Dog Carrier Slings: Ultimate Choices for the Modern Pet Lover’s Lifestyle

Cute dog inside a sling carrier

A dog sling is a handy item for people who want to balance being attentive to their pets' needs and wants while doing other stuff. Another beautiful thing about the canine sling is that dog owners can carry their pets almost anywhere as well giving their pooches relief from too much walking.

Also, doggie pet owners like you should know why canine slings are essential and how they can give some benefits to pooches.

White Dog inside a pet carrier sling

#1. Bor’Bear - i'Pet® Hands Reversible Sling Carrier Bag Travel (For Cats and Dogs)

Reversible Small Dog & Cat Sling Carrier Bag

If you want a carrier dog sling that is both stylish and convenient, i'Pet® Hands Sling Carrier Bag will suit you just fine. Whether you are going travelling to other places or just roan around in your local area, this dog carrier sling will carry your fido with ease. Don’t worry about your dog spilling out the sling by accident or on purpose because it will be easily prevented by using this product.


  • Secure and comfortable allowing your pooch to rest or take a snooze inside the sling
  • To prevent your pet from jumping out, this pet carrier sling has security hasp to prevent such a thing
  • Made from polyester and soft cotton fabric that is machine washable
  • The sling-style carrier that has hands-free and reversible carrier loops
  • This pet carrier sling carrier is available in grey color


  • A pet sling carrier that is not just for dogs, but cats too
  • Uses little space when stored due to the item being flat when not in use
  • The doggie sling is sturdy enough to not rip apart quickly due to weight

#2. Furry Fido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier (For Cats and Dogs)

When it comes to having a dog sling that brings happiness, cares for a pet’s well-being and safety, Furry Fido’s product excels in all three traits. This item also ensures that your pet is snug and comfortable while secure when traveling. Perhaps your pet may like the sling dog carrier at first, but with training and some treats as incentives, it will learn to love riding in it.


  • Convenient hands-free design so that you don’t need to hold up the dog sling carrier often
  • Made from comfortable soft cotton material that makes your pooch relaxed while riding in the doggie sling
  • Easy to wash in cold water via washing machine making the bag feel and look new
  • Safety collar hook of the bag makes your pet safe and secure inside it
  • The bag has been tested rigorously to ensure high-quality and be a pet-approved item


  • The best dog sling carrier for pets in their senior years and those with disabilities
  • Stylish reversible design that makes the canine sling look great inside and out
  • Can hold small pets that weigh up to 13 lbs

#3. Alfie Pet - Chico Reversible & Adjustable Pet Sling Carrier

Machine washable Pet Sling Carrier

Where you are planning to take a daily walk or weekend adventure, Alfie Pet dog sling carrier allows you to take your precious pup with you. Some canines don't do well when left alone, while in some cases there is no one available to look after them. With Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier, you can solve both problems and have fun with your fido companion outdoors.


  • These pet sling carriers for dogs is measured 9” deep and strong enough to hold a pet up to 12 pounds
  • Designed to be hands-free so that your hands can do other things besides holding the sling
  • Made from soft cotton cloth that renders the item comfortable for your pet and lightweight
  • Can hold  your pet that weighs up to 12 pounds and not more
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and safety collar with hooks provide security to your canine while inside the sling


  • Firm shoulder strap and the bag keeps your dog close to you to hug, talk or touch it
  • Very useful in preventing separation anxiety and allowing you to keep an eye of your pooch
  • Suitable for dogs, cats, puppies and kitties

#4. TOMKAS Small Pet Sling Carrier (Outdoor Travel Bag)

Outdoor small dog sling

Small fidos can get tired quickly during travels, so you need a dog sling to take them and give them some rest. With TOMKAS' pet sling, you can bring your beloved pooch almost anywhere with ease. The item's material sturdy enough to hold more than one pet and its quite comfortable. Truly this item is a godsend for pet owners who their pets to accompany them.

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  • This pet carrier sling has a size of 23.6 * 11.8 inches and 10 lbs capacity
  • Made from soft, comfortable material that is breathable and machine washable
  • The item consist of 70% polyester and 30% cotton that is suited for hot summer or cold weather use
  • Item has a two-way look thanks to its reversible design
  • The safety collar hook will keep your pooch secure by preventing it from jumping out of the bag


  • It's not just for dogs, but cats, rabbits, piglets, ducks, etc. too
  • This sling carrier for small dogs is so  comfortable that your pet might fall asleep inside the bag
  • You can carry your fido when walking, traveling, outing, or a weekend adventure with ease

#5. Jekeno Small Travel Pet Carrier Sling For Dogs and Cats

A dog sling has to be safe, but some people like their doggie slings to be fashionable and adjustable as well. With Jekeno’s carrier sling, you can travel with your pet in a stylish carrier sling while it is nestled snugly and comfortably. No need to worry about getting overburdened because this small dog sling carrier is lightweight and it’s only your pooch weighs more.


