30 Amazing Facts About the Maltese Poodle Mix (Maltipoo)

Maltipoo Dog Breed Guide

A Maltipoo is a gorgeous dog for anyone who wants a dog pet that is friendly, cute and fun. It is quite curious that most owners of a Maltipoo know little or nothing about the canine. There is a lot of trivia or facts about the Maltese poodle mix. Some are useful, while some are for entertaining reading. If you are the type of Maltipoo owner who wants to know those fascinating tidbits of facts about your dog, then this list can help you.

Facts About Maltipoo

1. The dog is known by many names such as MaltiPoodle, Moodle, Malt-oodles, Multapoo, Maltese-Poodle, Multipoo, Maltapoo, Multapoo, Malte-Poo and Malti Poo. When you look at it, some of these names are funny.

Adult Maltipoo

2. Various dog kennels spell the dog’s name differently. For the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, it’s “Malt-A-Poo.” Maltipoo Club of America spells it Maltipoo while North American Maltipoo Club spells it “Maltipoo” and “Maltepoo.”

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3. For a dog that has lots and lots of hair, it sheds very lightly. This particular trait makes this dog breed a good pet since their owners often don’t have to clean their shed hair.

4. This dog is more of a hybrid than an actual breed type and is classified as a “non-purebred miscellaneous” dog by some dog kennel organizations. They may have a point since the dog is a Maltese Poodle mix. However, some would beg to differ about the dog’s classification.

5. They don’t breed too many puppies when they give birth. Expect 4, 5, or 6 puppies per litter. Sometimes so you can expect more than six puppies per litter though this rarely happens.

2 Moodle Dogs (Maltipoo)

6. A Maltipoo full-grown dog weighs about 2.27 to 5.4 Kg or 5 to 12 pounds. The weights mentioned are breed standard for most, if not all, dog kennel organizations and clubs.

7. The dog can have health problems in hot weather like summer since they are susceptible to heat change’s adverse effects. It is advisable to take the dog at dawn or dusk and stay in the shade during walks. In cold weather, the dog must wear a sweater to keep it warm and must limit its time outdoors.

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8. The lineage of Maltipoo puppies from the 1st generation is different from the 2nd generation’s puppy. 1st generation Maltipoo puppies are the results of breeding a Poodle and a Maltese. In contrast, 2nd puppies are born from the union of two Maltipoos.

9. You may not notice it, but Maltese poodle mix still acts like puppies even when they are adults. This trait is one reason why the dog is popular with dog lovers. They can be easily trained and loves to play as well as having a friendly personality.

10. Maltipoos can either be big or small in size, depending on their parents. Breeding a Miniature Poodle with a Maltipoo results in larger puppies, while breeding with a Toy Poodle results in smaller puppies.

Female Maltipoo
Via: Instagram

11. the dog is indeed a suitable pet for children, but only older children. The Moodle is a delicate dog, and it could get hurt when younger children play with it roughly. However, you can teach younger kids how to handle the dog properly. You can supervise them whenever they carry and hold the dog.

12. The dog’s coat comes in a variety of colors, depending on the colors of its parents. For example, a solid white parent bred with a different colored dog will result in white faded coloring. As usual, some people prefer one color to another color, but white remains the most popular color for the dog. Some examples are black, blue, Café Au Lait, gray, red and silver.

Adult Maltipoos

13. Speaking of color, apricot is an attractive color too. An apricot-colored coat looks silky and soft, as well as having a gorgeous hue that many people love.

14. Curiously enough, the brown color among Maltipoos is not officially recognized. Because of this unrecognized status, Browns is called by other terms like toffees and chocolates.

15. Some people call the Maltipoo a mutt and you know what? They’re wrong about the idea. The dog is the result of an intentional breeding between two different dog breeds, which in this case happens to a Poodle and a Maltese. However, a mutt’s parents are unknown; hence, you can’t classify as to what breed it belongs to.

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16. At a casual glance, each dog’s coat may look similar to each other. The truth is that there are three kinds of coat on the dog that result from different breeding practices. The coats are: thick and curly, soft and silky, or wiry and wavy. The wiry and wavy type is a result of poor breeding methods. Many people don’t like this kind of coat. Hence, it is the least popular.

