I want to prove that apple chihuahua is a crossline from asiatic breeds, and deer chihuahua is the direct mexican techichi descendent. There is a scientific study showing this, but there are necesary more evidence.
    But I need a sponsor for my study. This year I hope to get any.

  2. I have a 1yr 5month old female Deer head chihuahua two tone white and tan with a white blaze from her nose up her forhead that travels the country with us I can agree that this breed has a tamper that is very loveable

  3. I think the AKC is wrong. If there is ancient art of deer heads, then deer heads have been it’s own breed, sub-breed, or the orginal Chihuahua breed for long time. AKC should recognize. Man bred non-ancient European breeds are recognized by AKC.

    1. I agree with you
      Ancient art I’ve seen all resembles deer head chihuahuas thus should be considered the original breed
      My two are a 7 lb male fawn. And a 9 lb female brindle. Expecting puppies in 30 days

      1. Christel & Bill Farrar

        How are your pups doing Eldon? We are living here in Germany with our most handsome, 7 year old “deer head” named Finn. He want’s to be a daddy before he get’s much older. Will be retiring soon to New Jersey. Send us an email and we will write you back.

        1. Hi Christel and Bill…. We just got an apple head pup from a family named Farrar. It’s not a common name so when I saw your post I wondered if u are related to Stacy and Kirk Farrar. We live in IN and out hey we’re here as well but moved back to Georgia. Thanks!

      2. I am waiting on my new fur baby I can’t hardly control my excitement I have two fur babies waiting on there sister arivel love fur mom and brothers awaiting this God bless day I would take two but her name is chosen and here family awaits her to come home in Windsor Ohio family the Murphy

    2. I also agree, judging by looks the deer head seems to be the original! I own a deer head and I prefer them over the apple head! The original techichi is the the deer head looks like!!!

  4. I have a 5 pound apple. Has to be touching me, requires all my attention and love, fiercely protective and I adore her. She is my everything. If you want a wee one to love…get a chi!

  5. 12wk apple chi is biting get so worked up almost like he wants blood and fingers! Any suggestions. When you tell him no he gets more angry.

    1. Your chi is teething. Buy him some chew toys. mine liked the crinkle sounding ones. limit your rough play with him because he will get aggressive and bite some more. Limit the play to fetching a small ball that he can manage to put into his mouth. My chi loved to play fetch. They are actually really good at it. Make sure you praise him “good boy” when he is doing what you want. Never yell bloody murder at him. Never hit him, no matter how much he can piss you off. When he is biting you or someone you make him stop by pulling him away and say a loud “NO”. Only give treats for good things: such as peeing where you want him too, going for walks, and learning treats. You are the one that can change this negative behavior and as soon as he is done with teething you will have a great chi. NEVER GIVE HIM A RAWHIDE OR PIGS EAR TO CHEW ON, my dog has lost a tooth on them.

      1. Great advice. We just got an 8w old apple head she’s so loving and sweet and is teething and loves my fingers. I keep telling her no Everytime. I got her a teething ring tonight and got the liquid out of it and dried it and she LOVES IT and hasn’t wanted mine or my wife’s fingers anymore.

  6. I have trained my chihuahua to use a sod grass roll that I have on a piece of extra carpet. He is sooo funny. He gets out of his kennel first thing in the morning and I carry him to the room with his grass and he takes care of his business. He likes to go outside for play at times during the day and use “outside” grass. His name is “Scooter”. I never thought I could love a puppy so much! He is amazing. He is teething also, you really have to be consistent with the chew toys!

  7. I have a deer head chihuahua cross pug. He has the same chewing fingers problem. He doesn’t always bite but boy does he chew. Chew toys can distract sometimes but he prefers me. He has half of his adult teeth but telling him no firmly makes him back off and lick the place he bit before he goes back to chew again. He is 23 weeks old. It’s good to know that it will stop when teething finishes. He is about 4kgs now so he will perhaps end up large for even a deer head chihuahua. He has been mistaken for a chihuahua Jack Russell cross because of his longer smoother head but he has tan colouring with white patch on his chest. His face is black from the eyes to nose. He does however want to play fight with any dog he crosses. When he was about 7 inches long and 10 weeks old. He learned to play with my son’s pug shitzu and now he tries to get even the biggest dogs to play after a short introduction period. At one period he was scared even if other chihuahuas but no longer. He puppy pad trained really quickly but he rarely goes when walking he waits to use his puppy pad.