  • Interior material is made from chiffon while the exterior is made from soft cotton cloth and both provide comfortable room as well as excellent breathability
  • Thanks to the item’s shoulder strap security lock, your fido’s security is guaranteed
  • Plenty of space for small pets and can hold up to 13lbs in weight
  • Can be washed by hand or machine, but the doggie sling does not need cleaning regularly
  • Adjustable strap with a metal buckle that stretches up to 92cm maximum


  • The item is not just a small dog sling, but it can also carry cats as well
  • You can take your dog or cat anywhere be it driving, shopping, walking or cycling
  • Has an attractive gray white wavy design that makes you look unique and stylish

#6. Puppy Eyes Waterproof Pet Carrier Sling (Adjustable Dog Sling Ideal for Small and Medium Dogs up to 16 Pound)

sling carrier for small dogs with safety collar hook

As a dog owner (or doggie parent) you need a dog carrier sling so that you don’t have to leave your pet all alone. Leaving your pooch along at your home is one of the hardest being a doggie parent. But with Puppy Eye’s adult puppy sling, you can bring your precious pet with you almost anywhere and prevent it from getting sad from loneliness.


  • Made from high-quality waterproof material to keep your dog warm and dry during rain
  • Has adjustable straps and is made of lightweight fabric material
  • Comes with a safety net and leash to make sure that dog owners can keep their pets safe and secure inside the sling
  • Can carry pets of all kinds that weigh 8 to 17 pounds maximum
  • Easy to clean via washing machine so that the item smells fresh after being used


  • The pouch's depth is adjustable to better accommodate your dog
  • Provides comfort and refuge to your canine when going to a veterinarian if it is intimidated
  • If the pet sling carrier doesn’t suit you, a full refund will be given to you

#7. AutoWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling, Small Pet Sling Carrier (ADJUSTABLE & REVERSIBLE)

The dog sling carrier courtesy of AutoWT’s is one of the best means to carry your pet whether it’s a Yorkie, Havenese, Maltese, Pomeranian, Poddle, Shih Tzu or other small dog breeds. No need for you to leave your precious all alone because thanks to this item, you can bring the little tyke with you. Not only does your fido get to spend quality time with you, both you can enjoy the outdoor sights.


  • This dog sling carrier bag is made from high-quality cotton that a washing machine can clean with ease and speed
  • Weighs at 13.4 ounces or 380g which lightens your load and relieves you of any potential shoulder ache
  • Comes with a zipped front pocket to store your personal like doggie treats, poo bags, cell phone, keys or your wallet
  • Has a shoulder strap that is 35.43 inch or 90 cm total length with an adjustable range of 17.72 inches or 45 cm
  • The shoulder strap is soft-padded and made from thick sponge to prevent or mitigate shoulder aches


  • Can be used almost anywhere like daily walks, malls, grocery stores, subways and parks
  • The bag’s strap is easy to adjust according to the right length to match your height
  • This carrier sling not just used on canines, but cats as well

#8. artisome Reversible Pet Sling Carrier (For Dogs and Cats)

Front facing dog carrier sling for medium and small dogs

Are you reluctant to leave behind your pet alone in your home? No worries then because artisome’s cat and dog sling carrier bag is the solution to your dilemma. Bring your pooch almost anywhere with ease and your precious little tyke is safe and snug inside this bag. This pet sling isn’t just convenient and comfortable for your pet, but it is also stylish.


  • Has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to adjust its length to accommodate your size
  • Prevent your fido from falling thanks to the bag’s safety lock with rope
  • Sturdy enough to carry small pets that weigh 3 to 10 lbs at a maximum
  • Hands-free front facing dog carrier sling allows you to do other things while your pooch is secure
  • The bag’s breathable and soft fabric keeps your fido snug during daily walks, cycling, weekend adventures, etc


  • This pet sling carrier is not just for dogs only, but cats as well
  • The bag has an inside depth of 8.2 inches giving your pet enough spacious room inside it
  • Has a reversible sling and two style patterns to match your clothes

#9. Slowton Hand Free Pet Sling Carrier (ADJUSTABLE & BREATHABLE COTTON SHOULDER)


Finding a convenient dog sling bag to carry your pet with could be hard. But with SlowTon’s pet carrier bag, you can be assured that it is an excellent pet sling to use. With this beautiful pet carrier, you no longer have to worry about your dog being all alone and an excellent way to spend guilty time outdoors. A suitable bag for almost any kind of activity outdoors.