Maltese Poodle Mix Puppies

17. It is a fact that this dog breed is a crossbreed or designer type of dog. What is not a reality is the notion that these kinds of dogs are terrible animals that were the result of poorly-skilled backyard breeders. All of today’s purebred dogs came about as a result of breeding two different breeds of canine. Anyone keep insisting that this “fact” is right is either mistaken or just being spiteful to a Maltipoo dog breed.

18. It is not good or healthy for female Maltipoos to mate and carry a litter when they are two years old younger. The best age to mate would be at 2 and three years old.

19. The friendly personality of the dog makes it an excellent companion to other dogs and cats. Test and see if the two animals can tolerate each other. Do this test before bringing a new pet just to be on the safe side.

20. A Maltipoo has an average lifespan of 12 years, so don’t worry about being outlived by your pet. With proper care and careful maintenance of the dog’s health, you can expect your pet’s lifespan to extend to 14 to 16 years old. This lifespan is due to the Maltese lifespan of its parent, which is a Maltese dog.

My lovable pets

21. Also, about lifespan: it is a fact that small dog breeds have longer lives compared to large dog breeds. Teacup Maltipoo’s belong to the small dog breed type. Note that a dog is considered a small breed dog only if its size is below 8 inches when it is full-grown. Some may mistake a large dog breed for a small breed type when they’re still puppies.

22. Your beautiful pet can eat any nutritious and healthy food that you give it. However, the dog cannot adapt to you changing its diet in a fast way. To avoid the health issues that would result from such an act of change, slowly change your dog’s diet over the course of 4 weeks.

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23., Unlike other breeds, the Maltipoo has no proper weight range for full-grown Maltipoos. Nevertheless, the unofficial weight range is 5 to 20 pounds though some dogs are an exception to the rule.

White Moodle Breed Mix
Via: Madden

24. All kinds of pets have health issues, and Maltipoos are no exception. Hip dysplasia, allergies, dental problems and luxating patella, hypothyroidism, cardiomyopathy, White Shaker Syndrome and Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease are some of the health problems that will plague your pet. Neglecting to treat these problems can be fatal to your pet. The good news is that all of these health issues can either be treated or prevented, so don’t let yourself be discouraged in getting this dog breed.

25. Begin training your Maltipoo as early as possible. The best age to train your dog is when it’s eight weeks old. Take training slowly at first and stick to basic commands like “sit” and “stay.” Remember to be firm with your training, but balance it with gentleness. When the dog is older and responds favorably to your commands, you can teach it more advanced tricks.

26. Tear stains in your dog are not fatal though it is unhygienic. This condition is common to this breed, especially to dogs that possess a light-colored coat. The simple thing to do about tear stains is to clean your dog’s eyes thoroughly and carefully. The causes of tear stains can either be leaking dyes from plastic food bowls, red yeast infection, etc.

27. Do not leave your Poodle Maltese alone for extended periods of time. The result of leaving your dog alone for a long time is that it can become anxious, leading to stress as well as constant barking.

28. Maltipoos are fond of doing exercise, playing and walking outdoors. However, your pet is mostly an indoor pet and it may not tolerate being outside for extended periods of time. Since it is not a large dog, you need to keep an eye on your pet and put a leash on it when going outside.Poodle Maltese Mix

29. A Maltipoo in temperament is an affectionate, friendly, loyal and playful dogs. This positive trait is one reason that most people like the dog as well as being friendly to strangers and other pets. This trait can be a positive trait for the dog, but it can be a negative trait as well since they won’t make good guard dogs.

30. A Maltese poodle is a favorite dog among dog lovers. Why? Well, the facts that are stated above are the reasons why Maltipoos are popular.

You can’t go wrong in choosing a cute Maltipoo as a pet for you and your household. Who can resist having a pet companion that is friendly, lovable and fun? Always remember to love, care and bond with a little bundle of joy, and you will be reciprocated with the same gesture.