  8. My wife and i just picked up our 9 week old Chi 3 days ago, Both parents are Deer heads. mother in 5 pounds father is 5.5. Our little Girl is only 795Grams at 9 weeks, has Short legs, a medium length muzzle that isnt totally Straight ( it slopes down very slightly) she doesn’t have bulging eyes they are more almond shaped. she has the Bulgy apple head shaped skull and a Definite molera. at 9 weeks she is Tiny she is the same height as a soda can lol.

    So my question is this, Is she a throwback to a grand parent or something or a hybrid or what?

  9. My little girl is grown now. She has an apple head, deer ears and deer legs. She has the milers. Hers is grown together now. She will be 2 years in May. She is 4.4 lbs and has been for a long time. She is good. She is afraid of children. They are so big to her! She will run the next door neighbors big dog home and chase my son’s Great Dane. I can’t get her to quit. She’s so afraid that she will run them away.

  10. I recently lost my deer head after 19 plus or minus years. From what I’ve seen of apple heads, she seemed more laid back and calm, except when it thundered, then the anxiety set in. She only barked outside in the morning, to let everyone know she was up and at night to let everyone know she was going to bed, not when people knocked. She tolerated kids, but preferred not to be around them. She wasn’t territorial of us and she would jump in anyone’s lap. She was a joy with a big personality!

  11. i have only had 2 so called deer head chis, one i bought many years ago, before i knew they was even allowed in the so called breed standard, was also hyper as a puppy skinny no matter how much feed they get, and a little pathetic looking till they want something . the new one i bought as i thought she was going to be a true breed one and yes no papers can prove that either!. after 20 odd years of owning the apple heads the rat face dare i say it, deer heads are skinny , hyper and far more work than a normal chi. the girls often stand up to pee and wee on things, out of season, like a male. they was both the same. skinny long noses hyper. the one i have now her nose grew out of a little rat. i do think they are a bad cross in the breed. rat faced or normal apple the apple no question.

  12. Until I unexpectedly adopted my little chi, I use to not be a fan of them. Other than the “Taco Bell” Chi, I had only ever seen the yappy, bulging eyes kind and just seemed to be not so friendly or cute. BUT, on a walk ran into bunch of little dogs that were being walked and saw my cutie, who was just puppy at the time. Had never seen these what I thought were little deer looking chi’s, but apparently mine is an apple one!? Great demeanor!! Not yappy or skittish.. cautious yes, rightfully since they are so little! Very loyal! She is so respectful, thoughtful, considerate!! Only dog I have ever seen not wolf down chunk of meat when placed in front of her! She actually waits and will even come over to me to make sure it is ok she eats it!! Never seen her just instantly grab meat given to her! Overall they are a wonderful dog!! So happy she popped up in my life!! I’ve also had a pit bull/black lab mix that was the sweetest as well!! We got lucky with these dogs, without even any training they are obedient and overall wonderful dogs!!!

  13. I’m not sure how old baby belle is she has lost most of her teeth she lost her mommy back in winter my wife
    I don’t think she is as old as I was told maybe 11 not 13 if anyone knows about losing there teeth let me know
    she also acts like a 5yr old full of spirit she is 4lb applehead

  14. My Chihuahua gets vicious if I try to put a collar or harness on him. I want to take him out walking. He has an unusual body type something like a greyhound. Is there a special type of harness I should be looking for?

  15. Dallas and Jenn

    We adopted a black deerhead in february. 9 pounds, long and skinny, white streak in his chest and a small goatee that is white. His first owner was an elderly lady who died when he was two. He took to our home and family in less than 24 hours. He crawls under the covers at night to sleep at our feet. Rides in vehicles perfectly. But plenty of energy. Terrorizes the cats and tries to dominate our great dane, his new big brother. Hangs off the danes lip or cheek all night when playing. Today we celebrate cinco de mayo with him. I hated chihuahuas before him, but he is great. Deerheads all the way. Keep your taco bell dogs.

  16. I have to disagree that all Chihuahua’s have the same personality. Their personalities are as different as you and me. One can be shy and introverted and the other can be loud and obnoxious.

  17. Rachael Ramirez

    We need to stop fighting over which dog is cuter. Deerheed or Apple does it really matter their both cute. As puppies and we get to see them grow up.So it doesn’t matter what the AkC says we’re the ones that get to enjoy all the goofy little thimgs they do as pups and as grown ups so just love your dog cuz they dont get to see the small stuff we do. Xxoo

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