  • This small dog sling carrier bag is made from high-quality cotton that is washing machine-friendly
  • For little stuff like doggie treats, poo bags, keys, cell phone and your wallet, this item has a front pocket for you to store them
  • Easy and quick to clean in a washing machine despite being made of high-quality cotton
  • The bag’s 35.43 inch or 90 cm shoulder strap is easy to adjust (length range 17.72 inches or 45 cm) to match your height
  • A lightweight bag (11.9 ounces or 338g weight) that you can carry around easily and mitigates should ache


  • Whether your pets is a canine, kitty or both, this item will fit them all perfectly
  • Keeps pet owners dogs or cats safe, secure and comfortable inside the sling bag
  • You can go anywhere like daily walks, mall, subway, hospitals, grocery stores, parks, etc. with your pooch as a companion

#10. AOFOOK Dog Sling Carrier, Lightweight Pet Purse (With Adjustable Quilted Shoulder Strap)

Small dog sling carrier for 10lbs to 20lbs

This dog sling from AOFOOK isn’t just for pets that you want to accompany you outdoors or don’t want to leave alone in your home. The sling carrier is also for pets that are injured, has an amputated limb, recovering from surgery, old, clingy or needy. With this pet sling carrier, your precious pooch or cat can enjoy the outdoors and bond with you despite its handicaps.


  • The bag’s strap comes with a shoulder pad and has extra structural support for your dog or cat
  • Comes with a handy zip pocket to your items or treats for your pets
  • This pet carrier sling can carry pets weighing from 10 to 20 lbs
  • Stylish, high-quality Oxford cloth that is breathable and has a fashionable checkered appearance
  • Air mesh and collar clip keeps your pooch or cat from jumping out of the carrier sling


  • Can hold dogs, cats and puppies equally with ease
  • This carrier sling keeps your hands free while safely securing your pet
  • Elastic and sturdy string with metal clip can be fastened to a collar or harness

Best Pet Carrier Sling (FAQS & BUYERS GUIDE)

What to Look For When Buying Dog Sling Carriers

Chihuahua inside a puppy sling carrier

You don't buy a dog sling on a whim without taking some things into account. There are several traits in a sling that you need to examine so that you can be assured that your fido gets the one that fits it and you like a glove.

  • Clasps or interior hooks – These two features are used in conjunction with your pet's collar. The primary purpose of a sling dog carrier's buckle or internal hooks is to prevent a pooch from jumping or rolling out. Sometimes these mishaps are accidental so the clasp or hooks will stop them.
  • Correct size – There are sling carriers for large dogs and smaller dog breeds. Height or depth of carriers should come up about to your fido’s shoulders while being comfortable in it. Also, the carrier should be high enough to sit above your hip to stop your pet from being jostled when you move.
  • Type of fabric – The fabric of a dog sling should be durable, yet soft so that your pet is snug inside while there is no risk of the sling tearing up due to overweight. The softness of the pet sling carrier is also to your advantage as well. You should feel the sling to be comfortable against your shoulder when carrying it and it will not rub against your skin.
  • Should strap adjustability – A feature for maximizing the comfort of your dog and yourself as well as making sure the sling is fitting with you. The adjustability of the shoulder strap is also to make sure that your height (be it short or tall) will match up with it.
  • Zippers or closures – These things help clasps and interior hooks in making your pet more secure inside the sling. The zippers or closures should be loose enough to let your dog stick its head out. Other pet sling carriers use snaps, buttons or Velcro to keep the bag closed. These type of doggie slings are well-suited for breeds with long hair.
  • Comfort pads – This pads or cushions are thick, and they are placed at the bag's bottom to provide a comfy place to rest for pets. The best dog sling carriers always include this feature because it has another useful trait; it prevents a canine’s claws from damaging the sling’s bottom.

What’s The Difference Between Dog Sling & Backpack Carriers?

A dog sling carrier and a backpack carrier both look and function the same, but there is a difference even if it's not an obvious one. 

A dog sling contains your pooch in a cloth sling wrapped around your body from the shoulder to the hip opposite it. In other words, you are carrying both the sling and your pet like one would carry a shoulder bag. So the sling is always positioned at your sides be it right and left.