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55 thoughts on “30 Amazing Facts About the Maltese Poodle Mix (Maltipoo)”

  1. Those little dogs are so adorable! I really didn’t know much about maltipoos before reading this post, so that was quite interesting.

    1. My Maltipoo is named Tosh and we trained him to go potty in a litter box from the time he was a puppy. He is only 10 lbs and we keep his box in the bathroom and change the potty pads daily. It’s so convenient, and we never have to worry about other predators hurting him if he were to have to go outside to potty.

      We also bake or boil whole chicken and shred it, then divide it into 1/4 cup serving sizes and freeze. Each night we take a serving from the freezer and heat it for 45 seconds in the microwave and he gets that with his dry dog food. We’ve never fed him canned dog food. He is 7 and has never had any health problems other than bad plaque on his teeth which I’ve heard is hereditary in the breed.

      1. Hello I’m getting a maltipoo puppy and am interested in box training can you give me any tips and info on how to do it? Do you use a certain size puppy pad? Thanks Lisa

  2. I came here looking for FACTS not opinions, justified or not. Don’t write something that says 30 FACTS when you basically gave like 19-21 and there rest were just reasons or restated from before. I have a Maltipoo, I love it to death, and while there was what seems to be some decent information, this FACTUAL ARTICLE was anything but.

    1. Who cares what you THINK. Quit being negative. I found the “30” facts interesting. So who cres if the “facts” were 20 or 30. You’re to uptight.

    2. I think your information was very helpful. I have 4 very loveable babies , They are my everything. They mother was a resue that I fell on love with. Her three babies are just as loved and playful . Thanks for the input.


    3. The author wrote a well informed article, 30 facts or not!
      How about YOU, JAY????
      Any contribution or just terrible negative “opinions” which help no one!

  3. I have a Maltipoo names Happy . I’ve had dogs all my life but none like him . He understands what I’m asking him to do and watches me with the softest look on his face . I didn’t know anything about Maltipoo since I’ve had Labs and Boxers ,What I needed to know was answered . What’s their life expectancy . Thank you

  4. I lost my sweet schnauzer which broke my heart. I said absolutely no more dogs. What does my husband do? I’m 66 and he brings home a Maltipoo puppy. Parker is my everything. Never owned a sweeter more loving little buddy.We housetrained him to bells beside the door in two weeks. I now worry Ill die and nobody to love my Parker. What a wonderful breed of dog.

    1. Same here lost my American Eskimo..I was so broken hearted. Then I met my pikachu multipoo. Life is great with this breed love him to death.

      1. Love my puppy. Her name is Luna. Only problem she has a problem with eating stew unless it’s palsy chicken.
        I don’t have any problems.
        Very loving. She loves the car atmosphere.
        She can get my attention if I’m busy. She likes for me to carry and she’ll lay on my shoulders

        1. I love my Terra-Luna she is pure love and I hope we get to be together for many years!! Is so comforting to know there is so much dogs lovers and pleople that really cares for living animals it gets me really sad when I see videos of people hurting them.

  5. Great article. We have two purebred Maltese and recently got asweet rescue that appears to be a maltipoo. She is a delight and fitting into our family. My biggest challenge has been deciding on her haircut. Our groomer comes every five weeks and today she clipped her in the same summer cut as the Maltese. She lost some of the curls and looks adorable. It matters not the breed. What we have is another fantastic pup who gives us a lot of laughs and much joy. Highly recommend the maltipoo and the Maltese!!

  6. I have a new adorable little apricot maltipoo puppy named Finnely. Its been many years since I lost my golden retriever, and never thought I would get a dog again So happy I finally did! He is just so playful, cuddly and loving. Nothing is quite like having a new puppy in your life! Very lucky he adopted me.

  7. We have a 2 year old apricot maltipoo named Bruce Wayne (Bruce for short). He is very loving and affectionate and always wants to play. He is very smart IMO, the smartest dog I have ever owned. He can problem solve pretty well. Sometimes I will accidently throw one of his toys into one of his empty plates on the floor, He stops, examines it, uses his paw to roll the toy off the plate, smells it for any food that might have gotten on it, and licks anything off of it. It’s funny to watch. He has like 10 toys in the house and if he brings you one toy to play and you don’t respond, he’ll drop it and fetch another. Maybe you didn’t like THAT toy but I’m sure you’ll love THIS toy. He has definately stolen our hearts. He does bark a lot if we are not actively engaged with him. That’s okay, though. Oh, he is a very fussy eater.

    1. Cannot count the times we have awoken to be surrounded by toys! You just never know when we might wake up and suddenly must play!

  8. I have two maltipoos, Squeakers 11, and Harry 9. They have brought such happiness, love, and joy in my life, they are full blooded brothers from different litters, and their personalities could not be different. Squeakers is 11, he weighs 10 pounds, he is LOVES to play, very laid back, never met a stranger. Harry is is 5 pounds, and the alpha dog of the two. Harry likes puzzles, hide and seek. He was an only dog, no litter mates, so we had to teach him to play, doesn’t like change, and is cautious, but curious about new people. Both are lovable in their own way, love to cuddle, and very loyal. My only concern is they are getting older, Squeakers has CHF, on 3 meds, but doing good on them, he still loves to play, just doesn’t have the stamina as before. Harry still looks and acts like a puppy. These are REAL dogs, they love outside, Squeakers has more than once rolled in nastiness, Harry has to smell everything. My advice, don’t put these lovely dogs in purses or strollers, let them enjoy being dogs, and they will love you all the more.

  9. We have a sweet maltipoo. His name is dale and he weighs 5 pounds. This is our second maltipoo. Our first one lived to be 15. She was the sweetest dog ever. Dale is a sweet dog with such a good personality. He’s 11 months old and we are totally enjoying him.

    1. I think your input was great. I have four babies Maltpoos. They are my world, The mother is Daisy and her fout babies are Walk-it-out who loves walking on her hind legs Nallie who just bossie, Spice who loves to run around all the time in circles around the yard when outside. Daisy is ten years old and her babies are just her side. Just looking at them playing is a blessing and I love them with all my heart they are my babies!!!!

    1. Jose, stop thinking and get one. I haved owned a Cockapoo some years back in Chicago and thought he was the smartest most anxious to please dog I had ever had experience with.
      We retired to AZ and purchased Opie (Maltipoo) about 5 years ago. He enriches our lives, keeps us active, laughing, and engaged. He is also quite the host.
      His goal is to play, make us giggle and show off his tricks. I swear, at times he sits and stares at me, turns his head and dares me to teach him a trick he can’t learn.
      P.S. Opie can read, spell, has computer skills, understands 6 languages and speaks 4. NO, REALLY he can!

  10. My Snowy turned 16 2 months ago. He still has a good amount of energy and enjoys walks. He is so sweet and was trained so quickly, We put a bell on the door and he was trained in less than a week. he was 10 weeks old when we got him. Malti poos are the best dogs!

  11. Hello,
    My 15 year old daughter and I are in search of a maltipoo puppy and I have no idea where to begin looking. Can anyone offer a suggestion?

    1. I don’t know where you live but Glamour pups in Jacksonville Florida is awesome.
      We got our Maltipoo from them and are so happy!
      He’s a ANGEL!

    2. Johnnie McLain

      I know of the perfect match. Someone on next door app just told me her Maltipoo needs a rehome! Im in Tyler Tx. Where are located? 903749-4319

  12. If you are in the Mid-atlantic area, check out happytailpuppies.com. I got my baby Maltipoo Josie there a few days ago and she is perfect! Smart, beautiful and healthy.

  13. While i do understand a lot of ever one great responds to the website, it was very helpful. I like reading your comments too to see how my maltipoo is like some many of yaw lovely dogs. While i’m a first time dog owner and I love my Maltipoo so much . Since my sons dont live with me no more my Lil Braxton is a blessing to have. I love to see him do so many fun things with me. We can’t go no were without some one saying he’s such a cute dog or sometimes people ask to buy my dog (NOT ) . but thanks everyone who put their comment on this web page it was so helpful. I hope everone have a bless an great day with your lil maltipoos…. Their such a delight to have love and care for…