The backpack carrier, on the other hand, is strapped to your chest or back. The position of your dog inside the bag is upright with their legs poking out through the bag's leg holes. A backpack cannot be placed at your right, or left side so don't think about substituting this item for a sling. 

Both types of doggie conveyances are excellent ways for dog owners to bring their precious dog or cat with them. The sling is better suited for non-high intensity physical activities like daily walks, biking, or jogging, unlike the bag carrier. But a bag carrier can carry more massive dogs while the sling carrier is limited to dogs who weigh 10lbs.

However, both types of doggie carrier will solve your problem of not leaving your cat or dog all alone by itself. In the end, your preference, coupled with what fits right with your pet determines which carriers you choose.

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Benefits Of Having A Pet Sling Carrier

Dog sling carriers aren’t just some means of conveyance for your pet; they also provide tangible benefits for both the doggie and yourself. Here are some examples of the benefits that canine sling carriers can give you and your pooch:

  • Comfortable – A dog carrier sling proper distributes the load evenly across your body. Because of this situation, you can easier hold your pets longer and switch the strap from one should to another
  • Durable and stable – One of the primary purposes of a pet sling is letting you do things or multitask while bringing your dog or cat to other places. As long as your pooch or kitty is secured inside a sling carrier correctly, you don't need to worry about it falling of spilling off.
  • Size convenience – Regardless of what brand of sling dog carrier, their straps should always be adjustable to accommodate various shoulder sizes and pet positions. The sling's weight, however, is maxed at 10 pounds and you will need a carrier backpack for bigger dogs.
  • Easy to clean – The wonderful thing about sling carriers is that they're not easily ruined if cleaned via a washing machine and the machine can effectively clean them. You save a lot of time trying to thoroughly clean a pet sling carrier by hand other methods with are slower than a washing machine.
  • Keeps pets secure – The safety collar hooks, zipper (be it regular, Velcro, etc.) or clasps of carrier slings prevent your fido from jumping or spilling out by accident or on purpose. The slings also convey a sense of security and protection their canine occupants, especially in large crowds of unfamiliar people.
  • Enables multitasking and hand-free actions –  In most activities where you bring your dog along with you, some of the task you have to require both of your hands free. Carrying your doggie by hand takes up one rand you still get encumbered trying to do your chores or work. For example; you can't ride a bicycle properly with one hand. With doggie slings, both of your hands are free to do things.
  • Makes you fashionable - Admittedly this benefit of the sling carrier is cosmetic, but there's no stopping any dog or cat owner from trying to look stylish. The best dog sling carriers have patterns that match you, so it's not hard to choose what catches your eye. 
  • Lightweight - Compared to a big should bag or heavy backpacks, the dog carrier sling does not burden you even with your dog or a cat riding inside. So you won't lose your footing or feel unbalanced when doing any activities. The minimal weight also keeps you safe like when you are riding a bike or motorcycle. 
  • Completely adjustable - This feature is beneficial to pet owners whose animals are getting old. A young dog who feels comfy and snug is position inside the sling may find it uncomfortable as it grows old. So instead of buying a new doggie sling, you can adjust it. 
  • Affordable price - The price of pet sling carriers for dogs or cats may not be to your liking at first, but they are cheaper compared to other canine-related products. Slings, unlike common carriers, are even more affordable. 

Are Dog Slings Carrier Safe?

Of course, dog sling carriers are safe provided that you took some time to check on a few things and keep an eye on it from time to time. 

For example, your fido may jump out the sling that could cause injuries or run off somewhere. A collar attached to a sling works, but a harness would mitigate the possibility of neck injuries. Check the sling from time to time for signs of wear and weak points like loose threads. The latter should not entangle your pooch's claws, toes and nail. 

Never leave your dog sling with your pet inside unattended because both of them are easy targets for thieves. Also, position your sling against your hip or your stomach so that you can keep an eye on it. Lastly, monitor your fido’s temperature. Some sling carriers tend to cause pets to overheat when used in hot climates or temperatures. Signs of overheating are noticeable damp paws and faster than normal panting.

By taking these precautions and measures, you can make you doggie sling safe for your pet.


Any of these dog slings will make life easier for you and your precious fido. You can’t go wrong with the choices of slings shown here and you now also are aware what to expect with them when using the sling carriers with your pet.

One thing is for sure; you and your doggie or cat can now spend quality and bonding not just in your home but almost anywhere. Whether your destination is the mall, subways, grocery store, and park or just doing daily walks as well as biking, you no longer need to leave your fido alone.

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