  14. Hello all,
    Yes my little ball of fur is cute but truly the Maltipoo breed is unique and everyone of them are special & cute. Mine is a female soon to be 4 yrs old. I think she is unusual because I walk her everywhere without a leash. Her name is Mitzi. I’m thinking most owners of this breed need to keep em on a leash. Let me know if others can be leash free.
    Other things I believe lots of us face is they are fussy eaters. Whats working pretty good for me is Alpo Meal Helpers, Roast beef & chicken flavors. I tried many different brands including fancy brand’s in the $45 dollar price range that other Maltipoo owners recommended. She turned her nose away from the big buck food. Each dog has there own fussy taste as many readers probably learned & what works for mine may not work for yours.
    I also have problems with doggie treats. Still have NOT found one she really likes. Recommendations welcome. Now I best rap it up with a few quick notes, Great watch dog at home. Never eats human food & won’t even look at me when I eat. Smart, hates the vet. Loves the mailman. Saved her one day when she wanted to play with a skunk. (maybe not all that smart.) Will bark at men but not at women. not quite sure whats up with that. Thinking she has fussy stomach, likes to eat grass in summer & yes shortly after it comes up. Great little companion. Thanks, Paul,- Ohio..

    1. Hey, Paul! So good of you to share your experiences with Mitzi and help others along the way! 🙂 So here are my responses to your questions above:
      1, I couldn’t take my Maltipoo Chase for a walk off the leash for a nanosecond. He’d be gone in a skinny minute to run down the street to play with his girlfriend Gina (100+-lb Bull Mastiff… try to get a visual of THAT, y’all… LOL!) He is absolutely adorable but is the fastest runner I’ve ever seen and can stop on a dime or whiz through someone’s legs before they even realize what he’s doing. People just watch him run with their mouths hanging open – yeah, THAT fast! It is truly amazing!
      2. By far, he is also the SMARTEST dog I have ever owned – almost like a 5-year-old child! And that includes a LOT of dogs over a LOT of years! At 19 months, he is very hyper, though; so he has a bit of a problem getting/staying calm at times, but he’s so cute he gets away with it.
      3. Chase is SIMPLE to train, even complicated, multiple-command tricks, and he LOVES to learn! He wants to play 24/7 if he has a playmate. And like others have described above, he will bring one toy and then another if you don’t play with me. (Matter of fact, last night before I realized it, he had brought all 7 of his toys for playing tug=of-war (his favorite game!)
      4. Potty-training. OMGosh, has THAT been a problem since I got him in October 2017! He was totally untrained albeit almost a year old at the time. He didn’t even respond to his own name! So I renamed him Chase (because I knew that’s what I was gonna be doing all the time with him is Chasing… LOL!), and he always responds to it now. The pound where I purchased him thought he had some kinda mental defect because he was so wild. But it wasn’t that he had a defect; the “defect” was that he had been abandoned and virtually ignored for his entire life! They took adequate care of him physically; they just never spent any TIME with him. He is now potty-trained. But he is VERY willful when he is denied something, and he will intentionally not do his business outside but wait until he’s back indoors and then go right in front of the door!! I’ve never seen anything like it before… and I don’t mean that in a good way. Ya just HAVE to get Maltipoos on a good schedule and stick to it faithfully. I KNEW he was by far smart enough to get potty-trained. But nonetheless, for whatever esoteric reason, it took me over 6 months of relentlessly sticking to his “business” schedule before he figured out he wasn’t out there to jump in the lake or chase the birds or get some hugs and kisses from all the neighbors. But now it’s Mission Not So Impossible in the potty department – yaaaay! 🙂
      4, Chase barks… a very shrill, piercing bark that feels like it’s going to explode your eardrums. This is one of only two things that have taken longer than anticipated to resolve. Where we live the homes are close together, and I know my neighbors can hear him. Thankfully, they haven’t complained yet; but I don’t WANT them to complain… and I want even LESS to listen to him bark… a LOT!
      5. He is an excellent guard dog! He was raised with bigger dogs, and I think HE thinks he is a big dog, too! He is utterly fearless and will strike out almost at the speed of lightning at what he perceives is a “threat” to any of us!
      5. And, yes, my Chase is also a very picky eater… even things other dogs LOVE! He also turned hsi nose up at the pricey Earthborn/Holistic brand. But he DOES like the All-Natural Lil Bites, I think it’s called. In any event, the 5 lbs I purchase for him will last an entire month. It is like kibble that is made by either Purina, Milk Bone or one of the other big-name companies that have been around for years. It comes in a tan bag and advertises no GMOs, no additives, etc., on the front with a kinda farm scene with chickens, cows, etc., on the front of the package. Still, it is difficult to get him to eat. For treats, I have had good results with Milk Bone Beef ‘n’ Gravy, which comes in a great large reusable plastic container that then I refill with different brands to see if we can find anything else he likes.
      6. He is a CHEWER… big-time! He can wipe out a bone that is, quite literally, as long as he is at 9 lbs in less than a week! But I suspect this is because he has simply been cutting teeth. Now that he is a little older, he doesn’t chew as much. But he wants his “chew-chew” every night when going to sleep… which he’ll chew on for about 5 mins, and then he’s out for the night.
      7. When I got Chase, he was the usual solid white of baby Maltipoos. His face looks just like the adorable lil Maltese they have in the dog food commercial who jumps up on the bed to wake his mama for breakfast to advertise Cesar’s brand! He is neutered, of course. But he is just now starting to get the stronger hormones coming in, and his coat is beginning to have just a tinge of apricot… he is really quite the handsome young man!
      8. Lastly, I don’t know if this is a trait of all Maltipoos or if it is just because mine is very hyper. But he jumps… well, actually, a lunge is more like it… at EVERYone we meet! He thinks they all are here just to see him! (Hey, he MAY be right… I’m not nearly as cute as he is! LOL!) So we are working on that at the mo’, and I hope to break him of that and the barking. Everything else, he’s about as close to perfect as you could hope.
      9. He is very affectionate and also very protective of his territory. He is a GREAT watchdog and will raise the alarm if anyone is near our property that he doesn’t know. Since we live on a lake, there are always people coming through the property wanting to go fishing; but since they have to get permission to go fishing or swimming (which I think is never granted anyway, so why bother should they bother?), they oftentimes just come at night or very early in the morning to go fishing. The swimmers just take their chances during the day and will swim until someone runs them off. They have already figured out that I don’t mind if they swim in front of my home as long as they are respectful of the land and the people who live here, and they have been since I explained the “rules” to them. Shoot, I live in Central Florida – and it has been VERY HOT this summer!! I like to go swimming just to cool off, too.
      10. Separation anxiety. Chase has it BAD! He will bark nonstop from the minute we leave until we return. I usually take him along on a leash into stores and stuff, and he is quite well-behaved and everyone loves him. Because his separation anxiety is very extreme… which I can totally understand, given his history of abandonment. When I first got him, I had to FORCE him into the car… because cars to him represented being sent away… aGAIN. It just broke my heart for his past suffering and neglect. 🙁 But over time he has gotten to enjoy riding in the car, because he knows we’re going somewhere HE gets to enter too!
      11. Does anyone else’s Maltipoo do this? Chase’s favorite place to spend his time is, literally, wrapped around the nape of my neck with his head resting on one of my shoulders. His balance is incredibly good while there, and he will contentedly sit there for HOURS while I work (at home), happy as a starvin’ man at a pie-eating contest! I have never seen any other dog do this. I suspect part of it is related to his anxiety (he’d rather be with me, even if it means I am otherwise only 4 feet away from me, also literally). It is adorable and actually feels GREAT… kinda like a furry neck rub! LOL!

      Anyhoo, I shan’t bore y’all any more than I already have. As you can see, I think Mr. Chase is a very fine gentleman and a GREAT companion, guard dog and protector, and he is as loveable, friendly and easygoing as any animal I have ever seen. He loves EVERYbody (but esp. kids, because he knows they will run around in the yard and play with him… LOL!) He is my precious delight, and I would be lost without the lil guy. So I hope if any of you are considering getting a pup, just bear the above in mind ’cause as you know from the other posts here, these CAN be serious problems for you and/or your Maltipoo (esp. the potty-training, picky eating and the separation anxiety). Just spend a little TIME with your lovely fluffball, get to know THEM, and THEY will tell you what they want and need. Try different things until you find the right combination for your baby. God bless ALL the Maltipoos everywhere for their fearless love and endless fun, and God please ALSO bless every Maltipoo’s parents – you do a wonderful thing for BOTH of you by getting a Maltipoo! I hope everyone enjoys their day/night! 🙂

      And now I will close with something that happened last night. I took Chase out for his last evening “business trip” just before 10:00 p.m. He likes to walk along the lake’s seawall to see who’s been around since he was last that way. But it is VERY dark out down by the lake’s seawall. (Lights can blind night fishermen/boaters, so I refuse to have any out there except LEDs on the end of the dock to keep them from hitting that). It was so dark last night that I couldn’t even see Chase two steps in front of me (and he is, as previously mentioned, mostly still a bright white that is hard to miss at night)! But he carried on with his mission and finally made the seawall… which I could tell HE was having a hard time seeing! So I told him, “C’mon, Chase, let’s go back up in the yard where we can see. Don’t walk on the seawall, son… it’s too dark and you might”– Over he went into the water, dogpaddling furiously and complaining bitterly at the indignity of it all!! *I was laughing so hard, I like to have wet MY pants… LOL!) It was sooo funny to hear him and know what he had done! But I STILL couldn’t see him. So I had to drag him out of the water by his leash (about two inches up the seawall is all, so don’t y’all get to worrying; he was HAPPY I “rescued” him again!) I brought him inside and gave him a bath and lotsa’ kisses, hugs and treats, and then he got his “chew-chew” and went right to sleep. 🙂
      As you can see, I love my Maltipoo, and I’d get another in a New York second, I would! Just kn

      1. Bless you and your sweet little Chase. He sounds EXACTLY like my Penny, except Penny wouldn’t eat anything unless I made it for her. She had fresh roasted chicken every day, lol.

        I had to let her go yesterday, after a very short and sudden heart ailment. She was 14 1/2, and my heart is broken in a million pieces. She was the most beautiful, sweet, loving, gentle, fun, and yes, fearless little girl. Your stories, so detailed, put to words everything wonderful about her. I miss her more than I could ever imagine – she was the heart and soul of my home and everything feels so empty right now. I’m completely bereft, but your stories have made me laugh, and cry, and help me honour the beauty that was this little soul. Rest in peace, my sweet angel. I’ll never forget her and never stop loving her.

      2. Interesting to hear about your dog.By the way ya know PURINA? thousands of dogs died of kidney faliure due to glycerin in the dog food/treats. I am thinking of getting a maltese . where are good places to buy maltese dogs?

  15. I. have a. Maltipoo named Babe. She has a poodle head and Maltese body. She is extremely intelligent. She potty trained herself She can be told which toy to fetch and returns with correct toy. She is truly amazing and I love her dearly I reeceived her when I had lost the sight in one eye. She was given to me by my husband because I was depressed and she weighed 1 lb and 2 ounces and has been better than any medicinelK

  16. Hello all this was a great article. We live in Phoenix AZ I have only one 8y. old doughter She did awesome in scholl and would like to surprise her with a puppy you guys have described. The problem is how much do these puppies go for and where can I get one like this. I am looking for 6 to 8 weeks old.

  17. I have 2 multipoos, that came from my parents. They are brothers from 2 different liters. They have slightly different colored hair, and hair texture. One has sturdier bones than the other. They are 10 and 11 and my son is 17, so they have grown up alongside him. When he is away overnight they insist on me showing them that he is not in his room multiple times. My son was very very rambunctious as a child and these dogs have kept up with him no problem. I can let them roam free in the front yard with no leash and they mind very well. They have started to have some back hip problems, and in some days the look like old men going up the stairs… than when they hear food being prepped in the kitchen they run and jump down the stairs like they are puppies again… I can say that they really don’t like being alone for any length of time. I work from home, so it hasn’t been really an issue. They do bark when an unusual or unexpected noise startles them, but the neighbor dogs barking or people walking in the front of the house doesn’t bother them a bit. I’ve always been able to leave there dog food (always dry food) out all the time and they have never been over eaters, and let me know when the bowl is close to empty. They love to play hide and seek, and have a great attitude. Since they are so playful, if you are not home most of the time, I would suggest 2 of them. They comfort each other and it’s the cutest thing to see them cuddled up together when you can’t tell where one begins and one ends. I kayak often and 1 loves to come with me, while the other prefers to stay home with my son. He sits on the tip of the kayak like “Jack” from Titanic… pretending he is the king of the world. They like to play, they like puzzles, they like to be rewarded and to learn. These dogs are very smart, and require families that want playful pups that are eager to please the whole family. Mine are crate trained, with a two door crate, one connected to there doggie door to outside, one that opens to the living room. These lucky guys hardly ever sleep in the crate, but I do have the option when we will be out of the house for more than an hour or so. They don’t mind, and often hang out in there when they are overwhelmed… that’s my 2 cents!

  18. We have two maltipoos. MAXIMUS is the big boy at 12 pounds and Minimus is the little girl at 9 pounds. Both are the most amazing dogs We have ever owned! They are so fiercely dedicated and loving to the family….quite amazing.

  19. My maltipoo Dolly is a little over 3 years old. She is the most loving dog I have ever had. I will say she does not like to be in her crate and sometimes if I take a chance and not put her on a leash she will run and scare me! Also I have tried the bell (didn’t work) she is very picky about the bathroom especially if it’s wet outside so sometimes accidents in the house luckily no carpet. I was shocked others didn’t have the same issue because I have read and heard from friends that they can be hard to potty train. Even with stating this issues (wanting advice ) I love her so much!!!

  20. OMGoodness, I forgot! LOL! Thank you sooo much for the above article, too! The FACT is, it was quite informative AND enjoyable, and I appreciate all the trouble you undoubtedly went to and the time you took to share it with us! Bless you for your kind heart! 🙂

  21. I am 86 years young and just got a 9th old maltipoo.He is adorable.
    His name is Milo.He already knows his name and comes to me when I say
    Milo, come.How do you train them to the bell on the door.I love all the
    Replys.Thank you for this site.

  22. I would love to teach Milo about the bell on the door.Please tell me how.
    Milo is 10 weeks old, and I am 86 years young. What a pair we are!

  23. I’m sitting here with my maltipoo as I type this. First, I’m with Jay. This was a poorly written article that has few tangeable facts. And the grammar!? All I can say is WOW!! I truly weep for our society! I am astounded by the individuals’ comment toward Jay stating, “who cares about facts…” as long as they are entertained. I fear this is truly becoming the mindset in our misguided culture. I felt compelled to write this in defense of not only Jay but, for all that was once held in high regard… you know, knowledge, facts, intelligence and education. Calling me a “hater” is fine. You would be correct because I hate ignorance!! How is that for your “entertainment “. Keep fighting the good fight, Jay!

    1. My Maltipoo, Tilly, is a cuddle-bug. She is spoiled rotten and knows it. I grew up with Cocker Spaniels and loved them, but no dog has ever been as wonderful as a Maltipoo. They will melt your heart and be the queen (or king) of your castle.

  24. Where can we purchase a harness for a multipo? We ordered on from Pug Life and even the xs was too big for her!! Pulled right off when we picked her up with the back handle. Thank You

  25. I love my Maltese-Poodle.. she is 5 years old and weighs 6 lbs. Friendly, intelligent, lovable and a wonderful little friend. I highly recommend this kind of dog❤

  26. I have a little multipool that seems to go after the cat’s litter at times. has anyone heard of this before? And is there any advice?

  27. My MTpoo is so smart she trains herself. She stays put intill I call her she “ asks” to go out, she never wants a leash as she is just so smart. No taking off or doing dangerous stunts. No street crossing unless I pick her up. She is 9 and to me she is perfect. No chasing balls or sticks although she likes tug of war . She pretends to bite and she is just so gentle. I have 13 grandkids and she knows who to avoid and who can pick her up , pet and play with. She is just at peace in this crazy world. She has more sense than most people. She is so nice.

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